One massive outrage that you didn't mention is the 2007-2008 mortgage scam that caused over 3 million Americans to lose their homes to foreclosure. The criminals were, and continue to be rewarded by the Fed and are living lives of anger inducing wealth. Please watch & listen to The Con. It's critical information.

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I agree, but does anybody have a plan how to effectively combat these trends? (Other than vote). Is there someplace to go to see what is being done to fight this trend and preserve Democracy?

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For "A Partial list" this is really sad. The worse part is you have low info voters supporting it. Brainwashed low info voters. Brainwashed by a media that tells lies and then repeats them until they believe the lies. Trump just had a rally in Iowa (where you first go when running for President). Lies flowing out of his mouth like a river. The media does not take on the lies and he is moving up in the polls. Bill Maher gave an ominous prediction last week, saying he is back and will probably win in 2024.



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"...and continues to do so with impunity."

That is THE canary in the coalmine of fascism today. And fascism appears to be alive and thriving in this environment.

As Donald Trump pompously exerts his unwelcomed presence upon the people of the world, it would be irresponsible not to mention the enablers in our corporate media that permit and promote the spectacle of Trump - a mascot for rule by the few over the ignorance of the many, to the demise of us all.

I'm not one for a society constructed on miracles, so barring that potential, well - we're in hospice.

Be good to each other.

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We need to keep talking (and otherwise communicating) to "people" about what is happening! I can remember World War II. I though events were tending to where they are now in 2015. No one wanted to listen. I should have talked more forcefully and more often.

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This is the Report I chose to introduce my younger activist cohorts to Thom. The idea behind their group is to be bold but keep each other safe while doing the local work. They are living the very kinds of lives fascism has tried to repress.

Representative Adam Schiff is saying that power doesn't corrupt, it reveals. He seems to completely agree with Thom that we are in grave times. Schiff has a new book, and I hope he is on the show to tell his inside story.

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