Really important piece today! We do need to know what she has accomplished, and it hasn’t been in the news. I watch MSNBC regularly, and have not noted much attention there. Let’s get to it while there’s still time!

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Thank you for exploring this very important matter. I did not know anything substantial about her accomplishments since becoming VP. I hope that someone reads this article to Joe Biden. I continue to wish that Elizabeth Warren were VP (or P), especially because she speaks up, knows what she's talking about, and continues to educate us along the way. [eg, Jerome Powell is harming those who are most vulnerable in our economy; price goudging is causing much of our inflation; climate change and ecological imbalance are of primary concern to everyone.] I fear that no one cares about Kamala Harris, so this report can help us wake up.

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It would help if Biden publicly explained and praised her contributions. Often, in the next year. That would help her, but more important: it would help him by diminishing the effect of a smear campaign that this article rightly predicts.

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At Least 3 Tornados Confirmed on Wednesday in Chicago Area

The National Weather Service confirmed the tornadoes on Thursday after issuing warnings. Suburbs were damaged but there were no reported injuries.


Tornado Touches Down in Chicago

There were no immediate reports of injuries or deaths, according to authorities.

“Holy [expletive] Funnel cloud. Huge rotation. Huge rotation.” “Tornado on the ground in Barrington. It just crossed over the highway. Man.” “Oh my God. I’ve never seen such a violent motion here. That looks like a – that looks like a funnel. That looks like a stovepipe.”


Tornado Touches Down in Chicago

There were no immediate reports of injuries or deaths, according to authorities.CreditCredit...Charles ree tornadoes touched down in the Chicago area late on Wednesday, damaging homes and uprooting trees, the National Weather Service and city officials confirmed on Thursday.

The Weather Service had advised people in the area to seek shelter on Wednesday night at about 7 p.m., after a tornado was confirmed to be on the ground near O’Hare International Airport and moving east toward downtown. It led hundreds of flights to be canceled.

On Thursday, it said its teams, working in Kane County, in Northern Illinois, had confirmed one tornado touched down in Elgin, which has a population of about 113,000, with a maximum wind speed of 100 miles per hour. A second tornado tracked south of the first one, wielding a wind speed of about 85 miles per hour. No injuries were reported.

A third was confirmed in the villages of Burr Ridge in Cook and DuPage counties and Stickney, just north of Chicago Midway International Airport. Businesses were damaged and trees uprooted in 110 mile-per-hour winds, the Weather Service said.

Dust off your copies of 'Day After Tomorrow'

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I read through all of these comment's and no one, including you, talked about what I say, that I can't stand the sound of Kamala's voice. It's a sort of whine that gets me to mute her when I'm near a remote. Am I the only one? The thought of years that she'd be listened to as the leader of the the free world, omg.

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I've got a name for y'all: Amy Klobuchar. In the collection of worries about Harris; from vulnerabilities to criticisms; Klobuchar has a strength in place of virtually every potential weakness of Harris. Flyover Country roots and that inimitable speech pattern. Natural smiling enthusiasm and energy. Ivy league and prosecutor chops. Solid liberal values with legislative evidence to show for it.

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Awesome report about Kamala!

Everyone should know how smart, strong and hardworking she has to be to have accomplished so much.

Thank you Thom!!

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Let's not forget how John Kerry was pounded on as a "Flip-Flopper" - with video taped "proof" that was aired repeatedly, with him saying something like 'I voted for it, before I voted against it'.

The Dems are again poised to let the Repubs define them and the issues for an election.

Several people here have noted VP Harris' speaking patterns, which at times have been disjointed and confusing. There seems to be sufficient videotape of the VP's meandering extemporaneous talks to make people uncomfortable with her. She's already been roasted as a "Selina Meyer" from the sitcom "Veep", and I've heard other cringe worthy parodies that are painfully "spot on". This could make the election a referendum on her speech and thoughts not being presidential.

I'm hoping she'll be giving some videotaped Great Speeches that can be integrated in the campaign that will negate whatever the mudslingers will dredge up and throw at her.

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It is possible Harris was given the nomination to show liberals that yes, there is someone younger and much more open to change who is part of the ticket. But then she was kept down to avoid scaring those on the fence who are worried about a liberal woman being too outspoken in national politics. If that was the thinking it was very shortsighted of two counts. First, consider how Teddy Roosevelt unexpectedly became president. For reasons of health Biden could still die in office. Second, it was terribly cynical by the DNC who dangled a promise they have no intention of keeping, not that this is new. After all, Obama looked far better as a candidate than he was as a president. And they will continue to mute her! If Harris remains on the ticket, if Biden is reelected and if he survives his full second term it is hard to image today's Democratic Party nominating her. They will “play it safe” and maybe lose on that account. If they don’t this time.

