DeSantis is trying to be the lead dog for the sled dragging America towards a permanent #RepubloFascist state. To his right is McConnell, with fellow aspirants Josh Hawley and MTG panting behind them. They seek to kneecap democracy through election manipulation, propaganda, and partisan enforcement of justice.

Today's GOP can't win on merit or accomplishments so they must cheat to retain power and thus corporate donor payola. They mask their true agenda by touting Swiss-cheese Christianity, absent of The Golden Rule and "Judge not lest ye be judged." This is born out in how they've used the abortion issue where newborns lose all value as soon as they can actually cry.

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With our democracy at stake now, we should concentrate legislation on insuring elections are fair. The electoral college should have to vote with the voters they represent, voters shouldn’t be thrown off voter rolls right before an election and they should be notified several months before an election if they are thrown off and voting shouldn’t require waiting hours to vote.

We have a good and decent president in Joe Biden. He’s a very good speaker in my opinion. He did a great job getting the free world together to support Ukraine. He seems to be working to make things better and I think he will continue to do so. With his persistence things can be better and he could very well be one of our greatest presidents.

We don’t have agree on everything. But we should agree that we want this country to be a democracy in which the people elect our leaders. Let’s support and try to elect leaders that will protect our democracy.

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Our Long-term National Crisis Continues to Fester:

"I'm the only president they got," says Joe Biden

According to Jim Hightower of Texas, this was in response to being asked about the uproar against our right-wing authoritarian SCOTUS decision to end Roe v Wade and this lame response.

“ … the duckism syndrome has kicked in …”

“His [Biden] first ‘action’ [to SCOTUS ending women’s choice] was to send out a fundraising mailing asking for $15 donations to reelect Democrats.”

“Six besotted judicial right-wingers who think their black robes make them little gods have just sanctimoniously usurped an innate human right! The 70% of Americans who oppose the ungodly arrogance of these six judges need a real president who'll fight like hell to restore this right.”


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Bottom line Hightower: (I read your link, thanks.) "...a human right cannot be ended." If only this were true, due respect to the idealism and marvelous Jim. Unfortunately, the known history of the human race, occasionally grandiosely claiming to a concept termed "civilization," consists of perpetual waves of gruesome oppression, pick your favorite fanatic murdering mob. I confess I was a bit romantic about Buddhism, Jesus, to coin an exclamation, beholding Myanmar. Safe and legal abortion is a hopelessly new shooting star against the background of the perpetual fate of the female, doomed to burn out sure as shootin'. The god of Abraham cursed all women for all time, when he could have, you know, punished just Eve for her transgression. There's Truth in that. (Capital T calculated.) Childbirth itself the curse of god.

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Thanks Tom. Thats just the list I need!

Do you think its already too late?

Seems theyve also already canceled how the votes will be counted, and by whom.

And remember, theyve also canceled breathable air, safe potable water, canceled the pollinators and canceled healthy soil and oceans.

Still, even if we go down and are all cancelled lets go down fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American way! Doesn't sound quite so corny when truth and justice are being cancelled!

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The litany of things GOP legislators have done in recent times is a long and mixed list of policies that somehow managed to become law and passed by all our collective voting efforts. Many of them are sad and reprehensible, but voters slept right through them, and thus share the responsibility for allowing their passage - and for re-electing all these legislators, every year for 25 years. It's water under the bridge.

Voters ought to address a priority of current issues; many, many of the concerns expressed in Mr. Hartman's list may not be priorities, with respect to people's economic survival, to climate challenges, health challenges or the ability to retire safely at some point. Perhaps that should be the focus in order to build a new center in American politics.

With respect to health issues, the country and the world has been divided, perhaps for ever. The pharmaceutical corporations have spent years building a mandated vaccine schedule https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/hcp/imz/child-adolescent.html in the US that, in some research appear to challenge everyone's ability to build strong immune systems. Other countries are not nearly as aggressive as the US https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8562319/. The Pharmaceutical industry introduced a completely new research approach to address the perceived Covid virus family, the mRNA https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02483-w. They used the word 'vaccine' when in fact none of the Covid remedies were 'vaccines' in the historical sense, but simply augmented a person's immune system temporarily https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02483-w. As 2020-21 months progressed the pharmaceutical industry and its regulators discovered that none of the mRNA really worked as vaccines, and none of them prevented re-infection or spreading. Finally, the data for Covid related morbidity was confused and statistically unreliable because the data did not list or reveal all the comorbidity issues that may have been contributing factors. Robert Kennedy Jr. built a challenging group of researchers and supporters that challenged the public narrative adopted by Mr. Biden, the Democratic Party, CDC and WHO https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/how-a-kennedy-built-an-anti-vaccine-juggernaut-amid-covid-19/2590911/ and several arguments they have made are credible with almost 50% of the US population: 1. Alternative medical research was scuttled, name-called and practitioners were threatened with lawsuits for disinformation. 2. Children in general were not affected and 3. Most Covid fatalities were in the high age group and with people who had age related or low immune system issues. https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/how-a-kennedy-built-an-anti-vaccine-juggernaut-amid-covid-19/2590911/.

