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What will it take to DE-Program these people who believe the Fox so called news lies. I must say your great lawyer guest on your program today said it best. I think we need to see Trump die in jail for us not to have any others who would see this as a sign for what happens to people who should have been charged with Treason for real. We need to make an example out of Trump in order to make people know this will be the price you pay for trying to keep the peoples vote and not count them. Lock him up! Dean Obeidallah is a very smart man. I love your program Thom, knowledge is power. Democracy never stops or sleeps my proven Revolutionary, I know this to be true thanks to your mom. I thank her for looking up your lineage and the other great Revolutionaries that you are part of. I thank her for that. Always doing the right thing because it was just well right to do in the first place. I’m just happy that you really are a proven Revolutionary Thom. We have work to do for the freedom we all value so then this is a battle well worth doing for democracy. We have it in our power to begin the world over again. This is something that can happen when we shout loudly to the fossil fuel industry enough already we must stop this overwhelming crisis for our children and their children as well. We can do something, to make this better and action must be taken now! Hamilton Paine Hartmann great mind’s for these more than complicated times. Love Peace Freedom Justice ask me agin I’ll tell you the same justice. Demo’s. Absolutely No Nukes! I did know that Batman Lives! We the People need you Batman. I new you you were real.

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