Everything we do is right or wrong, moral or immoral. It is always cheaper to be moral. For example, food stamps are cheaper than prisons. Like the old saying, if you think education is expensive try ignorance. The right wingers do not want to invest in American citizens. I would say the rich right wingers but it appears all the right wingers. Their need to torture and abuse others is what they have in common. The Trump humpers will not like being abused by the rich dictator though. We need to deconstruct neoliberalism and Reaganomics. We can save America from a Dickensonian future by ending the trickle down theory, free trading, capitalist healthcare, corporate welfare, unfunded wars, offshore banking, bloated military budgets, unlimited greed and overpopulation while instituting self supporting prisons and self-supporting poor farms, so everyone has some financial security which will save trillions of dollars also. It looks like the fascist plan is just to get rid of all the old and disabled and starving, either sending them off to war without weapons or shooting and torturing them. It will all be about money, power and fame and not working to end human suffering. As the Ukraine goes,so goes America and the rest of the world.

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It disturbs me greatly that the Republicans very obviously support Putin.

How quickly they forget who they are dealing with. They’re dealing w the Devil.

It’s time for people to see clearly who and what they are denying by supporting Russia and looking at how we are supporting Israel.

Netanyahu is also indiscriminately attacking civilians at every turn . The US is supporting this.

I agree that Israel was a victim of a brutal attack but the brutality is ongoing and reciprocated.

Ukraine can not possibly oppose the Russian war machine without assistance.

Are we waiting for the whole European continent to go up in flames at Russias hand.

The whole world is in danger. Those that promote principles of terror are pushing the perpetrators of terror to the top.

The Republicans are supporting terror, they are now terrorists.

The Trump supporters are quite obviously standing for his criminal agenda.

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As a voting citizen, my expectation for all of my elected officials should be that they pledge to satisfy their Constitutional purpose, which means that they will do their best to promote our general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty for us and our posterity. In order to achieve their Constitutional purpose, I expect that they will meet the four other Preamble objectives to help our general welfare get promoted and our blessings of liberty get secured (i.e., forming a more perfect union, establishing justice, ensuring domestic tranquility, and providing for the common defense).

In addition, as a voting citizen and regular Hartmann Report reader, I am not so naïve as to think that any Republican (nor a bunch of the Democrats) would ever agree that their Constitutional purpose is to do their best to promote our general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty for us and our posterity. But I would love to ask every one of them about it and have them explain how they believe that their decisions and behavior help them to satisfy their Constitutional purpose.

And for extra credit, I want them to explain why the Powers of Corporate Personhood must be nullified if our democracy is to abort its backslide into autocracy.

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Thank you for seeing the bigger picture and reporting on it for our understanding. The Vietnam comparison is most apt. Under Biden, you have a talented State Department making use of people who understand Putin and Russia, unlike the last administration who shamed and silenced such knowledge. The problem is there's a battle between these knowledgable professionals, and the many "experts" who are on social media. It's the social media "experts" who Putin is using as a tool to divide and conquer. Social media has become a political tool as such. Clamping down on social media must happen for American democracy to continue its ascent.

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I think the Republicans are more like the capos in the concentration camps they are afraid of trump and Putin. They will say anything or do anything to win favor out of fear.

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Vladonald Trumputin became president of the US via a margin of voters that were duped into casting ballots out of disdain for our system, rather than the pragmatic approach our current system demands. I’m not thrilled with it either, but sometimes you have to be a grown up and put the matches down and do what’s best for the moment. Having said that - fatigued by decades of neoliberal policies and conservative propaganda, it’s easy to understand why so many people voted third-party, or even for a wannabe tough guy like Trump - someone to “drain the swamp” of all those Rougarou’s that were responsible for our every ill. It was so easy to understand (for at least 20 years) in fact, that Putin had no trouble noticing from over 5,000 miles away which schisms in our society he could begin hammering wedges into. Wedges he calculated would fracture the United States in numerous critical ways.

With the GOP being the welcoming doormat it is (for anyone “willing to help in the kitchen”), Putin’s war created a forward operating base safely nestled within a(n) (il)legitimate political party – smack dab in the land of liberty. And the crowning achievement, of course, was Putin helping his bloated lapdog, Donald Trump, get elected to the White House. A stunning achievement for any foe. And by no means are we on safe ground now because Girdles got evicted from Pennsylvania Ave. Not at all. Putin saw an opportunity to use Trump as the wrecking ball to demolish an already hobbled US society (thanks mostly to the GOP for its illegal wars, offshoring of labor, slashing taxes for the oligarchs, crushing education and social programs, banishing the very idea of universal healthcare, obstructing all efforts to improve our infrastructure, promoting hate and “Christian” nationalism, claiming domain over women’s bodies, flooding our communities with weapons of war, blocking wholesale any notion of progress as a society, decimating all norms of moral and civil decency, and of course – legalizing the very thing that makes all this magic possible – bribery).

