I am so tired, tired, tired of reading about Trumps Vengeance Train.

These are the people who belong in jail, along with their cowardly leader who is calling the filthy shots.

Donald Trump is such a crybaby, if anyone opposes him in any way, he sics his throng of vengeance monkeys on them.

The cruelty is the point.

And Merrick Garland , cowering before them , is useless.

This is how this country has become a caldron of simpering fear, because of one deranged man , appointed by Putin to be the Chief manipulator of the Justice Department and all of the federal institutions he is afraid of .

No wonder no charges were brought by the Justice Department for two years after he ( Donald Trump) attempted to overthrow the duly elected president by his well practiced lies. He’s lied about everything.

He was a lousy president, but a great liar in chief who even now continues his attacks on democracy on a daily basis.

He has done more for pushing hate in this country , than anything else.

He continues to be the best voice for fear mongering.

He’s violated every tenet of reasonable adherence to warnings by the judges

regarding the use of his hate speech intimidating witnesses and opponents of his slimy mob like behaviours.

Merrick Garland should step down .

He has totally aborted any reasonable attempts at quelling this madness.

And everyone is suffering because of it. .

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I’m sick of all the bull 💩about Hunter Biden. The guy has had a drug problem sndand is, has been, working his backside off to get and stay clean. Is this a reason to persecute him because nothing can be found on his father, our President?

I want to know where all of these Republicans were with all the dealings Trumps son-in-law m, Jarrod, and his daughter, whom were both working in the White House, and their dealings with Saudi Arabia? They’re still dealing with Saudi Arabia!

Why were these same bunch of Republicans raising pure hell, calling fir investigations, and all this other stuff they’re doing with Hunter Biden?

I would think that doing a couple multi-BILLION dollar deals with Saudi Arabia, while working for the United States government, under the behest of you dear father, or father-in-law, would call for some investigations!

If the Trumpublicans were as worried about the economy, the debt, the budget, the climate, the infrastructure, and everything else going on in this country, this country would be a lot better off. President Biden would’ve able to get things dive in Congress that needs to be done, starting with the budget!

Now, these clowns have been back one week from break. Not one thing has been accomplished in the House of Representatives to benefit the American people. Not one thing. Another week wasted! They have wasted 9 months in the House of Representatives by not accomplishing a damn thing. All they’ve done is nothing bit try to investigate President Biden, and every member of his family.

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This is the best reporting on the disgusting background to the politically motivated Hunter Biden indictment anywhere. Keep up the good work!

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What they have on H. Biden is chickenshit.

So far, all he has gotten out of being a Biden is excessive prosecution.

He is the ADULT son of the president, who has no actual control over him.

He is also a sad, fucked up addict.

How many American families have to deal with the same?

This extreme bullying permeates every corner of the MAGA world and is unleashed on every public outlet available to Democrats and Progressives.

I commented a few days ago on the public page of my governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham. The post was a tribute to the heroes of 9-11. I commented “Thank You Governor”. This unleashed a torrent of bile that would have scared me if there was any way at all for them to find my physical location.

Some of it was anti-Semitic, such as the reply saying “shut the fuck up, Big Nose bitch”.

Some was just full of hatred for any and all democrats. It bled over into my Facebook messages. A few suggested I kill myself. One hoped I would have a fatal heart attack with my family watching. I reported all of it and blocked them all without responding. Facebook says none of this violates their supposed “community standards”.

None of this is personal. They don’t know me. They just want to exterminate Jews and Democrats. This is how the holocaust started.

And they do it on every one of our public spaces.

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I’m so angry over this Hunter Biden and the day care that has become the House of Representatives and Feckless Quevin the director of dipshittyness. I want to know why Democrats are keeping their lips zipped. Not speaking up how the inexistent law that drug addicts cannot purchase guns, that Hunter is being charged with something that isn’t illegal scares the daylights out of me. If it’s for lying on a legal doc, how about Tuberville lying about where he lives and the same with TN Speaker of the House. Many Republicans seem to have the same issue of not knowing where home is.

Republicans not knowing where they live is incompetence, it’s also illegal but no one’s going after them for clearly breaking real laws. Why is that?

For Democrats to stay quiet and not making a peep referring to Jared and Ivanka Kushner and their ill begotten gains is every bit as cowardly as Donald Trump’s bone spurs.

Democrats, how are you allowing this to go unanswered? Open your mouths and start defending our laws. Hunter Biden is being railroaded to prison while the likes of Kyle Rittenhouse had broken no laws by planning to go to a demonstration where he singled out 2 people he felt he had the right to declare himself judge, jury and executioner. Fine, fine, that’s all fine, sure it was done all above board legally.

