I love how he gets right to the crux of the issue. “WDBW” (what do billionaires want?) is the ONLY question that matters anymore in America. It drives the entire engine. It should be engraved on all currencies.

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I think what rich dudes want is secondary and PR and ideology are primary.

By now, Roberts has to know that the integrity of the court is under attack. According to Sen. Whitehouse, whether Thomas has committed several crimes depends on a review of income tax returns covering several years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJJgZxuJqgI

On one hand, the Thomas/Alito "natural law" theology has tied its shoelaces by 10th Amendment "originalist" deference to states through deference to state fact finding -- and Colorado found that Trump aided, abetted and gave cover to an insurrection.

On the other, Koch money goes to Haley.

This is an opportunity for the court to regain some appearance of independence and thus authenticity.

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I so appreciate how Thom directs us to look at the levers where power resides. Right now I'm focused on SCOTUS and the 14th Amendment.

I hear a lot about the likelihood of MAGAs becoming violent if TFG gets kicked off the ballot by the Supreme Court. But I haven't heard much concern about what message it sends if the Supreme Court FAILS to defend the Constitution, the peaceful transfer of power, and the people's right to choose their president without fear of violent repercussions.

I've also not heard anything about how a confident republic prepares to utilize law enforcement to signal that political violence will NOT be tolerated. It NEVER goes well when arrogant, entitled demagogues are appeased out of fear. Instead, it signals, as with Hitler, that there will be NO LIMITS on his criminal behavior, and that his most violent, grandiose fantasies of revenge against perceived "enemies" may proceed forthwith without any consequence to him.

I'm anxious that the Supreme Court will roll over and yield to the guy who threatens the most violence, without any consequence for his criminal behavior. We know what the Founders would do but I'm anxious about what this Supreme Court will do.

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Thom raises a key question here about our near future, and perhaps, far beyond. It is important to remember that, in 2015-16, D.Trump came out of nowhere, in a political power sense, to steal the Republican voting base. And thanks to a weak Dem candidate, became president. It was no less a shock to the corporate funders of American politics as it was to everyone else.

They struggled to make peace with the family-run business he installed with competing -- and largely incompetent and inexperienced -- support staff.

It was four years of embarrassment overseas, and disaster here.

This time around, the powers that be are making sure it will be different. The HERITAGE FOUNDATION'S project 2025 is a huge, extensively funded program to pre-construct a Trump Administration -- with pre-approved staffing -- that will follow (their) strict privatization and deregulation of everything program.

Those who are on board with this feel that DT is still the best man to muster the faithful and win the White House. Except now, he is on a very short leash. The threat being, of course, it is our way, or a jail cell for you, Donnie.

In the recent Davos conference of the global powers that be, every country's rich and powerful were wringing their hands over the prospect of four more years of Trump. If you wish to see more about it, Google Trump fears at Davos. Their USA brethren tried to calm them down...

My thoughts are the message is: "The fix is in." That this is not going to be your 2010's Trump.

My background is in History and then Global Relations and Trade. Two points:

One, the German aristocracy, military and industrialists in 1932, believed they had A. Hitler in their pockets, too. That did not work out too well;

Two, we are seeing defections already among allied nations. Japan has announced they will NOT develop their new fighter jet (development to begin this year) with the USA, but rather with England/Italy.

Additional warning is the outright disrespect all players in the Middle East are showing America as it tries to take charge with some solution to the growing confrontations, there.

So, one possible answer to Thom's question is: Some rich dudes, at least the ones financing Project 2025, do not want DT banned. They are betting on him to win.

Donald Laghezza

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If I was a multi billionaire I personally would be extremely worried at having Trump as President.

All the data we have on Trump shows he is without doubt unreliable.

For the last few weeks I have 'felt' things are changing with regard to the above. I am reading a lot of interesting points on this.

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"No matter how they rule, this is going to be a tough one for the Court’s most corrupted Republicans who’ve taken millions from their morbidly rich donors and “friends."

It won't be tough at all. The corruption is blatant; they know we know and they don't care, because they have their powerful jobs for life. Right now, we are being ruled by the conservatives on the SCOTUS - an unelected grab bag of corrupt (likely criminally so) partisan and ideological hacks.

