At U of I, Champaign-Urbana, I took a whole class on the Kent State massacre taught by a professor who was there and wrote a book about it. The Guardsmen were young kids, from the area, also known as 'townies' who had a bit of a resentment against the more privileged students. The first Guardsman who shot is believed to have just... done it. There wasn't an order or maybe there was from a low level lieutenant who was his immediate superior - no one really knows. When the first shot rang out, others followed immediately. Many of the Guardsmen testified that they thought the shot came from the protestors. Anyhow, it was a FUBAR. Fast forward, this will happen again as we continue to rile up our youth (and older people too) who are brain washed by the fear-mongering and hate spewed by ... everyone. I was listening to an AA Speaker this morning who got sober under infamous, national news reported circumstances. He told a counselor once, when still drinking that, "I'd rather Hate than Hurt.' I think that says it all; so many would rather hate.

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About Chuck Grassley-please point me toward more information regarding what he thinks the Democrats did in 2004. I’m an Iowan and want to know if there is any truth in his comments to the Iowa Capitol Dispatch.

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Please pardon me if I take a slightly overblown view of the Kent State shootings which killed several young students. It was an infamy, no doubt, I agree. How many of us remember the several Black college students who were killed in a similar manner at Jackson State College in Mississippi on May 15, 1970?

And how many remember the riots in Detroit July 1967 when Forty three people were killed "officially," gunned down by police, Michigan National Guardsmen and soldiers of the United States infantry? The overwhelming majority of the dead, Black.

At four am on Sunday morning July 23, 1967 the White Detroit Police department raided a blind pig (an after hours, unlicensed social club serving booze) on Twelfth Street in the heart of what White Suburban citizens called the "Negro Ghetto." Eighty two people were arrested; two of them recently returned Decorated Vietnam-War-Heroes. This thoughtless, insensitive act of police-bullying set off a spontaneously explosive riot which quickly spread throughout the huge city of Detroit.

The Michigan Governor, Republican George Romney was reluctant to declare a "state of emergency" as Democratic President Lyndon Johnson requested. A "state of emergency" would have given Johnson the excuse to activate the Insurrection Act of 1807 and send armed U.S. soldiers into my home town. The place where I grew to manhood, graduated high school, earned a Bachelor's degree and married the most irresistible woman I have known these last sixty seven years. We were both young social workers in the city at that time.

Romney finally did declare an emergency and, subsequently I looked up from my backyard into the industrially polluted air on Detroit's East side near the Infamous PlayBoy Club and saw something I never dreamed I would see in the City I loved: twenty two military attack helicopters buzzed over me on their way to East Kercheval Street where they disgorged soldiers of the 101st and 82nd Air-born Divisions. As they flew over the soldiers in those Helicopters were peering down pointing automatic rifles at me. I felt like a Vietnamese peasant: Instant, overwhelming fear. Within minutes I could hear the distant popping of gunfire as American soldiers killed some of my fellow citizens on East Kercheval. I jumped into my little English Anglia and drove in the direction of the shooting intending to witness what was being done to my city by my own national military. However, I was unable to drive into the killing zone because I was turned back by Michigan State Police officers who had blocked off all roads leading into the area.

Within days the island in the middle of the Detroit River, Belle Isle, down the street from my house was packed with hundreds, perhaps thousands of young Black men; incarcerated in a make-shift concentration camp.

Presently, I visited former colleagues with whom I had previously worked at Harper Hospital when I was working my way through college. They told me the large morgue at Harper was overflowing with dead bodies. They were parking them in hallways on gurneys outside of the morgue. The "official" dead-body count by the government authorities was forty three after the riot was over. But I have never believed that number because I had worked for months in Harper"s Central Supply Department and Knew how huge that morgue was; having wheeled many corpses into it myself before the riot occurred.

I understand why so many Americans doubt the veracity of their government. Edward Snowden is correct: The first instinct of those in power--in all governments--is to dissemble when the going gets tough; and they always say they are acting in "our" best interests. Us, citizens. What they are really doing is hanging on to power.

I could go on like this for thousands of words. But let me relate just one more example of how truth is the second victim when the killing starts.

