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I, have to say right on Thom! The thing is everything you say on this Woke thing is funny to me. The racist attach themselves to a word or phase they don’t have a clue about. They remind of stuff you get on the bottom of your shoes but the stuff never goes away. Thom when all you have is hate and fear mongering that’s what you go with. I am happy though to know that most people are very much aware of what this is all about. They won’t win when we call them out, A great topic to stay aware of Thom. Democracy never stops or sleeps my proven Revolutionary and calling these Bigots and Racist out is a great way to get to the country we know it truly can be with people who are excepting of all people. We have it in our power to begin the world over again Batman and with Jack Smith closing in on the truth accountability may well be on the way. Hamilton Paine Hartmann great mind’s for these really complicated times. Love Peace Freedom Justice ask me again I’ll tell you the same Justice. Demo’s Absolutely No Nukes! Batman really does live!

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