Dear God .

Save us from ourselves. Save us from Gas and Oil corporations who buy off Republicans ( they know who they are)

Save us from the Supreme Court six who know better but refuse to loose the perks of their appointments.

Save us from Donald Trump who continually distracts us from whats important by his made up song of victimhood.

Lock him up.

Save us from our desire to avoid upsetting wealthy Oil and Gas producers Save us from allowing us to be destroyed, in the name of the false god of money . Save us from our legislative representatives .

Those that have made it their sworn duty to protect their sources of bribe money . Instead of protecting us. Save us from the would be murderers of ‘ WOKE’

We need WOKE more than ever.

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4.4 billion humans live in poverty on Earth. 71% of the population. If there was a strong middle class, there would be a much stronger desire to save the planet. But people who are tortured every day don't care who they vote for or the environment. The billionaire globalist deep state tyrants have taken advantage of that fact in order to push their fossil fuels. Apathy is a killer. This is what happens when you let greedy sociopaths lead while most of the sheep believe in the supernatural religions.

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Thoughtful comment.

A couple of thoughts, the first is silly (maybe) There was a 1996 Movie The Arrival. It is about aliens disguised as humans,, who have a plant to pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, to warm the planet because their species requires a hotter biosphere than the earth provided


More seriously. The CEO's and plutocrats that own the oil companies, are not idiots, Exxon Mobil conducted a study in 1974, and they knew then what affect fossil fuel would have on the planet, never the less they forged ahead, destroying the very thing that gives them life.. Gaia.

It is apparent they live in the now, addicted to wealth and power, Reminiscent of Lenin's statement about announcing to hang all capitalists, and they will line up to sell the rope.

But there is a darker possibility, they are in a rush to acquire as much money as they can, before the end of the anthropgene. They know it is coming, and know more than us, so they are using their wealth to built, what they think are safe houses, and stock them with everything they need, probably their own private security.

Such safe houses would have to be built in the mountains, far beyond the reach of a global ocean rise of 197 ft (which would be if the antarctic ice were to melt. We experienced no significant rise with the melting o arctic ice, because the arctic ice already displaced the water, like a melting ice cube does not raise the water level in a glass.

Fools, with civilization wiped out, there will be no way to replenish supplies, especially food, no spare parts, no fossil fuel for the generators., wind turbines and solar arrays, which they can afford, but even those have maintenance requirements.

Which is worse to die immediately in a car crash, or survive the crash, until to be hooked up to machines and catheters while you slowly die?f To have your head severed by an ax or to be thrown in an obuliette . The word means forgotten, and people thrown in the obuliette were

never retrieved. One such, had sharpened stakes in the bottom on which people were impaled and when excavated contained 150 skeletons.

If you have enough money, you are like a child to late 20's (maybe even older) you think that you are immortal and that money can buy anything including immortality.

There is also the attitude evinced by two senators when questioned if they care about their legacy. There response was" Why should I, I'll be dead".

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Along with Trump, fossil fuel execs and their bribed legislators, need to be silenced and sequestered from humanity; Exxon has been in court for years, but our legal system has proven to be no match for their money.

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Yes and Exxon Mobil conducted it's own study in 1974, predicting the consequence of fossil fuel, and yet the CEO's and boards don't care, They are addicts, and don't care about the future because they don't believe that they will suffer the consequences

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I have watched that movie about four times. The movie is a lot better than it gets credit for. I hope Claudia is being sarcastic cuz I live in Arizona, rural Arizona that is.

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You must be a rare species in Arizona :) Is Arizona a right wing haven chock full of Mormons?

My son teaches college in Phoenix, his daughter just moved to Champaign, Illinois on a Fellowship, along with her husband and my bisnieto.

She's glad that she isn't living in Arizona anymore, never the less the temperature is 90 degrees and the humidity is like 70%. Thankfully she has central air.

My wife just told me that the temperature in the Atlantic coastal waters is 90 degrees and killing coral, which is the very bottom of the oceans ecosphere, with coral dying off, there will be die offs of fish as it works its way up the food chain. I imagine the war,m waters are causing massive fish die offs. Sharks need warm water, the Florida beeches must be swarming with sharks.

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Not many Mormons around here. We got an over abundance of Confederate cowboys though. Biden must be very bad if he's only about 2% ahead in the polls. All the while DeSatanist denies global warming.

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Laughing Out Loud.

My wishes for Rhonda Santis, include him taking a long swim in the 100 degrees f in the Florida waters, accompanied by a battalion of sharks.

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That's why we have a huge voucher program in AZ. now. To "teach" kids about science. I hear Charlie Kirk's doing a great job over on the west side at Dream City church.

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You left off the sarcasm tag, or were you serious.

Charles J. Kirk (born October 14, 1993[1][2]) is an American conservative activist and radio talk show host. He founded Turning Point USA with Bill Montgomery in 2012, and has served as its executive director since. He is the CEO of Turning Point Action, Students for Trump, and Turning Point Academy, Turning Point Faith, president of Turning Point Endowment, and a member of the Council for National Policy. Kirk has authored four books.

