OMGosh, in respect to others for the G, but in that magnitude of disbelief. Disbelief that these levels of male control by some, many, (including women acting from control energies in them) are being asserted. It’s been said that as a great shift is wanting to occur to reinstate the inclusion and connection of the feminine, those most apt to hold the reigns of power will do anything it takes to hold tight. We must stand for democracy as strongly as are the Ukranians, short of physical force. Since we have not been invaded, we yet have the power of the vote and free press. Awareness and numbers will have to be our strength, I would think. Thank you Thom for this update and your endless energies.

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Apr 30, 2022Liked by Thom Hartmann

I am close to Thom's age, and it is so unbelievable that we have come to this in my lifetime.

I gather the official title of the CT bill is not actually "Fugitive Woman Act." (?) How can "Oppressive government don't interfere with my freedom to die of Covid" people simultaneously passionately stand for "Mighty all-powerful government stomp on women because they're women!!?" Thank whatever I don't have any grandkids to try to 'splain it to.

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Connecticut has been proving to be the most progressive state. Offering free college tuition to families earning under $50,000 and free community college to it's citizens. Thank you for sharing this Thom!

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Scholar maps out the myth of a 'Christian nation' — and explains why Christian nationalism is the 'asteroid coming for democracy':


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As much as these Republicans hate welfare and medicaid, you would think they would be delighted to provide whatever is needed for family planning. But no, they have their vengeful "god", and they want the rest of us to obey him/them too. That's the real parallel here with A Handmaid's Tale---obedience, especially in all things sexual. It's a fetish, and we need to call them out for it.

These bastards are kinky; they just aren't wearing their leathers in public. Someone should inventory their closets and basements. It is pretty funny when one of them slips-up, and you find out what the hypocrites are really doing in their own sex life.

Unwanted, neglected kids result in more crime and misery. Blue states should join Connecticut in their moral stance on protecting women's human rights.

I loved Margaret Atwood's writing back then, and I applaud her for the light she is still shining on these issues. There are so many brave girls and women.

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That was Missouri, not Indiana, where Mike Pence was tracking periods.

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"...not the man who shot her." I had a mom (criminal defense client) prosecuted for child abandonment, because her 14-year-old had been seduced by a 20-year old guy, and wouldn't get in the car to move away (mom had lost her job). D.A. never went after the guy. Happy to say, gave up on Mom.

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The SCOTUS has told America and Americans over and over and over and over and over again that Roe could not stand up to serious challenge, and that we the voters MUST force congress to pass a law granting women full citizenship and human rights.

These reactionary responses to American voters not caring are pointless.

The vast majority of American women WANT to be controlled by men.

There is no other explanation for American women being told this is coming for FIFTY YEARS and never bothering to act.

It reminds me of teenagers. When they INTENTIONALLY don't bother to behave and we take away the car keys, they act like it's a surprise.

Sorry, you get the government you elect.

The US Constitution requires only two things of citizens, VOTE and PROTEST. Don't complain if you do neither and what every expert has predicted for 50 years happens.

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All this BS going on is sickening. It reminds me of "Lord of the Flies", cruelty for the sake of cruelty. History tells us that the number of abortions is about the same regardless if it's legal or not. Mostly what changes is the safety of the woman.

It's like backup cameras on cars - you don't need them to back up but I guarantee cameras reduce damage occurring while backing up.

it's long past time that Americans got out and voted for Progressives, you know center-right politicians like AOC and Bernie.

Let's go back to 1956,

1956 Eisenhower Republican Platform

Protect Social Security

Provide Asylum to refugees

Assistance to low income communities

Extend minimum wage

Improve unemployment benefits to cover more people

Strengthen labor laws to expand unions

Equal pay regardless of sex

Eisenhower was the last Republican President to win election without committing treason or cheating. He taxed the wealthiest at a rate of 91% unless they expanded their business or invested in infrastructure bonds. Money hoarding was replaced by economic investment. That is why US industry was so successful in the 1950s.

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Connecticut can save many lives. The problem the Nazis face is you can't actually prove a woman had an abortion, only that she's no longer pregnant.

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My father tried to teach me to hate women, blacks, browns, any religion but one sect of a sect of a sect, gays, well really anyone but white men whose ancestors came from a certain area in Germany.

I fell for it at first, but it was so ridiculous that by age 7, I was tossing off hate left and right. By 16, I realized that hate itself has no place in civilization. You don't have to like, but you should never hate.

Compared to "normal" humans, I'm pretty immune to the concepts of feelings and humanity, so if it was obvious to me, it has to be way more obvious to normal people.

Those who hate, hate because they WANT to hate, not because they are fooled. It's their preference.

We must never agree to hate. Do what I do when talking to others. I never, ever, let anyone spew hate. When we consider it rude to instantly oppose hate, we are doomed.

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