If a gunman drove to three donut shops shooting people and 6 of the 8 victims were police, would the cops believe for a second that the shooter was motivated by his struggle with unhealthy eating?

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The alleged murderer is a 21 year old Syrian immigrant that lives with his parents in a upper middle class neighborhood. Bought the gun 6 days ago. AR-15 or similar. Also had a semi auto pistol. Probably no criminal background. A lot of the mass murders are done by people with no criminal background. In order to pass security clearance for many jobs the applicant is required to pass the MMPI. A psychological evaluation test. I suggest that gun owners be required to pass this test. I have taken and passed. I personally think that it is good to know where you stand mentally. Usually the crazy person is the last one to know.



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Lauren Boebert (R-CO) give her thoughts and prayers for the victims in the Boulder CO mass murder. We protected the rights of the murderer. What were the rights of the 10 victims?



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Well, we have another shooting - this time in Boulder.

Is this what is meant by America returning to “normal”?

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The timetable comparison is a great observation. I hope it wakes people up, because we all need to constantly examine our values. This pandemic has me thinking about my moral obligations more and more.

Cruel gangs, cartels, armies, domestic abusers, police, and these shooters do not know how to use all that masculinity for something constructive. Thom keeps saying testosterone is the most dangerous substance on earth. That said, none of us would be here without it.

The enormity of these crimes boggle the mind. There is no one reason as well as no one solution. However, mental health care is a moral obligation that is needed right along side the laws to prevent violence.

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