The damage done is incomprehensible. We don’t see the devastation here because it isn’t in the form of the horrific brutality being levied against Ukraine, Israel, or civilians in Gaza. Nor should we – what is happening in those places is utterly inhuman. In order to right these grotesque criminal acts we must recognize our own weaknesses (others certainly have) and correct them, build consensus for justice here as well as abroad, and act as a check to those among us with ill intent (Elon Musk comes to mind at the moment). And we’d be well advised to know that the world (China, perhaps most consequentially) is eyeing our every step.

When you get punched by a bully, you have to punch back. That’s the only language a bully understands. We need to support Ukraine for as long as is needed, reject the nihilism and self-serving machine at the heart of the GOP, and provide any assistance needed to all people besieged by violence. This isn’t a moment we can afford to sweep under the rug.

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We can hope but the Democrats need to clear up their message or it’s not going to change things. I think a mandatory 8 -12 hour non religious retreat where they’re asked to justify what the hell their job is ? And 2 how they are attempting to do that as representatives of the people. Or do the people matter not at all.?

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So thankful that you keep being that voice alerting thinking people to the reality of what is happening… Please don’t give up! We need you!

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This Power Map shows 18 MAGA Republicans and Senators who are helping Putin by crippling U.S. the government when Israel and Ukraine need it the most. Tuberville's block on military promotions and more. MAGA Republicans Create MEGA Chaos to help Putin.


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Do people on the far left and the "tankies" feel that the Democrats need to acknowledge that our war mongering in the past has created phenomenal hatred for us in certain quarters? Has there been any real acknowledgement of that fact? JFK has been lionized but his Machiavellian approach in trying to carry out the assissination of Castro is one example of many where we were dead wrong. Likewise for the removal of the leader of Iran in 1953 by the CIA. Those mistakes had far-reaching consequences. Somehow it is necessary to convince more people that this is different and that we are the good guys in this instance. Once again, it all boils down to truthful accounting and accurate information for well-educated people. We must have a clearer perception of what democracy means and how we can protect it without brutality such as Netanyahu is about to inflict on Palestinians. We can only hope that the self-destruction of the Republicans will lead to an overwhelming Democratic takeover of both branches of Congress and the presidency in 2024.

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I have been trying to research where the term neoliberalism comes from. It looks to me like in the 1890s a fascist group of dickinsonian's came up with that term, so they could push their own agenda and blame the non-fascist and non-dickinsonians for their draconian worldview? It seems to be working quite nicely 125 years later? Expecting Trump humpers to understand the true meaning of neoliberalism which is seven syllables, is Ludacris. The right wing hate radios and television outlets keep blaming it on Neo liberalism which means Democrats in their minds. What little is left of their minds, no wonder so many of them get Alzheimer's? I've called it Reaganomics for over 40 years without thinking about neoliberalism. The Trump bumpers could understand I was blaming Reagan and not the liberals.

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If they don’t attend , go get a job in the Private sector. Not oil or banking.

Yeah , I know .

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Been addressing this in other venues.

IMHO the Putin influence, if played properly can be flipped. Putin's is also evidently pro-Hamas, pro pogrom. Whereas Israel was not 100% behind Ukraine, even right wing ultra orthodox Jews, like those who supported Trump have to have had an epiphany. Miriam Adelson, Steve Wynn, etc., ultra orthodox Jews, are his biggest donors.

David Kutsoff, R, TN, and Max Miller, R OH, MAGATS, Jews in the House, have to have had an epiphany.

All politics is local and where I live, three House members, Maro Diaz Balart,Maria Salazar and Carlos Giminiez, are Cuban American Batistiano Republicans who represent Democratic majority districts. All take their marching orders from Trump, especially Giminez, whose son was in the Trump inner circle although he formerly was a Democrat. If Diaz Balart's name is familiar, his brother Jose is a talking head on MSNBC. His brother Lincoln was the political boss of Florida. The law school at Florida International University, now ranked as the 7th best public university in the US, is the Diaz Balart School of Law. If the Cuban government is allied with Putin, they have to be politically compromised.

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