I was sharing a bottle of cheap wine in the apartment of an old friend from school days when the building began to vibrate in a strange oscillatory fashion. Next we heard a low-pitched rumbling sound from the street several stories below. We stuck our heads out a window and saw in the street an olive-green-colored tank cranking its way down the middle of the avenue. A young soldier lifted his head up out of the tank and yelled at us with a bullhorn to "get away from the window or I will shoot!" We pulled back in but could still see out into the street below. The machine gun on the tank was firing rounds up at the roof of the Ford Hospital. We could see the slugs easily as they

swiftly rose up at an acute angle because they were "tracers" which glow brightly creating long, straight, lines in the air which looked like neon lights stretched out several hundred yards into the sky.

The next day T.V. News reported that the tank was firing at snipers on the Ford-Hospital roof. Snipers, they claimed, were firing down at the tank and the driver said he could hear bullets "plinking" off the steel armor plating.

However a subsequent investigation weeks later revealed there was another tank many blocks distant on the opposite side of Ford Hospital, also firing at snipers on the hospital's roof. It was eventually suggested that the two tanks, many blocks apart and not visible to each other were lofting rounds up, over the building and those slugs were in all likelihood arcing down on the other side of the building "plinking" off the other tank. Snipers were never found. Let me repeat...never found. Yet, to this day there are those who claim snipers were firing from high up on roofs. This error in perception has never been "officially" corrected.

Please take Thom Hartman seriously when he talks about the implications of invoking the Insurrection Act. Those riots in 1967, a kind which could spread across this country, were at that time, the greatest civil insurrection in America except for the War Between The States. If something like that happens again, there could be prodigious, obscene bloodletting; possibly worse than Detroit all those years ago. Do not make the mistake of thinking this was a "race riot!" It was not. There were many whites in the streets burning and looting along with their Black Brothers. This was a Poor People's Riot. And Black People always get the worst end of the stick.

Sleep well and vote.

G. F. Dobbertin

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It would be a good start to arrest the 20 House Fwee-dumb Caucus members, starting with "General" (in the PA National Guard) Scott Perry, for their treason.

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I thought nothing could surprise m about the malignant dog who was our President, but this does.

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I remember watching the news and seeing the students being gunned down at Kent state! I was only 11 and I was sickened that our government would do that to its citizens!

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Burning down the cities would cost the rich autocrats money. Delaying Trump's trial then allowing him to pardon himself after getting elected, would be much more cost-effective for the autocrats. Biden can do a number of things to lose the election. From what I've seen so far with classified information and not prosecuting about 300 GOP, it would not surprise me if he did. The left has not been in charge of the Democratic party for over 40 years yet gets the blame for what the Reagan democrats and the obstructing Republicans have done. I suggest all rational people get off the grid as much as possible, it will probably collapse soon anyway from global warming, and prepared to defend yourselves.

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America rarely asks itself why it is always Republicans who break the laws and who are so willing to use violence against the very citizens they vowed to protect and defend.

Back when Clinton took office, I was transferred to Oklahoma City to manage a new FAA lab that conducted training and organizational R&D. Part of the deal for loaning me was that we would also support JCS, and the White House.

Oklahoma was my first exposure to a part of America that did not enforce (or even see the point in) the separation of Church and state. It seemed that most Okies tended to conflate sin with crime. Neighbors and some of my staff would tell me that their pastor told them who to vote for and openly condemned liberal politicians as evil sinners from the pulpit on Sunday. On several occasions, I even heard "Have your been saved?" as a pick-up line in bars.

Even though I completed my graduate studies and post doc in Fort Worth Texas, I was shocked to hear parents telling their children to "Stop bein' so hateful!" just for crying when a parent took a candy bar out of their hand at the grocery store checkout. Hateful? Are little kids even capable of being hateful? Well, their parents sure seemed capable of hate.

I mention this because the residents of Red States like Oklahoma eagerly call themselves Christians even though they behave as if the Old Testament trumps the New. Break a commandment? Stone 'em, flog 'em, then toss 'em in prison. Hang Mike Pence, for example.

