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Hi Thom. I heard that your letter to Louise made it out. I have a contact that is a guard here in the Seditious Negro Supermax Wing of the facility (SNSW) and he has assured me that this kite will make it to your cellblock. When I contacted you last, my lawyers had filed a last minute appeal on my execution that was denied. They tried to get the supreme court to hear the case, but Chief Justice Marjorie Taylor Greene rejected the Writ of Certiorari. Right now I am scheduled for the firing squad next month as they are killing brothers at a clip of about five per month just in this facility alone. Seems like yesterday we were on the air talking vicariously of this happening (though neither of us really believed it). Night of long knives all day long.

Gotta go, man. If I don't get a chance to say farewell, I'll see you on the other side.

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Some of us left the country first. Greetings from Germany.

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Kenyatta. Yours made me weep.

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??? abortifacients...

this is a chilling piece &

for the virginias of the usa...

should run in every paper & online

media ...just as the famous

..." is there a santa clause?"...

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Sorry Thom, but I'm afraid you have underestimated the extent of the predictable violence and death that would follow a second Trump inauguration. Someone who is known to have the kind of influence you have would not live to write home from prison. You are much too dangerous to a paranoid dictator such as Trump. I wish all this were exaggerated or an impossible scenario. God punishes those who are unwilling to submit to his decrees and to carry out his will without mercy and without concerns for his image. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

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I can well imagine our homegrown terrorists, by that I mean MAGAts) obtaining voter rolls, and pulling out their personal lists of "liberal subversives" and taking revenge, After all they own about 80% of the weapons, and maybe "liberals" own 20%, if that.

And Robert I have to state an exception. Biblical references don't hack it, the book is all fiction.

But if you meant that Trump considers himself the Lord of all, then yes he is dead set on revenge and harsh vengeance.

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Brave New World? We’d better pray this doesn’t become reality. I have grand- and great grandchildren who deserve a life!

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What are you doing to ensure it doesn't become reality? I'm working with WI Dems and volunteer daily to do anything in efforts toward GOP loss. I for one refuse to let us go down without a fight, and I gladly fight for your kids and grandkids before you and me. Many fought for me. I consider it respect for those fallen and my duty. I encourage everyone to GET INVOLVED NOW!

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Frances, I am active in League of Women Voters and my local Democratic Women’s group. Also communicate with my youngest granddaughter and her friends regarding issues and candidates. We are fighting the Moms for Liberty group in out school board elections currently. Must fight the good fight!

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Good on you! Moms for Liberty...Ugh! You've got a real monster there. Best wishes for your ultimate success. Love = win. Hate = loss! ;)

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I’m already living in Europe but still voting in the US and DONATING like crazy. I also fill all my acquaintances inboxes with posts such as Thom’s.

Robert Hubbell & Simon Rosenberg’s substacks give me hope & rally the troops. If you’re willing to make calls &/or write postcards look into those substacks for more information. Lots of other good writers in Substack (bad too but we know how to avoid them). We’re not going down without a fight!!

Thanks Thom for your continued work. Excellent as always.

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Thank you for your efforts! I appreciate your substack author suggestions and will check them out soon. Wishing you a very happy holiday season.

In solidarity, Frances

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Hi Thom,

I was sorry to hear that you had not been released or escaped.

I know I offered to help you find refuge here if things went south there, but there is no refuge here now, either.

Prime Minister Braverman was emboldened by Trump's seizure of power and after Rishi Sunak was assassinated she seized power herself and declared martial law.

She ordered all immigrants and protesters she did not agree with shot.

The homeless and sick have been rounded up and put in workhouses.

Anyone who has been critical of her - and there were many of us on Twitter - have been jailed, often on barges like the Bibby Stockholm. Those guilty of alpha male style crimes like sexual abuse have all been released or spared jail, including many Tories, to make room for us. I'm on the run at the moment but sooner or later someone supplying me on the black market with stoma supplies will give me away, and I won't be able to afford them for much longer anyway.

Most of the media was already right wing or cowed, but now the left wing media, what little there was of it, has either been closed down or given to a right wing oligarch, and the journalists jailed.

She hasn't dared touch any right wing extremists with a significant number of followers like Nigel Farage, so they are all trying to outdo each other in their extremism, which is scary.

Let's hope that Trump and Braverman piss off so many people that their leadership collapses, and that China and Saudi Arabia are not waiting in the wings to fill the vacuum.

I hope to see you on the other side of these annos horribilis.

Best to Louise.


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Yep. Britain is a cat’s whisker away from becoming a rogue autocracy. I believe they are presently far more politically compromised by far right global oligarchs and mafia than the US.

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Yes, America stepped back from the brink with Biden, but is still in real danger.