Going forward post 2022 the pharmaceutical industry and its supporters recommend annual combinations of flue shots and Covid boosters with anticipated efficacy annual rates below 60%. Alternative practitioners and their families appear to focus on a combination of vitamins and herbal support, such as Vitamin C, D3 and Epicor https://epicorimmune.com/ and they plan on listening to their functional medicine physicians https://www.ifm.org/functional-medicine/what-is-functional-medicine/and naturopaths https://www.nccih.nih.gov/health/naturopathy.

The issue of mask wearing and the legislative support and non-support is fraught with conflict https://www.epa.gov/sciencematters/epa-researchers-test-effectiveness-face-masks-disinfection-methods-against-covid-19. Most of the masks never seal, and most of the masks were not of a sufficiently high quality to be effective. People wearing masks in restaurants while eating appeared silly when all of them removed them to eat. In school settings teachers experienced oxygen deprivation after a few hours.

In sum, not all GOP inspired ideas have been poorly expressed. We should not entrust our health care to the profit driven over-prescribed pharmaceutical model, not should we force any individual, adult or child to have experimental substances injected into their bodies. Those who so choose should, of course, be free to do so, but, it appears criminal, for example, to suggest that all our children need to have an annual Covid shot. We simply do not know enough about the long-term effects.

Mr. Hartman's citation:

Republicans used intentional policy (refusing to mandate masks) and public statements like “it’s just like the flu” to give the US the highest Covid infection and death rates in the developed world, cancelling the lives of over a million of us while countries like Taiwan and South Korea have seen only dozens or a few hundred deaths.

They’re even trying to get average Americans to cancel getting the Covid vaccine, presumably to help President Biden “fail” at containing the epidemic. As Parker Beauregard writes at Blue State Conservative, “I draw the line at shots for chicken pox, shingles, flu, HPV, and now Covid. Statistically speaking, none of these viruses are going to be my undoing, and the risk of injecting unknown substances into my body to impart potentially helpful immunization doesn’t stack up against my body’s God-given and nature-made defense mechanisms.”

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Yes, newborn horses gobble up their mamas poop to get their immune systems rolling. God-given and nature-made, baby! Why should 21'st Century humans expect God to have allowed us to improve on that?

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What a perfect storm with Democrats cozily enough in bed with Republicans so that big money is the master controller. The question to be asking is what we the people can do to bypass government. With that question not being asked, we aren't being creative about what the answers could be, like what I've suggested to you to be the instigator of an ad hoc Wisdom Council comprised of the most respected people in the country. You pick one person, the two of you pick the third, and so on until you get a good bunch. Have a Suggestion Box where the rest of us, in true democratic fashion, discuss suggestions before they get passed on to the Council, and if you deliberated on what you would do if you ran the country everyone would listen. Elemental to our dilemma is we are gadflies who don't have a unified voice, and this would give us one!!!

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Yes but. We need to talk. We MUST vote. Sometimes we need to protest. But all are fatal distractions if we don’t address the root causes NOW.

Humanity Needs A Plan B. Humanity needs the DEMOS Project.


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When I lived in Mississippi a while, I used to ask them about slavery. None of them, including black people, knew what actually happened.

Generalizing a bit, most whites argued that slavery was unprofitable, and they essentially were HELPING the poor black folks, and the black folks secretly miss it.

Generalizing a bit, most blacks argued that whites owned slaves to mistreat them.

The truth is, slavery wasn't profitable prior to 1700, because European medical practices killed all the slaves within 5 years. Once European medical practices advanced to the point that slaves could reproduce faster than doctors killed them, the switch to black slaves made sense.

When slaves live longer than 5 years, slavery is profitable, and when they can reproduce for nothing, slavery becomes immensely profitable - and it's a WHOLE lot easier to maintain a system when the participants are color coded.

The larger issue isn't slavery itself, I really don't care if slaves were treated well or not, the real issue is a society where some residents feel they are ENTITLED to mistreat everyone else. You can be certain that if blacks didn't exist, they'd have stayed with white slaves. Visit Mississippi today and you quickly notice it's a caste and class system, not racism, though racism helps keep the dumbest whites onboard.

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Jul 8, 2022·edited Jul 8, 2022

Why do you complain about the speck in your brother's eye, but ignore the beam in your own.

I agree that GOP cancel culture is disgusting. But it is the cancel culture by progressives that will deliver the House and Senate to the Republicans. We must denounce the cancel culture on "our side." Otherwise we are just hypocrites.

We must be vigorous supporters of free speech.

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This Report is pure fact and pure gold.

They want to cancel progress. "He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery."-Harold Wilson

Are we going to join the Republican Party in the cemetery of all their lies and pain they have caused Americans? Hell NO!

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