Important topic...if we truly honor freedom of speech and freedom of the press. My personal moral radar still has Jordan, Scalise, and of course all of the outrageous liars: Gosar, MTG. Boehbert, McCarthy, Biggs, Brooks, Nunes, Gaetz, Gohmert, Loudermilk...all of those in the House who KNEW that the election was NOT stolen. But, also, never leaving my range, those in the Senate: Cruz, Hawley, Lee, Graham who SURELY knew that their actions were totally dishonest. Lee was worried that the Jan 6th committee had access to his and other's phones...why???

And, why is Garland afraid to go after traitors?

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What is the psychological attraction for these mostly anonymous sources like Koch, Leo, etc to so energetically and ruthlessly advocate policy and behavior that is so destructive to the very freedoms that they claim to espouse? It's bullying for sure. And it can't be money. Absolute power is anathema to freedom. Their outrageous distortions and lies undermine all that is good, it undermines all true debate and communication in a free society. What did Hitler really want, what do Orban, Putin, the Taliban want? Is it just plain stupidity and ignorance for what freedom and honesty brings to a society? Is it just a mindless "lust for blood" reptilian mindset, an addiction, in a few individuals? It's not "God" because that is their manipulation of the masses, as they seem absolutely godless themselves, and without integrity. The balance of power in our government is central to our freedoms and security. And yet the conservative mindset seems intent to destroy that, which is the very fabric of what makes democracy work. Loss of political control does not fully answer the question. What human weakness is at the heart of this?

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What Crazy Donnie did was, he opened the "Ghostbusters" containment unit*.

But instead of amusing ghosts, he released the vile vapors, eerie entities and sick slimers of the GOP .


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All true.

What do we do about it? Where are the pathways to strike back and to protect the people who are on the research and report front lines? The Democratic Party?? Move On???

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NPR just had a piece on about election officials who were stalked, threatened, spied upon and who expect it to be worse, this time around. One gal was 3rd trimester pregnant during the 2020 cycle. Such a sweetheart; who tortures and terrorizes pregnant women? Bullies, that's who. They were followed by trucks, big SUV's, cut off, pointed guns at them .... I bet all the harassers were drunk or high. The anger, rage comes from that. Anyhow, suing someone into bankruptcy is one of the older tricks in the U.S. playbook. Using the courts as a battleground is common in business, politics, everything. How many women were screwed by rich, narcissistic sociopaths in a divorce just so 'hubby' could hook up with a trophy wife? I know thousands who have been forced into poverty by guys like these. At least The Donald, Bezos, Musk paid them off.

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I think our only hope is the Lincoln project. If the Lincoln project would set up a GoFundMe page, we could reach the maga masses during NASCAR on television and during wrestling and rodeos and country music programming. We could try to educate the brainwashed to what a dictatorship is, and ask them if they want to lose their gun rights, their organs, their freedom, their children's future, their social security, their minimum wage, betortured, starve, eat poisoned food, water and pharmaceutical drugs.... And so much more. The the commercials in my opinion should end with, if you can't vote for Biden don't vote for something even worse!

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It is one of my goals to shout that it is time to tax all religion as if it was a large multi national organization.

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Yeah Putins a great guy . Remind me please , no, do not I couldn’t take the condescension.


me again how well protected we’ve been through Republican administrations .

Fascists are ruling that congregation, now .

I don’t believe that we in this country have ever realized the full extent of ruthless violence and power in many instances .

Who is protected now?

Only the wealthy and the well connected. Only money for certain ‘deserving ‘ citizens , white men with very deep wallets. The Federalist Society has certainly contributed to the current power structure. So has the Catholic Church in this country . Is the aimed power of the wealthy superseding the trampling of the people?

Of course . And is the constant attack of lies by the Jim Jordans and Marge T Greene and Mr Comer of course DJT, always excused by the powerful.

Tom Hartmanns got this right.

These Republicans are installing and advancing

Fascism at every turn .

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Jim Jordan is the worst of the worst.