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I suspect that the Court will try to skate on this, and the best approach I can see they might take is to declare that Trump has not been convicted of an insurrection, while the original Confederate officers and leaders had been "convicted" by their actions in seceding from the Union and engaging in a war against the United States. We'll see what the "powers that be" desire.....

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The only argument that might succeed is the argument about not being tested in the courts. I frankly think Trump’s other arguments are bogus.

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With all the pus boiling out of both the Congress and Supreme Court and sometimes the Presidency, I think the United States government is clo TVse to melt down. The infection of corporate billionaire greed is so serious as to render our government as experiencing "sepsis" and likely death. We are all in ICU to be sure. Maybe a heroic pouring out of voter fury and rationality can cleanse the infection somewhat. I am not optimistic. Our allies smell the stink. Do we?

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Their decision will be made by analyzing their personal danger. Will they side with their benefactors and the hoards of trump lovers, or will they rule on the merits and save democracy?

They have made it very clear that they interpret the Constitution through the lens of “originalism.” To allow trump to be on the ballot in Colorado, and consequently anywhere else in the country, would be to admit that they are extremely partisan and corrupt.

Tough call on this one. John Roberts must be sweating bullets.

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Feb 5·edited Feb 5

The 14th amendment clearly states a solution for anyone being disqualified under this section. It is the last sentence in section 3 "But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability."

This is SCOTUS' off ramp. They simply need to rule that our constitution does allow him to remove his disability by a two thirds vote in each house. Easy peasy! Go for it 45!

Our constitution is supposed to protect us and should prevent many who have betrayed their oath of office from holding office now, and ever again. All traitors must be held accountable imho.

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I tend to believe that Scotus will support trump. The reps have used all possible tricks to stop obama appointing his own judges. The most important job of trump was to place at all levels as many rep judges you could dream of. And he has succeeded the little corrupt bugger! Now comes payback time for these rotten so called "justices". They must show allegiance to the orange bully. Insane!

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This is nuts. Only state electoral officers can determine eligibility of a candidate for office and the ONLY recourse is the court of the senate. The supreme court has no place in this constitutional law.

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Can criminal Donald Trump be ALLOWED to CONTROL a WANTED and NEEDED border deal because he wants to kill the bill to get reelected?

- Mitch McConnell wants it.

- The border patrol officers want it.

- The REPUBLICANS who worked on it want it.

- The Republicans had ASKED for it.

This bill would SOLVE the border problem! Something the Republicans have been screaming for.

The border would shut down at a certain number. It would make the numbers of immigrants entering MANAGEABLE.j

It would also supply Israel and Ukraine with desperately needed aide.

Trump is telling Johnson NOT to allow a vote and lapdog Johnson is obeying him. Trump wants to use the border problem AGAINST Biden in the election; he doesn’t WANT the border problem solved.

Can ANYONE overrule Johnson and at least get this bill to a vote? For the sake of our country?

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O'Donnell on MSNBC had on one of the Amicus professors, bringing up that the 14th was NOT just topical in reaction to Civil War insurrection, but was explicitly stated in ORIGINAL commentary to be intended to guard against insurrection as it might occur in their future, including NOW. I try to look these things up, but can't pin it down: need the Prof's name. But it's part of what the Injustices have in front of them now. No "escape" there. This question of are the Sugar Daddies done with Trump has been on my mind since the CO decision came down. My take, for what it's worth, is that the "rich dudes" are OK with the end of the dance with Trump. Funny to reflect back on Hillary calling him a puppet, and his outraged projection back. Funny, because BOTH were right, but Hillary wouldn't have screwed things up quite so bad.

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There are 756 billionaires in the USA, and 3,000 billionaires in the world (2022). The Rothschild family (probably Zionists) with their enormous wealth in a multitude of businesses and banking since the 1700s are worth a minimum of $20 Trillion. There are 1,000 billionaires for every trillionaire, so do the math.

My guess is, that the next President of the US will be the one who can muster the most support for Zionist Israel. If you add to that the Zionist fervor and wealth of the evangelical church, a bet on Trump is not that far-fetched.

My critics will object, but let them be respectful and stop the name calling like bratty children.

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