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It must be recognized that conservatives represented by the GOP have been very successful in accomplishing their agenda. They have done so by turning those being most negatively impacted by their agenda against each other. It is widely recognized that we are a divided Red/Blue nation. But if I listen to MEGA Republicans profess their cultish faith in Trump, I see people who look just like me--their yard signs indicate neighbors. They have bought into the cultural warfare message that has been put out to hide the true conservative agenda which is to make themselves wealthier at the expense of the rest of us, Like any skilled pick pocket or magician, they have managed to focus our attention on a distraction while picking our pockets or pulling a coin out of our ear, and then taking a bow as we exclaim “How did you do that!”

Today’s Hartmann Report explains explains what was happening while our attention was diverted to Race, Religion, Gender, and other cultural issues. Remember Lincoln “A country divided against itself, cannot stand.”

Slavery may have been his dividing issue. Today’s issues are Legion.

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They need about 5% middle class, mechanics, plumbers, etc., just enough to keep the mansion running smoothly.

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These bastions of evil toward the middle class and beyond, Republicans all, cannot survive if we don’t let them.

Now that sounds naive.

But if Democrats put aside their intimidation by these jackasses, who are waiting for their coronations, we can at least push them closer to the edge , and take a few more feet away from it.

Its not easy as they threaten violence to

people who don’t kneel down to them.

From Trumps acquired persona as a victim of the ‘terrible system ‘ he and his far right created, but charge the the left with sponsoring .

Just more lies as we know, but they will lie more and successfully, if we don’t squelch this now with this election on November 8, 2022. NOW.

Democrats need to mail in , walk in , whatever it takes to show up with overwhelming votes for Democrats.

Some of the clown shows that are highlighted as GOP candidates are absolutely ridiculous.

Herschel Walker comes to mind. This man needs professional help physically and mentally for many cognitive issues, problems acquired from his football playing days.

These acquired symptoms do not prepare one for dealing as an elected official.

He cannot remember what he said yesterday. And the GOP are right back to their position behind the Wizards curtain , encouraging all not to believe what they see but what the GOP tells them .

Speaking of Oz . There seems to be no shortage of ineffective very wealthy TV personalities running for the Senate for a State they’ve not lived in until they decided to run for elective office.

And what makes him qualified?

I’d say its NOT his down to earth directness or honesty with people he’ll represent. No. I believe his show was cancelled and he thought “ i guess ill have to run for office after I make a sauce for my crud Ite’. “

I assure you he doesn’t have even an iota of knowledge or experience for political activity .

There is also MTG who has endeared herself to all of America by expressing her vicious and lying messages , inclusive of following and harassing a young man who believes in keeping children safe from almost certain massacres. We know that these can be prevented.

Every-time a law gets passed restricting the use of weapons of war for personal anger work by individuals , we see the shooting deaths decrease significantly.

The GOP belief that everyone should have a lethal weapon , in case something really pisses them off, is attributed to direct misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment

This by choosing to ignore salient and sage reasoning spelled out in the Amendment.

However , we cannot expect them to read the fine print.

Lets do better this time .

Democrats need to show up in droves to vote . Republicans have done everything they can to make only their GOP votes count, we must overpower and overrule their grandiose ambitions to deny Democrats their rights . No more .

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"We shall overcome!", "Power to the people!", and "The people united-shall never be defeated!" all came to mind when reading this Report.

Thom keeps putting together a brilliant through-line of the agenda and those who are steering it. Injustice should be exposed, and it's well past the time to expose the perpetrators. That is the ethos of a 21st Century with an internet. I love it, warts and all.

America finally becoming We The People scares the hell out of the rich and the Republicans. It goes against the idea that they are rugged individuals and their pocketbooks. Tough talk thrills them until they hear it from the left. We can do tough, and we do it even better when we do it TOGETHER.

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Although this comment deals with slavery and race that is not the point I want to make. You have to ask yourself why the plantation owners and landholders bought and imported slave to work their property. It is simple they did not want to pay white immigrants or white Americans of that day to do the work. In that day a black slave was worth more than a white immigrant who expected to get paid for his work. Like the billionaire class of today they want something for nothing and that's the only thing that's acceptable.

So many times, through history this ideology has become more evident recently from 2005 2008 when men and women were coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq and needed jobs as many as 6 million skilled labor job with healthcare and retirement plans were being outsourced by the Bush administration and the Republican Party. They are not willing to pay white Americans white patriotic Americans who do their bidding overseas a living wage. Michael G Cassidy I think you're right. Race was a deciding factor

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In Tsarist Russia the nobility were about 1.5 % of the population. Middle class Dr's, lawyers merchant's, bureaucrats made up about 13%. Serfs and free peasants made up the rest.

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What's your source for those numbers? Got a link?

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Wish I did. I read them so long ago I cannot remember where. When I get near a computer I will try to find it again. It was related to the 1% in America.

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This is a better breakdown than the one I had

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