Bravo on mentioning the fact that the power hungry care not (typically) about the specific vehicle sold to John Q to get his support. Racism, misogyny, religion, etc. These are simply vehicles of fear or exceptionalism. The morbidly rich usually do not have what we might recognize as a belief system - even something as putrid as racism (of course there are the true believers among the endentured serpent class such as Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, Jack Hoogendyk, etc). They are nothing if not pragmatic in their bloodlust for dominion over Life. If being socially conscious brought them hoards of power, they would be the first in line to lift the marginalized from squalor. They speak in bad faith with regard to religion, and faux outrage at the grievances of culture and race. These very real issues provide very real opportunities for division and conquest. That is the goal.

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Of course they will. Consider that most of the Republicans' hardcore base (i.e., Trump's stupid lying bastards) are still pissed they lost the Civil War. In their petty little minds, n-word-loving Democrats are the real enemy of America. How can you share a democracy with evil liberals who hate God and love mud people? Obviously, only white Christians should have the right to vote in a white Christian nation armed to the teeth. And I'll fcking kill you if you don't agree.

This won't end well.


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They are emboldened. They are getting away with it with no damage. They will take it too the limit.

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Finally, the Democrats are getting it:

“Democrats To Introduce Bill To Combat Election Subversion As Part Of Voting Rights Push”


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This is an example of how far Fox News will go. Fox News comments on Biden's recent summit with Trump in the video. Journalism????? https://crooksandliars.com/2021/06/fox-news-rips-trump-putin-summit

"Journalism is the production and distribution of reports on current events based on facts and supported with proof or evidence. The word journalism applies to the occupation, as well as collaborative media who gather and publish information based on facts and supported with proof or evidence. "

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