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I live in AZ. which will be spending 900 million next year on vouchers for "private schools" which have no rules about what they teach. Kirks school in west Phoenix is an anti-science christian nationalist school and AZ. is at the forefront of the public education battle. I might joke but I'm deadly serious about the threats. Koch money has been here a long time.

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Yes! And thank you for doing a 'deep dive' on this. Speaking of dives, last night PBS Newshour had a scientist on from NOAA/Virginia Key in FL, lovely young woman (brilliant too, of course), who studies and dives the FL coral reefs every day. The bleaching is massive; this beautiful young person had such a look of fear in her eyes. She knows.... My son and his wife have done environmental GIS work and other studies for NASA; they know that we are out of time. Finally, please post the Democrats $# from fossil fuel industries too; they are just as bad. How many times now has Biden thrown us a bone by declaring a National Monument, while approving drilling in AK and a new pipeline in WVA? Plenty. I think they all want a 'Ravens Rock' ride on the space ship/boat ...whatever. Another great movie to watch, 'Don't Look Up' ; the end of the world climate allegory; chilling.

Native American

"Let us put our minds together as one."

--Irving Powless, Sr., ONONDAGA

If we sat in a circle and put an object in the center of the circle and we all described what we saw, everyone would see different points of views from each other. Some would even see opposites because they would be sitting on opposite sides of the circle. In other words, you don't have to see what I see for you to be right. In fact, everyone in the circle is right based on their own point of view. If we are willing to listen to everyone's point of view, then we can get a more accurate description of the object in the center. This is one way to put our minds together. When we get the clarity from each other, we should give thanks and be grateful to each other.

Grandfathers from the four directions, guide me today with Your wisdom from the east, from the south, from the west and from the north.

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This was very well said as always, Thom. And it is not just methane in the oceans; huge amounts of it are trapped in the Arctic tundra's soils. The warming of the northernmost parts of the planet could release a lot of that, creating another positive feedback effect since as you know this gas is a far more potent greenhouse agent than carbon dioxide.

Unfortunately though, here in America the public reaction to these hard facts is too often like many had to COVID: Deny, deflect and question. Given how poorly many Americans are educated in science; wishful thinking and fantasy are easier and more enjoyable than the hard work of learning and working with a universe that has definite laws and limits. And that is especially true if people are told that those limits will interfere with their standard of living.

So it is no surprise that there is great popular interest in things like ghosts, alien visitors, and vast conspiracy theories. Sound bites and simplistic answers to complicated questions are the norm. In such an environment inciters like Trump or DeSantis, who appeal to emotion rather than logic, will do very well. After all, blaming "scientists" or those of us who are "woke" as threats is far easier than biting the hand that feeds you. And this is especially true if one is a scientific illiterate to begin with.

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Jul 27, 2023Liked by Thom Hartmann

Writing this from a heat wave in Iowa...

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61,000 Europeans DIED in Heat Dome last summer..D I E D..I was there, swooned twice...what will it take?🥵🥵😭😭😭🌍

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I fear that the warming and its consequences have put us in a position to do little more than rearranging the deck chairs.

We have always carried around the seeds of our own destruction, but the "Reagan Revolution" represents the most significant cultivation of them in my lifetime (nearly 80 years).

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Bravo, you got that right. Also, we need good science education in our schools so our youth will understand the scientifically verified processes that determine our climate. Some years ago (2007), I was teaching HS Earth Science. I attended the NSTA (National Science Teachers Association) annual conference. It was huge, thousands of educators and scientists converged. A number of NASA scientists attended, as well, as they have a keen interest in educating our youth. I was impressed as the George W Bush administration was monkeying around with NASA and NOAA, but their scientists weren't muzzled at that event. Almost every session I attended featured their concerns with the absence of good Earth Science instruction and the need to beef it up. Now, we have stripped even more Earth Science, as a high school class, away under the assumption that earth science topics will be integrated into biology, chemistry and physics classes in H.S. My earth science class is largely gone. I taught, to a level of basic understanding, the cycles that drive our climate. I recall a NASA scientist mentioning that only something like 17% of our high school students, at that time, were getting this vital education across the U.S. If you learn the science to a basic degree of understanding, then the scenarios make sense. If you do not, if you keep your head in the sand, we are doomed. Just last week, my spouse was on a Zoom with people who dragged out the weary and worn argument that changes in our Sun are driving this climate trend. My naive answer to that is simply: we have solar observatories all over the world. Solar astronomers take daily data on our Sun's activity. If our Sun was warming to that extent, their data would demonstrate it. Golly, we have been taking solar data with solar telescopes for well over 100 years. But, I ramble. Thanks for the essay. Maybe a few more years of this crisis will wake up more folks, but if the gun crisis in this country is any indicator of our politics, we may continue to wait as the crises deepen. I guess human lives can't compete with profits..

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Jul 27, 2023·edited Jul 27, 2023

Human lives can't compete with profits, because humans live in the now. How many people with families have life insurance or have written a will. Damn few.

I went to school in the 1950's and there was no such idea of global warming or climate change.

