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LBJ thought passage of civil rights legislation would lose the Democrats the South for a generation. He was mistaken, so far it’s been lost for close to 3 generations, if a generation is measured as 20 years. Because of lies and distractions funded by the robber barons of today, people vote against their own interests. The robber barons think like Ayn Rand, “Why should we look after the stupid people?” Paul Ryan was an Ayn Rand devotee. Direct opposite of treating others the way you want to be treated.

I did not see Charles Koch listed on the chart. Does he have a special category?

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FDR sounds like quite an individual. Short of hoping for another like him, there's not much to hope in. Who has the kind of financial might to stand up to these billionaires? There's a similar situation with the Russia-Ukraine war. The only way to affect a change is to stand up to Putin with strength and force. The rest of the world stands by, hoping the Ukrainians can hang on to their land, but aren't prepared to stand up to Putin, so he smirks at their weakness and continues on his merry way, which is the way of destruction and death and agonizing pain for many people.

If a seasoned politician like Biden can't make any progress against the billionaires, what hope does the ordinary citizen have? FDR, we could use you now, or someone who'll follow your example.

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I'm going to start hammering one point. Why? People who read this report care, are well informed, and might be able to push this forward.

Here is the Cliff Notes version.

1. In almost all of the 150 countries I've worked in, Proctor & Gamble's Tide, Pampers, Dawn, and Ivory soap are known, and often market sector leaders.

2. Said another way, Proctor & Gamble has informed over 7 billion people about Tide, Pampers, Dawn, and Ivory soap, plus dozens of other products.

3. The Democratic Party would win by a MASSIVE landslide if they communicated an equal amount of information to just 100 million Americans. For example, having reversed the Trump Depression into the Biden Boom. Unfortunately, they can't communicate it. Why not? They say not enough money, it's not possible, there is a Republican somewhere on earth, my dog ate my homework, many reasons they collected from the south end of a north headed bull.

4. Meanwhile two more facts. First, Gavin Newsom ran an add on Fox Fake News that ended up being heard by 20 times the target audience, so the lies about access are - lies. Second, remember Proctor & Gamble? The Democratic Party has the same dollars allocated to advertising as P&G. Yes, P&G can inform 8 billion people about dozens of products, but the Democratic Party spends 95% hiring friends and relatives to advise on how to spend the remaining 5%.

I know we can't quickly change the corruption of the Democratic Party, but I wonder if we couldn't make enough noise to embarrass them into spending the money instead of stealing it.

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Key takeaways from these comments so far:

* progressives need to unite behind 2 or 3 issues that a core coalition of Americans strongly support

* the corrupt Democrat party collects enough money to win by landslides but wastes 95 percent of it, let's make noise demanding they spend it on professional advertising in savvy media buys

*unity against the ruling oligarchs must begin with selecting and electing those who represent unity against that "elite"

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The solidification of the American Plutocracy, thanks to the reprehensible SCOTUS, not to mention the broken Electoral 'College' and distribution of senators and congressman.

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Very sad that the morbidly Rich’s only wish is to get even more morbidly rich with no concern for our Democracy and fair play. Cruel as well

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Meanwhile here is what Senator Merkley was working on in the Rules Committee. This is from his newsletter of 7/20/22:

"I have spent years raising the alarm and shining a light on dark money in our electoral system—strongly supporting the DISCLOSE Act and working tirelessly over the years to get it passed.

I call upon and urge all my colleagues to support this legislation, put the interests of the American people over those of powerful special interests, and stop billionaires from secretly buying our elections. I won’t stop fighting to restore public trust in our elections and our government."

Senator Merkley is the real deal. He is progressive like Senator Sanders and as dogged as Senator Warren. If he talks, I listen, just like I do with Thom's show and writing.

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Options For Ending Oligarch Rule

“They can initiate this disempowerment by selecting and electing those those who best represent unity against the powerful. ”


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"The tsunami of money from the rich and America’s largest corporations floated Reagan into office in 1980, and Congress hasn’t passed a single major program to benefit America’s working people since."

