Trump seems to be more Putin’s useful idiot than anything else. I’m sure he has given Putin information that would be very helpful to Putin and very damaging to us for Putin to have it. I think he has also disclosed information to the Saudis.

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FBI director James b Comey sabotaged Hillary's election more in my opinion than Putin. I think they are both guilty and almost all the other rich around the world. If Putin did not have so much oil and natural gas, the Russians and even the Saudis would be just another third world bankrupt nation. The right wing so-called leaders, have no clue on how to govern a civilized society with few resources. That includes our own GOP. The most damage Trump has done in my humble opinion, he has turned my neighbors into a bunch of violent fascist wannabes who gleefully will turn America into another third world failed capitalist Nation.

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Yes, Trump is a traitor and has been for a long time. In other breaking news, water is still wet, and sun continues to rise in the east.

Ethel Rosenberg was guilty of being married to Julius, who was guilty of liking her brother, David Greenglass, the real Moscow spy at Los Alamos, who cut a deal with the FBI to give them his sister and brother-in-law in return for letting him off for his actual treason.

There were no "Atomic secrets" once the news of the bomb actually working became known. Anyone with a college freshman physics book could read what had to be done to make a bomb. The only question was who had the resources to create the industrial base necessary to do the job.

And the Atomic bomb didn't end World War II. The day the Nagasaki bomb was dropped (after failing all the rules set for doing so, since the crew had the choice of either dropping on a radar ID or dropping it in the ocean since they were so short of fuel they ran dry on the runway at Okinawa - so instead of dropping it on the Mitsubishi factory, they dropped it on the Urakami Catholic Church, the largest Christian church in Asia, built following the legalization of Christianity in Japan in the Meiji Restoration; Nagasaki had been the most anti-imperial city in Japan for 300 years, back to when the Shogunate destroyed Christianiaty in the 17th century) the Japanese War Cabinet paid no attention to the event, since they were worried about the real threat: the USSR had declared war that day, and had advanced 120 miles into Manchuria, since all the good units of the Kwantung Army had been transferred to Kyushu to meet the threatened American invasion. The reason Japan surrendered to us when they did was because they knew the Red Army would have been able to invade Hokkaido in September, where there were no defenses, and that the Soviets would have been in Tokyo before the US invaded Kyushu. Since they knew what had been done by the Soviets in Germany, they surrendered to us and then said "Yassuh, boss, that bomb was what done it," allowing them to play the role of "atomic victim" for the past 79 years while we have based our foreign and military power on a weapon no one who was sane could ever use

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This article is so frightening! And the people who should read it won’t. They’re too busy trying to trash Joe Biden.

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Thanks, Hartmann. I've been trying to assemble information on Trump's Russian involvement, and this a greatly detailed discussion.

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The Court system has allowed a great deal of freedom to a man who is apparently guilty of massive crimes against this Country . Take his passport. Stop treating him as special . Treat him like any other person who demonstrates this disregard for our National Security.

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It would be great to design a data analytics program that shows on a chart how someone like Matt taibbi creates not one but several right-wing narratives, puts them forth on right wing "libertarian" outlets and while he pretends to be aligned with the liberal readers of Rolling Stone.

Spent much time during pandemic reviewing podcasts and discerning how many supposedly liberal outlets that are very popular are putting out really bad garbage. Ezra Klein became popular and profitable at vox and went to nyt to do more lame distracting pretentious shows sbout very little substance but that sound intellectual. Perhaps the worst though is taibbi who is superficial, dumbed-down and cynical. On the law side there's folks like preet bharara who took time away from his values-free analysis of court cases to explain how "fascism" doesn't exist in America and never did. (Of course, old Preet never seem to feel the need to read any Pulitzer Prize winning books about the most important aspects of history!) Whew we have some really unsophisticated analyses in some of these shows!

We see a trend that continued and now is evidenced throughout big money media - more stories about republicans, more use of red color on tv, and more material that ties into their narratives.

There was an exchange involving Dan Goldman on Twitter, right after the Senate intelligence report was released by the committee headed by Rubio. The report had much more detail than the Mueller report about all of the campaign activities with Russian operatives, and when issued it was signed off by all of the republican as well as democratic members of the senate intelligence committee.

Chairman Rubio crassly put out a tweet stating that the report confirmed that there was "no collusion" and immediately Dan Goldman went on Twitter and informed the world that there was over 100 pages of collusion in that report (only evident if one were to actually read it) - all signed off by Rubio, inckuding details of how the confidential campaign data was sent to kilimnick.

With a background in US financial services law it was striking to me that from the very beginning people here, without any regulatory background, were not informed that all Russian money is dirty money under anti-money-laundering laws.

Of course, we've seen the real estate sector where the treasury departments rules did not adequately cover the use of real estate through shell companies to shelter dirty money in the United States, but the thing you have to remember is that even the Cayman Islands and other jurisdictions known for shady practices, have all kinds of rules that allow people in conforming jurisdictions to do legitimate anti-money laundering checks. Whereas Russia does not, and money that comes out of Russia can't be used to open financial accounts in the United States.

Another really basic point that you learn from reading the Senate intelligence report is that kilimnick and Manafort were in one business. It was a business of election interference in political manipulation.

So if Manafort as trumps campaign manager sends campaign data to his Russian spy, in Ukraine, and the only business they do there is to manipulate elections on behalf of Russian oligarchs and their funded political projects ,,,,, then what the heck do you think he sent the data there for? So much detail in the report. Remember that Manafort offered to work as trumps campaign chair for free, and that he also owned a trump tower apt.

