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There, is no doubt about everything you said on this Thom. This is past emergency now I think. All the hot weather and floods all over are really good for the non believers who only think this does not affect them so it’s not real. We all know this crisis affects the whole world. Thom when does the greed stop for these people, never because they are happy to be the bottom feeder’s they are. I almost forgot and fascists too. Democracy never stops or sleeps my proven Revolutionary and the crisis at hand needs democratic way of thinking to really get a handle on the crisis as time really does slowly run out on us all. We have it in our power to begin the world over again Batman and the emergency for your help has never been greater than now I know you are up for the task at hand. We all as individuals have to do our part as well. Change can happen. Hamilton Paine Hartmann great minds for these really complicated times. Love Peace Freedom Justice ask me again l’ll tell you the same. Justice Demo’s Absolutely No Nukes! Batman always lives and fights for truth and Justice for all human kind. Dogs and Cats too!

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