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Agreed. It is essential that the US social Enlightenment collective is seen to contain and push back the MAGAts political power grab on their home turf by the world. For all our sakes.

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Good luck. These right wingers encourage each other, which is why our paths are so similar. Your next presidential election will probably be before our general election. Unless something major crops up, the Tories will hang on until January 2025 so they can continue stripping our assets and deconstructing our democracy.

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A cat whisker's away is an understatement. England has been under an autocracy since 1066, when a great grandson of a Viking named Hrólfr, was made Duke of Normandy took possession of the island by force. That lasted until 1945, when the country became bankrupt and the Financial District of London, became sovereign, and the royals simply actors in a Kabuki theater, Playing their role.

The Financial District of London, known as The City is an interesting study for it has its own government, laws, police and judicial system. TheKing or Queen of England must make an appointment when they wants to visit the City, they are met at the gates by the Lord High Mayor who is bedecked in formal regalia while the Royal must appear in ordinary civilian attire footnote following.

footnote Pages 5, 58‑61 & 98, Empire of the City. An interesting footnote on p.27 cites a reference that the Bank of England is a secret holding company and on page 98 he compares the Articles of Agreement of the IMF AND IRBD, article IX, Sections 1‑9 to the comprehensive immunities and sovereignity held by‑the Bank of‑;England, The Bank of International Settlements (BIS), through the Hague Agreement of 1930 also enjoys those immunities (BIS '83 report).

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Money has always ruled, ever since warlords needed cash to pay soldiers.

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This reminds me that I read today that there is a movement in Argentina of supporters of Swifties and BTS fans who are campaigning against the Far Right candidate. Right on for fandom! https://argentinareports.com/argentine-swifties-and-k-popers-ally-against-libertarian-candidates-ahead-of-presidential-elections-runoff/3502/

Let us hope that the same things happen here!

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Well, in real life Suella Braverman has been sacked, but somehow I don't think that will be the end of it. She has escoriated the prime minister in her 'resignation letter', which gives some of her agenda. Anyone would think she was a white man.


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Thom, this made me cry, and it lit a fire under my arse to do more, much more with WI Dems. I've been active my entire life, and I 100% believe this will be our reality. However, it was this letter to your amazing wife that hit home just how close we are to a life we cannot fathom. Thanks for "tagging" me. I'm it! I'm it! I'm in and getting more active! Your an accent to life, Thom Hartmann! Be well, great man! Love & light from Madison, WI! Xoxo-Frances

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I do not think that this predictive essay is too far off base, and it sets up a terrifying scenario.

My greatest fear is that all of the Republican actions and laws passed in state legislatures, especially where they have a veto proof majority, will re install Trump in the White House. I'm talking of voter suppression, and voter nullification, not to mention that death threats have driven honest election officials to flee their jobs, and guess who is replacing them? Violent, zombie MAGGOTS, Even in blue California.

Hollister, CA is a small sleepy town, sits astride the San Andreas, Fault, and it is also the county seat of San Benito, Co., and it is Democratic. After Trump launched his insurrection, the election officials were violently threatened, told they knew who where they lived, and sent pics of the family.

Result they resigned and guess who now holds the positions, the only ones that would not be threatened with loss of life and limb,: Trump traitors.

What I fear is that this is a scenario that is being played out across the country. It is a given that the south and Midwest are, as they were last time, in the tank for Trump, but the efforts of voter suppression and even vote counting fraud, have reached into blue and swing states.

I fear that there will be massive voter fraud and suppression in blue and swing states, this time, and there is nothing to be done about it, certainly not by Garlands Department of Justice, who by all appearances will do what it did last time, sit idly by, and let hell rain down on you, I and this country.

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"But her EMAILS!!!!!"

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Tragic propaganda shifting blame for our country's woes and the destabilizing influences of the weapons clearinghouse known as NATO and the mass executioners known as our military industrial complex onto other countries. As Thom shouts down those who come on his show talking about history or discussing valid concerns regarding Biden's war cabinet, we have an article fearmongering about Putin taking over Europe when Biden liberals including Thom find endless pleasure in pointing out what a paper tiger Putin's military is. So which one is it? The Domino Theory or an incompetent military that can't even conquer the country adjacent to it? Should we continue weaponizing the region and developing more deadly nukes as the Doomsday Clock draws nearer to the end or do we continue the talks between Zelensky and Putin from March of 2022 that were interrupted by Biden's messenger Boris Johnson? The chilling part is that Putin and Trump are symptoms of our militarism, imperialism and exceptionalism which are promoted by Democrats and Republicans alike.