I mean this really is just so basic that it it's just so striking and astounding what crass liars people like Matt Taibbi are - and you can see that his work just doesn't just extend to this topic but if it extends to anti-VAX and Covid-source China bashing in the mould of Tom cotton.

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From what I've read, Putin's father had a relationship with the KGB, and 12 year old Vladimir knew that was what he wanted to do for a career. He did it---became head of the organization. He was the spymaster. Now he is master of the spymaster, the oligarchs, and all Russians. Cross him and it's prison, poison, or assassination. Trump knows, hell everybody knows.

Trump has been surrounded by Russians and their money for decades. Nothing secret about any of it, so why has he lied about that? Simple answer is that he is a psychopath that creates his world in the minute. No one and nothing matters in the real world because he is not in it. He and Putin share that trait.

Don't believe what Thom has written? Try reading some more on these two. It tracks, and so do the resulting deaths. The Devil better watch out when they arrive.

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It all makes sense. All the lies and prevarications.

Rand Paul as lackey .

All the willingness by fellow Republicans to ok outrageous breaches and blame the Democrats.

All this time that the FBI and CIA were wringing their hands about what they thought might be happening.

Why could he not be stopped.

He has caused tremendous damage to the United States and the entire world.

He and Putin (joined at the hip )caused incredible evil acts to be routine.

He is a Traitor , no question.

Trump is to Putin as trump defenders and enablers are to Trump. All fearful about what happens if they don’t comply with their Evil Dictators.

Trump has threatened and tripped up people who disagreed w him.

No stone left unturned to promote and foist Authoritarianism on this Nation.

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Our national security agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI et al.) are not that dumb. In fact, they are quite smart and capable of staying 3-10 steps ahead of Trump et al. So, here's what's really been happening; our CIA, military has been feeding Trump a bunch of B.S. that looks and sounds real. Documents? Nothing that's really sensitive, Top Secret gets put on paper and certainly we didn't give Trump anything other than 'Calais' evidence. Those spies Trump 'burned'? We wanted to burn them. Trump has been our pawn for decades. And yes, he will pay the price, along with his posse and the rest of the Epstein Cabal. Biggest 'Sting' operation ever.

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A great synopsis of the key points!

We should remember that empires do not just cease to exist but fade out over genations. From what you have written, it is clear that that the USSR is still around but in a different form. We should not let our guard down. Any political party catering to the neo-Soviet interests should also be clearly called out!

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I've personally learned and shared a great deal from Thom over the years, really, since about 2004, and the Hartmann Report. There is so much I respect and admire about Thom's knowledge of American History and politics, and his ability to communicate it in a manner that likely connects with people from many backgrounds who choose to listen. I particularly liked, over the years, the 'Lunch with Bernie' segments.

However, I've got to question WHY this site persists with the Trump/Russia collusion narrative that has been proven to be an invention of the HRC campaign? Trump has been arrested because he clearly took the documents (as did President Biden and former VP Pence, and probably many others). Trump MAY have shared them with random unimportant others, and he refused to turn them over when repeatedly ordered to do so, allegedly. This emails asks, "But what if it goes beyond that? What if Putin has owned him for years? The narrative that says that Trump was collaborating in SOME way with Putin was invented by, ordered to be invented by Hillary Clinton. This is a fact.

I think that media that continue to pursue and amplify this narrative in the context of these accepted facts, including Thom, hurts their credibility.

How about focusing upon investigating the government lies and coverup of the pandemic origins?

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Not nearly as much as the echo chamber media that obsesses about the symptoms instead of the causes, resulting in an electorate that can tell misinformation from reality because they are fed the Trump reality show 24/7. The problem being what can we as citizens do about Trump? There is nothing actionable in the countless hours of commiserating about Trump's misdeeds and somehow tying them to Putin to provide cover for a rudderless Democratic Party. I am far more concerned about Biden selling a record number of weapons or war around the globe and particularly that almost 60% of these weapons went to autocracies. This is the greatest threat to democracy Thom, and it will do far more damage than even your and much of the media's insistence on giving Trump the gift of the spotlight that he craves.

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Sixty years ago I and many others were frightened by a movie, THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.

In 2016 I had the distinct sense that it was happening. Reading this article, I am more certain that it has come true.

Do we have a path to bringing this all to light, and taking action?

Or has the next Lee Harvey Oswald already been selected to solve the matter should 'the Donald' appear to be getting close to the White House, again?

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Sixty years ago I saw a movie that frightened me with the real possibility of a MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.

I had the distinct feeling in 2016 that I was seeing the nightmare come true.

Reading this, I am further convinced....

What is the path to launching a full court press on this matter? This cannot be handled in the dark.

Or has another Lee Harvey Oswald already been selected to take care of "the Donald" if he appears to be getting close to the White House again.

D. Laghezza

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In plain sight. Thanks for the reminders, and stuff I should have known by don’t remember . . . the program is to make so much crap happen that a functioning profitable society can’t even keep up with it.

And how much property and wealth does P and his criminal cadre own and control in the USA? My bet is that SCOTUS cases have made it next to impossible to know.

-- reading [ Senator ] Sheldon Whitehouse’s ‘The Scheme,’ tough going, every chapter enraging yet calmly factual . . . raging and snorting, b.rad

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