But the nonexistent law that checking a box stating you’re not addicted to drugs when you are is unenforceable since it was found to be an infringement on Americans 2nd A rights to keep drug addicts from purchasing guns.

I guess I could use the argument that all the democratic institutions in our country could scream from the rooftops that this has no standing in a court of law would be completely ignored by news outlets and mainstream media to report that Joe Biden is still old. But leaving Trump’s age and serious mental health/delusions of grandeur over shadowed by his complete lack of human dignity and that he’s nothing but a downright evil bastard cannot be discussed??

I’m so over Merrick Garland and his rolling over every time something might inadvertently, possibly, could have the appearance of being partisan. So he’ll just sit here with his thumbs up his backside appearing to have never seen the inside of a courtroom.

Enough is enough. Democrats, start demanding answers. I know I want to know why the DOJ seems to be hellbent on shredding Americans rights and letting made up charges stand , and this isn’t the first time.

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We are in a crisis of a lack of critical thinking in this country brought on by years of simplistic right wing gaslighting. The hate machines of the right leaning “news” media from Limbaugh (sorry good riddance), Beck, Huckabee, “Faux Snooze”, have produced mind melted inbred morons who have nothing but hate directed towards anything or anyone they fear, perceive as different or don’t understand facts and reality. Unfortunately some of these low information cretins have somehow been elected to office. These evil cretinous people in power are hell- bent on forcing their fascist conspiracy fueled ideology on the rest of us by electing a mob boss rapist/ traitor criminal for president and still worshiping him as the answer to all their grievances. Also unfortunately many in the military and law enforcement believe in that same ideology. It’s now coming out that the DOJ were very aware of Jan 6 militias’ involvement but because they were considered “good ole boys “and “patriotic” participants the intel was waved off. And of course we know tRump installed his “yes” men and women in core government positions to overlook his criming. Someday this horrific tRump right wing episode as well as the corruption of the Republican Party from Reagan to the present will be documented in all its dirty and dark political shenanigans, hopefully as an indictment of the rot and corruption of excessive dark money in our political system.

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Thom, I've been meaning to ask you for several months: Where are the millionaire/billionaire democrat club? I thought there is one?? They never created a radio station to stand up to Fox et al? But, they could between 10 of them donate a huge amount to Free Speech TV or even more if a few more of them donated???? Biden is too much of a good guy as he should of gotten rid of all the Trump appointees and had a Special Council to investigate Jared and Ivanka. What have the dems learned over the last three decades? Clinton so called scandals of the 90's and only got him on a lie about mutual consent and John Kerry in 2000's, then Obama birth place, Hillary Clinton again, and now Biden.

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So Hunter is being treated like a black man or a poor man. Selective treatment is not Justice.

You don't have to push the d o j very hard to fold when most of them are Trump sympathizers and democracy hating fascists themselves including Merrick Garland.

I have observed over time that all of the religious theocratic Nations are third world. Apparently, the trickle down theory doesn't work, somebody needs to tell the right wing airheads, the truth, but religious people are religious because they can't handle the truth. Raising the minimum wage has helped fund social security and can get us out of deficit spending that the Republicans have caused by obstruction and tax cuts for the wealthy, unfunded wars, bank bailouts and Trump grafting. With the price of oil going up thanks to Russia and Saudi Arabia, there will be inflation, caused by the right wingers. Also with global warming and floods and droughts there will be food shortages in the future which will cause inflation, caused by the right wingers. If that is not bad enough, supply chain disruptions will happen due to greed and that will cause inflation. The GOP billionaires want to blame inflation on Biden and on the minimum wage, which is the only thing keeping America going right now. While they own it.

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Everyday the assault on democracy continues and those we have elected fail to address these issues plus the ongoing COVID spread. We have elected officials encouraging no masks no vaccines which affects the health of all. They caved in to no masks. These are GOP and can be viewed as failure. This can be prevented but this administration fails to be bold.

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Biden is the author of his own problems. He appointed a right winger to Attorney General, and that right winger Attorney General Merrick B. Garland appointed U.S. Attorney David Weiss to serve as Special Counsel for the ongoing investigation and prosecutions referenced and described in United States v. Robert Hunter Biden, as well as for any other matters that arose or may arise from that investigation https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/appointment-special-counsel-2#:~:text=Attorney%20General%20Merrick%20B.%20Garland,may%20arise%20from%20that%20investigation.

