Gullibility is a symptom of the underlying condition of stupidity.

THE TRAITORS: Republican leaders lie; that's what they do to achieve power. Corporate media and the internet Trumposphere fan the lies; that's what they do to make money. Wrong-information Republican voters gorge on the lies; that's what they do because hate makes the mind dull.

THE TRUTH: Joe Biden, despite Republicans and the media quibbling over his faults ("... He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone ... ”), is a transformative president right up there with Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, who also faced seemingly insurmountable odds when they assumed the reins of power, suffering fools constantly nipping at their heels: https://ncpolicywatch.com/2021/11/09/president-bidens-remarkable-record-of-accomplishment-under-nearly-impossible-circumstances/

A GLARING EXAMPLE: Despite the fawning and nauseating eulogies flooding the news cycle upon his death, Bob Dole was an unmitigated asshole and a partisan radical throughout his entire miserable public life and a rabid Trump supporter right up to the end, before such shameless servility became fashionable among the rest of his fellow authoritarian assholes who now populate practically the entire Republican Party. He was neither the so-called moderate voice of reason within the party nor the great hero of the "greatest generation" the conservative media hyped him as. (Evidently, spreading obvious lies is the new definition of "conservative.")

Sadly, in this case, "speaking ill of the dead" would be the proper eulogy -- a small man with a small mind who plotted against our democracy and our people. Bob Dole at least deserves the truth of his life at the end of his life ...and so do we. He was just a mean old man: https://www.rawstory.com/the-mean-old-man-of-the-gop-is/

The same should be said of Trump when he finally becomes a footnote in history, mercifully releasing America from his evil spell.

You respect people when you tell them the truth, as hard as it is sometimes, not when you lie and spread hate. Are we all not finally just weary of Republicans constantly rewriting history to suit themselves and their truly delusional agenda, even as it is happening right in front of us in real-time?

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FDR is an American Hero beyond belief!

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Agree: Disempowerment robs us of our agency.

Those Protecting Their Power, Oligarchs, Their Media and Their Lackeys, GQP (GOP+QAnon), Use Demagoguery, Misogyny, Racism, and Economic Reaganism to Disempower All Opponents.

Some white men feel disempowered when POC’s rights are protected or strengthened, but it’s not a zero-sum game.

Some white men feel disempowered when women’s rights are protected or strengthened, but it’s not a zero-sum game.

White men who feel disempowered resort to fists and guns to reclaim their power (Freedom).

Women feel disempowered when their abuse is blamed on them or the abuser is made the victim and never punished.

POC feel disempowered when their abuse is blamed on them or the abuser is granted “qualified immunity” and never punished.

Workers feel disempowered when their unions are busted, their jobs are moved to other countries, their benefits are reduced, or they are forced to work for slave wages.

Students feel disempowered when their life’s choices (freedom) are restricted by the greed-inflicted burden of their student loans.

Voters feel disempowered when their right to vote is restricted while election fraud is legalized by state legislatures.

Democratic legislators feel disempowered when their constituent empowering legislation is blocked by a right-wing authoritarian minority.

Consumers feel disempowered when they are forced to comply with binding arbitration over product inflicted abuse.

All Democrats need to do whatever it takes to equally protect and empower all citizens.

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