Every day there’s a new documentary released highlighting serial killers, wife/husband killers, etc. People watch Dateline and other shows about these murderers and think those are the worst and most crimes committed.

I would love to see documentaries on each and every one of these greedy corporations. The ones that supported the Nazis, the ones that received huge government grants for land or funding to start their businesses (in other words that awful socialism they cry about constantly), the ones that pay off Republican politicians to do their bidding, and the ones that commit murder by greed and negligence.

Those I would definitely pay to see.

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I guess Citizens United only applies to one aspect of the law, eh? How convenient.

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Thom points out clearly that there's two types of justice in the U.S. You look at me; I look at you; we all know the truth of this, so why does it continue? Why isn't it being presented for all to do something about? Why is Michael Cohen still elucidating, after 3 years of speaking about this, DJT's guilt -- why does Donald Trump continue to remain unindicted? Why did two top prosecutors for the Manhattan D.A.'s office resign in disgust? Are you telling me there's no trace of the money, bribes and corruption that's keeping this in limbo? As many have pointed out, if you or I did what Trump has done for many years, we'd be in jail right now.

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All of these LieLaws passed over the years by the monied and powerful

have and are killing people daily. We know this and we know who’s doing it and they are protected by our system.

Although most of the time to avoid impotent noteriety, no one says much . “Thats just the way it is. “

How much does that overused phrase cost us?

I for one think its time to go against the odds and make a damn lot of noise about it.

These ‘powers that be’ have told us for hundreds of years how little we matter.

And we’ve accepted it.

We’ve just accepted that if ‘I’m not one of the wealthiest Americans , i should just roll over. ‘

So now comes the hard part . What can we do.

First we should do everything we can to make this visible.

We should storm the voting process and pressure as much as we need to, the people who make the laws that allow us our right to vote .

I know money’s the issue, and they’ve got more.

Some of this chronic American corruption is just as bad or worse than whats happening in other countries.

I think as uncomfortable as it may be , we need to demonstrate on every level .

That were not ‘going along to get along’ anymore .

All of this ‘easier said than done ‘stuff requires us to organize from the ground up even if its tedious and

unrewarding and long, long , long.

Action is required in small groups in neighborhoods in Universities and Soup Kitchens . People need to start talking about how we can do it .

It is and will be tedious but its better , even if nothing changes to acknowledge that we see it and we continue to oppose it .

No matter how we look at it . Its Massive Corruption that our government sanctions.

Thank you , Thom, for continuing to drag the garbage out of the closet for all to see.

No more covering up our eyes.

Make it loud whether it works or not .

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Thank you for collecting and writing about this particular crime! We need to get off our butts and get the law that protects these mega-criminals repealed, overturned, gotten rid of so we can really stop the carnage.

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You would think that keeping your customers and employees alive would be a good business model. Not so in this greedy country. The cost/benefit ratio will rule forever if we do not regulate and legislate.

I would prefer jail sentences over fines. No money can replace your loved ones. They just passed a huge defense bill, yet the Republicans refuse to keep us safe from corporate predators.

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People are behind all the decisions that are made for the corporations. The people must be held accountable. Laws must be changed if we are to have justice.

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The lack of criminal prosecution of so-called white-collar criminals has become alarmingly across the developing world-not just in the US. This is probably a definitive indication that the community of regular human beings have become so manipulated and controlled by the fine-tuned legislative initiatives global corporations have been able to buy with their lobbyists and their low tax rates since the 1960s. https://www.zippia.com/advice/white-collar-crime-statistics/

It is incomprehensible how ignorant and lazy we have all been in the last 40-50 years while our life-time legislators have collected their pensions, health insurance and CEO-level incomes and dutifully signed off on legislation and appointments they knew would create a 2-tier system of justice in the world: 1. A Go Free card for any 'paper-based' crime and a 2, Go to Jail for all other lawless behavior.

Until we have enough gumption to stop voting for incumbent legislators, period, the corporate money always gets a Go Free Card.

For those who have been part of a giant ecological disaster such as the Exxon Valdez, Unocal DeepWater Amoco Cadiz it is beyond the bizarre that none of these corporations were dissolved, with a permanent loss of their corporate charters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amoco_CadizExxon valdez

and https://www.history.com/topics/1980s/exxon-valdez-oil-spill and https://www.britannica.com/event/Deepwater-Horizon-oil-spill.

Mr. Hartman's citation that Mr. Trump will never see a day of jail for his multiple tax evasion crimes, and that millions of voters will find him trustworthy enough to be president of America is equally troubling. But, to be fair, so is it beyond the pale that we allowed global pharmaceuticals to crash, or reset, the entire world's economies based on profit based research that was never tested with much scientific inquiry. https://knowablemagazine.org/article/society/2020/how-should-we-punish-criminal-corporations and https://nathanshedroff.medium.com/should-corporations-go-to-jail-1caca1a59975

Our children and young people must think we are, either imbeciles, or on not-very-smart drugs.

Mr. Hartman's analysis should be required part of post-graduate courses for all attorneys, future judges and legislators - as well as all high school civics classes.

Mr. Hartman citation:

If you live in New York State and lie to that government about your income to reduce your taxes, you go to prison. If you’re criminally convicted of 17 counts of such lies — such tax fraud — you could spend a long time in prison.

But The Trump Organization, a New York corporation that was just convicted of 17 criminal counts of tax fraud, not only won’t “go to jail” but also won’t even be dissolved for its crimes.

Instead, it’ll pay a maximum $1.6 million fine that represents less money than just one of Trump’s several-criminally-implicated employees and relatives made off with by the company committing their fraud for the past 15 years.

When the senior executives of California’s private for-profit power utility PG&E made the very intentional decision to move cash into their own pockets through bonuses and dividends instead of making their power lines resilient enough to withstand severe winds, they also made the decision to let people die.

And, sure enough, PG&E pleaded guilty to those 84 killings for the 2018 Camp Fire caused by the failure of those very high-tension lines. The judge forced the CEO, Bill Johnson, to come to court to enter his company’s guilty plea to those deaths and say, “Guilty, your honor” 84 times. But neither he nor any executives at the company spent a single day in jail. Instead, the multi-billion-dollar company paid $3.5 million in fines.

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Funny that corporations aren't mentioned anywhere in the Constitution, but the courts have granted them human rights.

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If an employee was causing that much harm to a company, they can easily fire them, but if the company themselves are causing harm to their own customers, then they believe they should be able to continue doing so. Oooh, can’t you just smell that hypocrisy a mile away?

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The "Report" references several men who are in prison for murdering their wives for insurance money.

Question: If one of them had hired a clever attorney, a Roy Cohen for example, and first formed a family corporation, then, as corporate executive, hired an hit-man to murder his wife, avoid being personally charged with murder since legally it was the corporation--not the executive which carried out the deed?

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Dec 8, 2022·edited Dec 8, 2022

Who were Ivana Trump's benefiaries?

And what was their grand total benefit?

Fell down the stairs?

Yeah. Right.

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