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Boris go ahead vent your spleen, your anger, fears, ism's, are immaterial, we are confronting a civilization ending scenario. Which will include you. And you, with your pseudo pacifism are a proponent for the end of democracy, and I dare say civilization. Your oblique reference to Putin as part of the problem, does not save you.

Your bull shit about militarism and imperialism reveals you. "Militarism" in the U.S.A. is essential to national defense, and for one I am glad that we are "militaristic" because the alternative is an existential threat.

As regards Imperialism, the only Imperialism I see is with Russia.

You quite obviously side with Putin, as you consistently ignore his imperialism, and militarism, and rather desperately try to shift the focus to Biden and NATO... busted, you are.

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If the only imperialism you see is coming from Russia, and you live in a country that spends more on its military than the next ten countries combined, maintains 170 military bases in 80 countries, and has invaded, bombed, or staged coups in some 60 countries over the past 40 years then you need to be consuming different media. But at least that explains your penchant for personal insults and your bizarre claim of our militarism somehow being essential to our national defense when every single military incursion we have embarked on since WWII has been either based on a lie, been a complete lie in itself, or for the purposes of extraction of resources. And many who have been architects in these wars staff Biden's military and foreign policy cabinets.

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What you call U.S. Imperialism is national defense. An idiot knows that an unarmed country is exposed and vulnerable. Imperialism means controlling a countries economy, politics and people. Our bases overseas don't do that, we are guests and are allowed in those countries only by a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) we have a base in Turkey, now tell me that we are an Imperial power in Turkey and that Erdogan is merely our stooge. (Knowing you, you will try)

Meanwhile you again totally ignore the real imperialist Putin and Xi,

After thought, maybe you should move to Russia, after all they are imperialistic, per you.

Putin would sure give you favorite status, then again why move when you already live there.

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Putin and Biden certainly are in competition for who aligns more with dictators and terrorists. Certainly Biden's hugging of the Trump of Tel Aviv Benjamin Netanyahu and his fist-bumping of "pariah" Muhammid Bin Salman go a a

long way towards putting him in first place.

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Big difference here Biden is not in competition for anything or with anyone, he is facing re election, and the numbers don't look good. You might get your lover boy Trump, a real hegemone. On the other hand Putin is a an empire building hegemone, President for life, as he kills or jails all opposition, and he has used force to occupy and control countries like Chenchnya, Georgia, the Stans, and with the use of subversives, Azerbaijan and Armenia, not to mention Ukraine and Belarus.

Netanyahu is a corrupt, inhuman beast, as is the Israeli Right, which is his constitutency.

Israel has the same problem as America. It has its own religious right wing extremist, and Netanyahu is Israels Trump.

As regards supporting Netanyahu and MBS, pure politics driven by our national security and economic needs. If Biden goes your route, then for sure our economy will collapse, and the anti semitic, anti Muslim, anti woman, anti democratic fascists will take over this country, and then won't you and your god father Vlad be happy

Give it up Boris, you are exposed, only a fool believes you, but you get paid for tryiing, what Jewish screen name do you use on other sites.?

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If you read Dennis Kuchinin's interview with Robert Scheer it seems that America will start a war with Iran. DO check it out.

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America won't start a war with Iran, Iran on the other hand can provoke America into an armed conflict, but one without American boots on the ground.

Iran is provoking America and the world, for ages now, especially by capturing tankers, and it appears that it is ready to provoke again, by diving in , in support of "Islam".

If Iran declares Jihad (holy war), it will suck in all of the Muslim countries, using Gaza and Israel as an excuse. And not even Jordan or the Kingdom, can keep their hands off, not with the Grand Mufti of Mecca ( Wahabbiya Sunni) chiming in.

It could start with a repeat of the 1973 Embargo, the Kingdom cut back on exported oil, in response to Jimmy Carters support for Israel during that war. Price of gas could, this time, reach $10 a gallon or more, and if the US. backs down genocide follows with Jews being the victim. To accuse Israel of committing genocide against Gazans is a piece of propaganda bullshit. Genocide is the extinction of a peoples, an ethnicity. Israel is not committing genocide but trying to eliminate an existential threat, alas they won't succeed as Ayatollah Nasrallah and the leader of HAMAS in Qatar said, we will keep coming back and back until Palestine is Juden Frei, from the river to the sea, and that is genocide.

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Read and absorb Dennis Kucinin's interview with Robert Scheer.

Today on substack!

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Link? I don't get that substack.. FYI that is just one man's opinion. Are you that easily swayed or do you have the same problem as MAGAts, confirmation bias?

