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Rape is rape and fraud is fraud, unless you are a rich-bitch. Cosby turned out to BE a fraud. Remember how he had the gall to lecture young black men? If it's any consolation, Karma doesn't do sweetheart deals. He lost his son, his reputation, almost 3 years of life, a lot of income, and his vision. News reports say he might work some clubs, so it's official, he's lost his damn mind too.

The Trump family's pucker-factor might be at 10 after this indictment. I have read sociopaths can fear for their well-being, what they lack is a sense of danger. This trait is what killed 600,000 Americans; that's like losing the whole population of Milwaukee. But the only justice we might see is that the banks and oligarchs cut off their funds. Trump is no longer a useful idiot for Putin, Netanyahu, and Kim Jong Un, so he might be upset that he has no despicable friends to play with. SAD!

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