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What about the anti slapp lawsuit? https://www.rcfp.org/resources/anti-slapp-laws/#recentantislappupdates

It is meant to protect freedom of speech from intimidating lawsuits. Reporters know of it, but its open to everyone.

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FYI 1988 - Frank Zappa . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzBWuE_ECdk

The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.

An evil soul producing holy witness

Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,

A goodly apple rotten at the heart.

Oh, what a goodly outside, falsehood hath!

(Antonio, The Merchant of Venice)

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I would say the lies and misinformation industry took off with the Iraq War when Democrats and Republicans alike were waving the flag and championing a war they knew was completely unprovoked and unwarranted. This delegitimized both parties sufficiently to cast doubt upon critical thinking and truth. Then the media, you included, started taking sides, each side rallying against the malfeasances of the other without any reflection upon their own. Because neither side is honest, neither has the moral grounds for the judgment and abuse they heap upon one another, aided by pundits selling everything including themselves to make a living off their respective echo chambers. The result of this is perpetual war due to both sides backing imperialist leaders and policies, and the ultimate violation of the tenets of Martin Luther King Jr in the enabling and ignoring of our militarism and brutality abroad and here at home.

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Lies were "huge" in the runup to the Iraq invasion especially in red America. We were driving back from Alaska across northern America, living in our pick up, at this time. There was no such thing as finding the NY Times on a newspaper shelf, hearing NPR on our radio or anything but Limbaugh, etc. preaching hate along with the snake handler Evangelical sickos preaching equally insulting nonsense. We stopped at a gas station to get our oil changed. When the nice guy doing it saw our NY license plate he made a negative comment about our Senator, Hillary Clinton. He was amazed that my report from rural upstate NY was pretty positive. His "knowledge" from his news sources was totally non existence. He had Limbaugh on his radio preaching his hate lies. We were astounded as I didn't realize that people took such insanity seriously, just like their religion.

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Perfect Report that gets to the heart of the matter.

The one thing that dirt-bag Bannon tells the truth about is LYING. He could give a master class on how to use distortion to disorient and exploit the people who do not want to do their homework. They don't want us to do ours either. His target market is not stupid---they are willfully ignorant. They choose to hide behind religion. Does that make them bad people? It does when they also choose to bully and discriminate.

Jordan's hearings are pitiful. The Dems are fighting back and doing a good job of it. All I can say is if any of these disinformation researchers get hauled before Congress they will be able to tell their side of things and they will be helped by Democrats on the committee. Take a look at C-SPAN to see Rep. Nadler in action at the Durham hearing. Sadly, researchers would not want "help" from either side. They just need common decency from both, so they can do the research and science that is sorely needed. The right fears the truth. Republican disinformation purveyors.....what a bunch of fascists, criminals, and losers!

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Jim Jordan knows only lies , fortifying lies, accusing truth tellers of lying . Orban has taught his students well. And the followers of these vipers the Maga also have turned truth around . They will repeat anything they hear by the most sordid GOP liars club. Their souls have been stolen by misinformation, no ,Lies by their leaders have wracked their innate ability to tell the truth. Thanks to all these , their warped leaders.

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The GOP has decided that their only means to achieve political power is through lies, and lies do have some powerful effects. Dr. Steiner had much to say regarding lies - here's just one example:

"Thus there is a certain species of bacilli who are the carriers of infectious diseases; these beings are the progeny of the lies told by human beings; they are nothing else than physically embodied demons generated by lies. You see therefore that lies and untruths of earlier ages appear in world-karma as a definite host of beings. A passage in Faust indicates how much deep truth is contained in myths and sagas. You will find there a connection between vermin and lies in the role played by rats and mice in connection with Mephistopheles, the Spirit of Lies."

For our case today, future sagas will tell of the host of demons being entertained by today's GOP, the majority of whom are being led by the modern version of Mephistopheles, aka the Orange Man. For those who are doubtful, how else to explain that we suffered through our generations' worst bout of disease during the Trump administration?

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