I once had an elderly neighbor ask me about the new underground prison at the airport his pastor said would be used to put all those who did not willingly hand over their guns to the government when Clinton's Trilateral Commission outlawed gun ownership. How QAnon is that? The airport was adding a few more cells in the basement of the terminal building as DOJ used the airport as a prisoner transfer center. Of course, it had nothing to do with guns, the 2nd Amendment, or the President.

To me, the cultural norms I just described not only show why Kent State was not a one-off event any more than January 6th was. It just seems unfathomable to people whose worldview is is not in synch with regions of our country who think "Try that in a small town" should be the new national anthem.

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I was watching the proceedings on Jan 6th, the camera zoomed in on Boebert, all I could see was 1776 on her cell phone and immediately after that, within seconds, the crowd rushed the Capitol and started to try and break down doors and smash windows.

Boebert made that tweet or text message, the moment an objection was raised to the counting of Arizona's electoral votes.

Why she has not been indicted is beyond me. (Not really though) Garland is a conserative Republican and although his DOJ has indicted low level thugs, Not one of the malefactors in Congress or really in the former administration has been indicted, and where so, it is for less serious crimes, not sedition and insurrection, and there is a cottage industry of "experts" out there to defend Garland and his complicity.

By the way the revolution didn't start in 1776, it started in April 1775, when the Red coats marched on Lexington and Concord

And in November 1775 The Snow Campaign was one of the first major military operations of the American Revolutionary War in the southern colonies. Wikipedia

It was an attack on British Fort 96 (the 96th fort build by the Crown) is a national historic site, located about 60 miles south of Greenville, SC

The first act of rebellion was the founding of the community of Watauga, Tennessee, alternately called the Republic of Watauga, it was founded by frontiersmen, and declared itself independent of the Crown. King George and his red coats were unwilling to do anything about it, as it was located in the wilds, and separated by the Appalchians and the wilderness, but it did run astride the old Cherokee war path.

British Maj Ferguson, lead a lo yalist militia to attack Watauga and wipe it off the map, fortunately the word of his designs reached Watauga, and they mustered their own militia, known as the Over the Mountain boys, and unrestrained by baggage trains, horse and mules, they wasted no time and caught Ferguson on King's Mountain, and wiped out the militia. Ferguson is recorded as saying something like God can't move him from the mountain, and indeed he is buried there.

I mention this because the Watauga "Republic" was founded in 1773 and as such the first to give the finger to the King.

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Have faith. Jack Smith will indict the others and the full flock of followers and enablers.

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The co-conspirators are not referred to as "unindicted" in the indictment, and it is possible that some or all of them have already been indicted under seal (just noting that).

Not sure how relevant the Reagan quote was to Kent state, as it's not mentioned in the story in Britannia about this "seminal event in the Vietnam war era."

I visited Kent state several years ago and found it very interesting and powerful to see the bullet scars and memorials to various aspects of the tragedy that transpired on the campus on may 5, 1970.

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I returned to "The World" in early '70. Saw the Kent State mass murder on TV. Got my Honorable Discharge. Packed my bag, and pulled a Serpico . . . Except, I never returned.

Thought it was broken, then. Know it is now.

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As a backup to Amendment 14, Sect. 3 ... Try: 18 USC 2383: Rebellion or insurrection; A little bit more clarification on the issue provided by our Federal legislature of whether or not our `Secretaries of State` should just "punt" #Trump from the Nov 2024 General Election ballot C=> https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=granuleid:USC-1999-title18-section2383&num=0&edition=1999#:~:text=Whoever%20incites%2C%20sets%20on%20foot,holding%20any%20office%20under%20the #ImprisonTrumpNow

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The Iowa Capital Dispatch helped me out. The Dems did challenge Ohio’s electors, unsuccessfully, in 2005. John Kerry lost to George W Bush after having been swiftboated. This is legal, so Grassley was right on this point. But the Dems did not attempt to send an alternate set of electors.

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.... the iconic Kent state photographs are still in my memorabilia box.... once again, thank you Tom !

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Thom, please correct so we can share - Nixon was the President - not Reagan.

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