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For the past year or so I've been saying to my wife, "I bet Biden retires before the next election so that Harris can become the incumbant." Has anyone heard talk of this possibility?

P.S. She gives me that look, like I'm from another planet.

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The press has been marginalizing Vice President Harris, as they always do with Black Women. It is surprising they even give Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson a notice. She is in a different position. She is in a position on her own, where as Vice President Harris is second to Joe Biden. As someone whose mom is 89, and living independently in a senior residence, and who has a grandmother who lived to be 99.5, and a great-grandmother on my father's side who lived to be 109, I don't see 82 as a death knock. I could be wrong. I think people should be looking at VP Harris, and President Biden, another strong woman is also at his side, Jill Biden. Unlike Trump, who I cannot see discussing policy with Melania, I assume Biden has an equal partner in life with whom he discusses things, which is part of why he comes across so much more balanced and reasonable than Trump. The others are personality, and politics. I do think it is harmful that VP Harris does not appear more often in the public eye. You are right that it always a problem to let the Republicans set the narrative. However, no matter what she does they are going to set the narrative. My narrative is that Trump is a liar and criminal who threatens our very national safety, much like Putin is doing in Russia. I think a goal is to wait him out and wait until his nukes fall apart. How long can he maintain them if his money increasingly dries up, and his sources for getting things do too. I still like the commercial made in the 1970s You are not getting older, you are getting better! President Biden needs to jump on that one. It is still the most convincing narrative for voting for Biden.

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Thom, you might want to do more research on Wikipedia. I have a friend who is a Wikipedia editor. She tells me: "I assure you that it is pretty darn neutral politically and no way would bias exist on her page for more than seconds. Plus the page is locked - you can see it in the upper right corner of her Wikipedia page. This means that only serious Wikipedia editors that have a lot of experience can edit the page."

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Jul 14·edited Jul 14

Shmamala is invisible as VP, but that's in keeping with most powerful democrats.

Was glad to see so many of them standing right next to Fran Drescher, and providing their support and solidarity with unions and workers, so that it could go viral and create an enormous media boost for the Democrats.

Ooooops, not.

If we're going to provide a Support to Schmiden, Shmamala or to any other democrat, we should at least ask her what she thinks of ISDS provisions - ya know, the kind that let Paul Singer rule the world and that were presumably in the "trade" agreements supported by Obama.

Or please, can we ask her what support she gives to ESG investing and the SEC's proposed rules? Or what her position is on recent state laws (in "crazy right wing" states like New Hampshire) that prohibit any firms that use ESG from doing any business with the state?

At the very least what we all can try to do is to make more substance by our choice and stop saying Democrats deserve support just because they're not Republicans.

Or is she not supposed to think about these things?

It seems the clear picture of the Biden Harris approach to climate is to spend money on certain things. But in spite of the money they've spent if you go to New Hampshire this summer you'll see that there aren't many electric vehicles and there aren't that many places to charge them and if you go up and talk to someone charging one they probably come from Canada.

So we're left with a Supreme Court they did nothing about, we r left with state laws that would prohibit anybody from dealing with the economics of climate , which they (the Schmidens) are not saying anything about, and we're left with the country being run by fossil fuel interests in a citizens United situation that actually could be directly addressed by ESG if done meaningfully.

Oh, and on that little issue of climate, how many of us think that there might be, maybe, one single question in the so-called "presidential debate" this time about this? Cant wait to see that!

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I'm still ticked about what the Gop did to John Kerry! I'm glad you brought this up, but I want to point out that presidential campaigns seem to start much earlier than way back when.

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Thom this is a critical topic. I have no idea who thought of throwing around about 4 billion dollars of government money to help employ the central Americans. The GOP would just wait until the so-called "free market" fixed the problem, hell would freeze over first! The churches would gladly fix the homeless crisis as well ,if the government would just give them trillions of dollars, I'm sure. The American taxpayer has been subsidizing low wages since Reaganomics in more ways than one. The earned income tax credit is another way to impoverish childless people who do the same jobs and get paid half as much. The union hating fascists want the taxpayers to pay for their slaves. And the Confederate voters say, OK, as long as we get socialism and the left gets capitalism, while saying "kill all the commies" even though there are few commies, just socialists?

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Biden is a typical dirty old white guy who's afraid of Harris because ... well, the list is long. President Harry sound much better to me; she has the intellect to understand that the 'great migration' we are facing all over the World is driven by the Climate CRISIS.

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