Also Biden had a chance to expunge all of the Trump humpers from DOJ, DOD, NHS, NSA, etc

by using Trump's EO 13957 that created Schedule F civil servants, who then replaced protected civil servants, but in service to his bipartisan ideology of compromising and losing, he revoked it with EO 14003, on his first day in office, thus tying his hand behind his back. He could have used Trump's EO to rid DOJ, etc of Trump humpers, but his failure resulted in Trump humping Weiss chasing after Hunter.

He has only himself to blame, and if this leads to a Trump presidency, then we will all suffer, including the Trump humpers.

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Sounds to me as though Paul Dans and Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 is already hard at work.

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I shudder to think how deeply embedded fascist cult members there may actually be throughout the federal government. A full inventory of the damage done (by 45 et al) may never be completed. As Milton Mayer wrote, I paraphrase, physically, the forms of the nation are the same, but the spirit is changed. "Now you live in a world of hate and fear ..."

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They have criminalized addiction and are allowing insurrection by the right daily. If we were prosecuting the actual criminals instead of wasting countless resources on Hunter we could move on to actual problems like climate change, tax reform. But know we are exhausted with false Hunter Biden scenarios..... Ridiculous!

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Sep 15·edited Sep 15


If you read Smith's DC indictment you will see that the DOJ under Merrick Garland included a summary of how the DOJ itself had been compromised and weaponized under Trump to start investigating (or reporting that it was investigating) Giuliani and Trump's false allegations about voting fraud during the election. This important component of one of the most important legal cases in US history isnt even discussed in our media, and its hard to imagine that such information about the DOJ at large could be included in an indictment without Garland's input. THIS should be in the media more than anything about Hunter.

But information about how Merrick Garland does things that heroically support our democracy, and how that now supports Smith's ability to prosecute and convict these criminals...

simply just don't cut it around here, because it may contradict with the lazy, unsupported narratives about how (in the words of such legal "experts" as CNN's Brianna Keilar) Garland "dithered." Or, alternatively perhaps, the host of the "number one progressive radio show" just doesnt have an hour or so to read and assess the indictment that the prosecutors say "everyone should read" - that's seemingly the case, because no aspect of the indictments has really even been referenced in the Hartmann report - something that it perhaps shares with Fox News.

While it may seem real nice to have more stories about dithering, for this type of lazy media coverage all you need is CNN or twitter :


And we know that republicans must have stories like this to distract and deceive people so they dont focus on the extensive criminality of the trump horde being prosecuted for extensive crimes. And republicans win when this takes priority over the real criminal cases, as it does here today.

In contrast, there are a host of legal radio / podcast shows hosted by real legal experts like GLenn Kirschner who on a daily basis shred these stupid narratives and explain the real world of criminal prosecution.

To be more specific about how lacking these lazy Garland memes are, ask whether the DOJ has an enforcement manual and related policies, and ask whether - in a politically charged and politically risky environment, where the House is now controlled by republicans - its smart and appropriuate for Garland (at every step) to ensure that DOJ is following its standard policiesd and procedures without political bias.

This is such a basic point and its so lost here. Listen to or read ANY of the reputable legal experts to see how magnificently this DOJ has handled the Trump election and documents cases, and what heros both Garland and Smith are. Even fellow progressive radio host Dean Obeidallah takes Thom to school about this, saying recently that the public fails to recognize how much personal and professional risk these members of the DOJ are subjecting themselves to.

Yesterday's article was basically a "mockery of a travesty of a mockery of two travesties of a sham" (in the words of Woody Allen's character, on trial in "Bananas"), and today's isnt much better, as the Hartmann reports continues to ignore the essential aspects of the indictments and prosecutions of perhaps the most important legal cases since the civil war.

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This is so outrageous!! The GOP has rigged everything! Even your vote can be easily taken away by many tricks they have pulled.

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I too have said that what is going on reminds me of when the Nazis were rising to power. It has been clear since at least 2020 that Republicans are afraid of violence to their family from Trump incited vigilantes, and the White Supremacist militia and mobs. Prof Kathleen Belew details in her book Bring the War Home: White Power Movement and Para military America the ways that this group has been operating since right after the Vietnam War. Trump is the new proxy leader. Representatives Cheney (who then lost) and Kinzinger (who already was stepping down) were the only two Republicans brave enough to stand up to this vicious mob and be on the January 6 Committee. Kinzinger was moved by his beliefs as a Christian to do what was right. He also received threats to his family, and as far as I can see was basically driven out. I am glad that protection is being offered, but the people behind this should be in bars. The USA should follow what IL is doing, which is to use no cash bail. If you pose a danger you are locked up, and otherwise you are out without bail. There are so many Republicans and Republican supporters who should be behind bars because Fani Willis has rightfully defined their behavior as violating the RICO act. This is not democracy and has no place in the USA!

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