The problem did not surface until the late 60's and early 70's when Chaarles A. Recih wrote the Greening of America in 1972. At that time campus communists were gloating that they have a plan to destroy capitalism..the environment, and the plan played into the hands of the plutocrats, and led to Bill Clinton's NAFTA and GAAT, which made it profitable for corporations to move their factories to Mexico and subsequently to Asia for labor is dirt cheap.

It didn't abolish capitalism, but made it more profitable and global, including global pollution, as these countries don't have any rules or regulations concerning pollution of the air and water, if they exist, they are not enforced.,bribery is the operating model in those countries, just like in America where corporations and the filthy rich freely bribe judges and politicians.

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As far as I know, no one has ever disproven Swedish physicist Svante Arrhenius' 1906 experiments indicating that increased CO2 in the atmosphere would increase ambient temperatures, nor have they disproven Exxon scientists' late 70's conclusion that it was already happening.

Obviously, this data did not fit in with Exxon's (and the industry's) financial plans, and so the fossil fuel industry has spent forty plus years and hundreds of millions of dollars to buy the support and propaganda of our media and our (mostly Republican) jurists and legislators.

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Two days in a row you scared me half to death! But you’re not wrong. As a high schooler in the early 70’s I believed we would drown in our own garbage. But the trends are even scarier.

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Don't worry everybody. The Deep Ocean Conveyor Belt is slowing too. And of course, happening "sooner than expected". And of course, the Koch brothers have founded their Project 2025 to gut all regulations on fossil fuel companies when they steal the next election. Cheers!!!!

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Harder, faster, stronger---that's what Americans like. The fossil fuel industries are rich and powerful because they provide it. Now Mother Earth is delivering her version.

When it comes to our doom and gloom future, I am going with the gloom. It's already miserable living in a hermetically sealed abode, that is if you are lucky enough to have one. Is humanity doomed? Maybe, but we have a seven billion-plus cushion we are working with. Wars, famine, poverty, and weather disasters, men and women just keep "doing it" harder, faster, stronger.

Because I had fought a gas pipe project for 15 years, I was familiar with every one of these possible systemic failures. I know what has happened to the animals, at least the part that science has discovered so far. Seeing the pics from space, it's easy to understand how thin our atmosphere is and what a fragile and beautiful planet we are on. AND, that pipe-fight taught me about the politics involved; I guess you could say I have been to "Fossil Fuel University".

Love this Report because I can pass it on. No one could teach a better class along with showing the resource material available. Thanks Thom.

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How much more convincing could you get? Maybe things like this heatwave revealing places threatened here and now of becoming uninhabitable could light some fires, but it's cartoony to keep revving up the danger engines and not making a dent in people's indifference. What else to do? Good question. I say tune people into humanity being hot stuff -- cheerlead for that. For us being the thinking species that can have the honor and privilege of helping this incredible planet. Maybe progress is not in better reporting of how bad things are but in changing our tactics for what to do about it.

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Thanks for the list of fossil fuel $ recipients Thom - it's helpful and reinforces what you often speak of. Speaking of western Europe getting a kick in the pants to go green since the Ukraine crisis, when I see those ammunition depots being blown up, and lines of diesel tanks and armored personnel carriers, I wonder if these don't just offset the savings by going green. One area's decreasing their carbon emissions, while the other's just spewing out more carbon. I get the impression the military-industrial complex doesn't care a whit about what's being put into the atmosphere, along with those fossil fuel companies - those are some pretty powerful lobbies to go up against. Like David vs. Goliath.

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Beyond horrific. And the super rich who are funding fossil fuel, are delusional. They think their money will save them and their progeny. We would all go ultimately

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It's pretty obvious, observing the heat and flooding that recently plague usually cool and temperate Western Europe and Britain, that the AMOC effect has already declined dangerously, and that pressure and wind systems all over the globe (because of AGW) are becoming less predictable and less controllable, but no thanks to government inaction (due to political pressure and money,) Old Man Oil - just like Old Man River - jest keeps rollin' along.

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You're all a bunch of alarmists. Nothing to see here. Completely normal to have entire countries, and most continents, baking under heat domes while the sea is hot enough to cook a clam bake in. /s

Jokes aside, all of the sane people are here on this Substack, reading this thread or something like it. As this post said, the people who need earth science education and understanding of the facts we're digesting, aren't listening.

Most here are probably already combining trips while driving electric, or the most fuel efficient ICE cars we can afford. We're pulling shades down during the day to block the sun, setting our AC's back to conserve energy during the hottest part of it. We're surrounded by individuals driving lifted, 3-ton behemoths powered by gas or diesel V8 engines as daily drivers. Earlier in the season, our area had unseasonably cool weather. Days topped out in the upper 70s and low 80s, usually with dry air and a constant breeze. I hardly ran my AC at all. Yet other neighbors had their windows shut and ACs running full bore that entire stretch.

Unless and until we convince people that living and spending wastefully isn't prestigious, we'll continue to be crowded out by nonsensical economic and energy choice decisions.

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Check this map for the highest temperatures across the U.S., the Senators for that state, how much they get from fossil fuel donors (with links back to this article) and how to call your Senator to hold them accountable for denying Global Warming


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