Just say it: FALSE RELIGION!

That’s the truly evil seed planted in the fertile minds of innocent children throughout America’s Bible Belt for generations. It has flowered into a poisonous tree with deep roots fertilized by the ruined lives of untold millions lost to history. False religion defines conservative politics. Now is the time for all good “baby-killing, Satanic” liberals to come to the aid of their country and set the record straight.

The public face of Republican “conservatism” — an euphemistic label with no underlying reality in practice — has shifted over the decades from huge secular lies about economics to enrich and empower the already rich and powerful to huge lies about God and “His” people to justify the unjust and to lend ultimate credence to their economic mass delusion and resulting mass disparity. False religion is not only at the core of rabid Republicans’ hopelessly entrenched and hypocritical thought patterns, it IS the core.

It always has been. Now, they’re playing the endgame — the overall strategy culminating in checkmate. They’re no longer hiding their flame. Their intention is crystal clear: theology trumps democracy every time (pun intended).

When will Democratic leadership, and their prissy base of elites and intellectuals afraid to get their hands dirty in the real world, finally display such clarity? Call these lying bastards out for what they are: heathens, heretics, and hypocrites! Don’t get hung up arguing the dogma and doctrine of religion — a hopeless endeavor with 7.9 billion interpretations. Instead, expose their aberrant behavior inconsistent with their stated principles. Shout it from the rooftops if you can’t break through corporate media! Don’t worry about the expected indignation and rending of garments by radical extremists. That’s good. Enjoy it. Sometimes, the truth is supposed to hurt.

To Republican leadership trying to corral a wild base of untethered radical Christianists who hate on others, the Sermon on the Mount is a dangerous thing. So hit ‘em where it counts, where they live — the core teachings of Jesus Christ rather than Tucker Carlson. https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/sermon-on-mount_bible/

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Heads up for Conor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic: "20 Bold Takes on the Roe Draft Opinion." May 4. My long-time outrage is on the injustice aspect of all Prohibitions, (long story short, it doesn't Prohibit you much if you got moulah.) Recognition in study cited by Friedersdorf, by Caitlin Knowles Myers, estimating "surprisingly modest" actual reduction in abortions, post Roe, but: “A post-Roe United States isn’t one in which abortion isn’t legal at all,” Myers observed in an interview with The New York Times. “It’s one in which there’s tremendous inequality in abortion access.” Already got that picture: hate it so much.

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Griswold is the linchpin for unenumerated Constitutional rights. Once the pin comes out, the rights will fall.

It would be helpful for a peaceful future if we, as a nation, would stop bouncing from liberal to reactionary every eight years or so. The good that liberals do is soon wiped out and more when the fascists are given power.

No doubt, if the Republicans take power they will do what fascists always do, start a war. And, as history shows us, the war always leads to their downfall, at least temporarily, about 80 years.

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I see in the Stack you referenced Chuck Schumer's big bad threat to actually call a vote. Hell freezing ring a bell? Anybody wanna put some money on the table?

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Thankyou, thankyou for getting into the inadequacy of the label "conservative." There's a parallel crisis with the identification "Republican." Once somebody or some morally offensive, hateful policy is categorized "conservative" or "republican, it sounds like ho-hum, same old two sides to everything, and we are so far past that.

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Roger Stone, 2002

Back in the spring of 2002 I overheard a part of a presentation made by Roger Stone to a group of about 40 business/finance/industry leaders on a patio in Bethesda, Maryland. For a brief time, I was a "fly on the wall."

Mr. Stone was being introduced when I entered the patio. A set of tables and chairs had been set out in a square. Every seat was taken, all men, so I stood as discreetly as possible at or near the doorway. This may have worked for me as the fly because the eyes in the room were fixed on Mr. Stone.

I did not take notes; however, I have replayed the words I heard many times in my mind, and will do my best to share what I heard said that day.

"It is good to be here. I do not know all of you, but I have worked with three of you (I cannot recall their names) in the past and know you are in good company if you are in touch with them. I understand you are here for a family event (a shower was being held) and that all of you are proud of yourselves, and your families, including the family members who may have already passed.

"Now, when you look back, one of your ancestors decided to come to this country for the opportunities that a life in America could bring to them. When they arrived, they worked hard. They were successful. And they passed along their wealth to you. And you have worked hard. And you have been successful. And, when you fulfilled your ancestor's dreams, when you made your money, one thought you may have had is that you should be able to keep the money you made!!!

"I agree with you. Fully agree. America has given you an opportunity for wealth and you are entitled to hold on to what has come to you.

"But, there is one thing that bothers me today. I get mad every time they write a bill that BAM (his fist hit the table) gives money to the kids for their lunches. I get mad when they pass legislation that BAM sends money for after school programs. That's my money they are getting. That's your money, too. And I get mad when they BAM supply their mothers with funds for housing, or BAM groceries, or BAM school supplies.

"Why should our money go to them? I cannot help but wonder about how these women are getting pregnant. Shouldn't their men be in prison? But no, they have found a way to keep coming after us, to keep their hands out, to keep asking for more from you for them. Something about this situation is terribly unfair for every one of us here today."

I had heard all this while I was standing in the doorway. I had begun my time in that entryway looking for a place to sit, but had become more uncomfortable as time passed. My views of life's opportunities for American citizens (liberty, justice, freedom) differed dramatically from what I had just heard. And Mr. Stone was still talking.

"You and I can change this!!! If we work together we can cut America's gift givers away from their position of power. We can take the presidency and keep it. We can set up the presidency to be ours and ours alone. All we have to do is win the presidency once! and, hold on to it!

"We have help. I have just been to Colorado Springs. I visited with the leaders of Focus on the Family. They will help us. All we have to do is to BE AGAINST ABORTION! And, we can do that! With their help, America will stop giving your and my money to welfare moms and the rest of the folks who come with their hands out to the government.

"Now, as I look around the room, I can see a bit of skepticism. You know there is a presidential election every four years and it could go either way at any time. We might gain the presidency and then lose it. If you think this is the case, I can understand that. That's the way it's been, the way it has always been.

"But, there are some intriguing little wrinkles in our American system, and I have studied them very carefully. While you may think that this system only operates one way, there are things we can do--before and after an election--that could be used to keep a president that you want in office!!!

"And I'm going to tell you about a few of them right now."

This was the point that I decided I had heard enough. I left the room then and missed the "before and after the election" proposals put forward by Mr. Stone.

Perhaps the Jan. 6 committee already knows that the seeds of a presidential takeover were discussed many years ago, but perhaps not. I have trusted in their ability to take care of their investigation. And, I have felt no need to share my story prior to this time. But this changed last week.

I am a proud American. I love our country, and have lived a life filled with gratitude for the freedom, liberty, and justice available to all. This includes the right of all women to make their own health care decisions. And, from what I can see, once this right to a choice is taken away, many of the other "rights" now available to our citizens could just easily be denied.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this. Wishing you well.

Live Loving; Love Living

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