Yet it is the working class that forms the bulwark of MEGA crowd. The culture wars: "family values",

"gun rights", "LGBTQ rights", "socialism", "CRT". "replacement", and on and on...... have been used by Republicans to gain the support of the working class to their own detriment.

The Democrats, no matter how well intended, have not been able to deliver. The bills passed in the House, only to die in the Senate illustrate the problem.

The Democrats must fight a two front battle in the 2022 election: the immediate issues regarding inflation, crime, public safety, the pandemic, etc., an the existential threat posed by those attempting to totally restructure the historical foundation of our government. Loss of a majority on the House will end the work of the January 6th Committee. They can the exonerate Trump and set the stage for revenge and retaliation on all and anyone who did not believe THE BIG LIE!

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Mr. Hartman and former president Carter are both entirely correct; we now face the FACT that both the USA, in Washington, D.C, and the EU in Brussels are controlled by a small club of larger corporations, and the CEOs and large stock holders of these corporations. They have co-opted our regulatory body in all areas, including the EPA and FDA. During the last two years we have seen how the pharmaceutical cabal, with its picked industry representatives, were able to force everyone to submit to an experimental treatment that raised an obscene amount of profit and almost managed to put in place that you can't travel anywhere, or work anywhere, unless you submit to their health mandate.

Our food system is owned by a few large corporations. Our energy system is owned by less that 10 global corporations. Our banking system is owned by a casino called Wall Street - that Democrats and Bill Clinton turned loose on America.

America has always treasured the 'Under-Dog,' and America's voters are definitely in that category today. Much as Biblical David and Goliath was. However, 300 million voters could clearly afford to give $25 a couple of times to a candidate they feel will address our country's ills - instead of whining about rich oligarchs. Likewise 300 million consumers could do a lot of profit limiting by changing their buying habits. And, voters in Georgia changed two senate seats when corruption was aired. Where is the next Franklin Roosevelt? Someone who can, for a moment, focus on 2-3 issues that a core coalition of voters can agree on? If the ultra liberal voters stay stuck on fringe issues, independent voters will either abstain, or vote of a Republican candidate, for sure. Visualize mid terms with Mr. Biden sitting all by himself in the White House till 2024.

Mr. Hartman's citation:

Does it take left-wing billionaires to counter the right-wing billionaires? Is that the solution?

Sure, there are a few progressive billionaires who are willing to invest some of their money in promoting democracy rather than simply enhancing their own wealth: Illinois’ Governor JB Pritzker, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, and Tom Steyer are the best-known examples.

But they’re so massively outnumbered by rightwing billionaires whose main interest is in keeping their taxes and regulations low that their impact is small and diminishing daily. As noted earlier, 27 rightwing billionaires account for about half of all the money raised by the two main Republican super PACs this year.

There has to be another way.

America has fought this battle before, and beat the morbidly rich back by with the power of an informed and energized electorate. President Franklin D. Roosevelt stood up to the oligarchs of his day, raising taxes all the way up to a top 91% rate on the morbidly rich and calling them out:

“They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.

“Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred.”

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There's no counting on Democrats prevailing, and putting all our marbles on the chance they will is puny as all that we could do. Also, they answer to their funders over their constiotuents, so even if they do prevail it's far from a done deal they will do what we need. You're a gadly, Thom. So are the rest of the people echoing you publicly. Perhaps first and foremost is that we the people don't have a powerful voice and that nobody is doing anything about getting one for us.

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Jul 21, 2022·edited Jul 21, 2022

If Democrats were smart (a big if) they would make corruption the overriding theme of the 22/24 elections. Corruption is one thing Americans hate, it is only the definition that varies among the parties. There is a large percentage of Americans that, just like in the 30s, distrust or even despise predatory corporations and billionaires. If Dems could divorce themselves from such, they might find a winning combination.

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