I just read Mr. Kucinichs' substack. I do not agree. Dennis is a well meaning progressive, but like most of his ilk, he is blithely unaware of the full and true history of the middle east, and like all of his ilk, totally ignorant of Islam, and never even read the Quran, much less the haddiths. I have, in depth and Ill add ibn Ishaq's biography of Mohammed, which is part of the haddiths that Mullahs and Mufti's use for issuing fatwas and adjudicating.

Nor has he read the HAMAS covenant which is document of genocide, because a free Palestine from the river to the sea is only possible with a genocide of Jews, and they are not going to let that happen again.

Preamable to the Covenant: Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it" (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).

Following is from article seven, word for word from the haddith of al Bukhari, sahih 1295 and 1296, book 56, haddith 139

"The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews." (related by al-Bukhari and Moslem)."

So what does Dennis and you as well as other ignorant hard core leftists, expect Israel to do, commit suicide?

The problem is that HAMAS propaganda is like Mark Twains complaint, that a lie goes twice around the world, before the truth gets it's boots on.

Poor Dennis, I no longer look up to him, as he has swalled Muslim bullshit, hook line and sinker.

And to think, I have been accused of being a leftist antisemite.

A pox on both houses. And I do fault the Orthodox right wing Jewish settlers with creating this problem, and that includes as leader, Bibi.

The problem started because Zionists,under Theodore Herzl, BOUGHT land from the Arabs, and turned a waste land into a paradise of sort, built cities, and when Arabs saw what the Jews had done, they were angry and upset, because trapped in their 7th century religion and mindset, they accomplished nothing in thousands of years, They then attacked the fledgling nation and tried to erase it and the Jews, but were beaten back and to secure their own safety, Israel expelled the Palestinians whose existence threatened their existence. Not having learned their lesson, the stupid Muslims, fired with Jihad, anger and their religion to justify it all, came back time and again trying to commit genocide in the Mideast, and each time they lost and in losing Israel claimed more land to create a buffer. Oct 7th is just another incident in a long line of Islamic hostitlity towards Jews, and sadly this hostility has fed into our Universities, by ideological blind professors, who believe anything the "poor suffering" Muslims have to say.

Osama, DAESH, Boko Haram, Iran, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah are all on an anti Western crusade, and all of it justified by their "sacred scriptures and text"

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So Mr Farrar. Who are YOU that you know SO much and continually think you are right?

I am not a person to be 'talked down to.'

You are spouting things I know but adding your interpretation just the same as me.

I actually think you are a racist.

It's fascinating to me that having been warned by Egypt and Jordan the Israeli's were caught napping. Israeli's have used Hamas twice before. Give me a break.

"Just another incident."


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He talks down to everyone because he seems to be a representative working either for Thom Hartmann, Raytheon, or the Biden administration. He uses personal insults and slurs and does appear to have an American Exceptionalist perspective (to put it gently). It's disturbing the lengths he will go to in order to excuse and/or diminish American military adventurism and violation of international law.

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Nov 6, 2023·edited Nov 7, 2023

I will tell you who I am, I am 84 years old, have a Masters degree, have a well developed critical reasoning skill, and I question everything, in this case both Israeli and Arab, propaganda, and I have one hell of a memory, and have done a hell of a lot of reading, study and enquiry.

Call me a racist, the ad hominem of last resort.

I am an atheist, and for good reason, I have studied the history, as well as the beliefs, of the Abrhamic religions, and declare a pox on all of their houses.

Now if you insist on tagging me a racist, because of my critique and rejection of Islam, bear in mind that neither Islam or Arab is a race, and you calling me such just shows your own ignorance.

For instance Islam is a religion, not a race.

Arab is an ethnic identity based on one's native tongue, There are Christian Arabs as well as Jewish Arabs (the Druze), and Arab is not a race it is transnational. White skinned blue eyed, blonde haired Arabs (descended from Circassians and Caucasoids), there are black Arabs, brown Arabs, Arabs of all shapes and colors.

And Judaism is an identity based on tradition, not even a language like Arab.

Know what you are talking about, before you start hurling epithets.

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Nov 6, 2023·edited Nov 8, 2023

I did, and responded. Kucinich is unaware but he is siding with those who would annihilate the Jews, a second holocaust. That is what is meant by Free Palestine from the River to the Sea, it is only possible with the murder or flight of 12 million Jews.

And as I posted the HAMAS charter and indeed the sacred books of Islam, call for the extermination of all Jews. Hitler has nothing on the Muslims, the only difference is that Hitler managed to capture the might of a nation, and a highly developed, industrial nation at that.

There is no parallel in Muslim countries. Less you knee jerk, bear in mind that Islam is not a race, it is a mult racial, multi national, multi ethnic religions. and hostile to anyone who cherishes freedom, especially the freedom to travel(if a woman, without a male escort), freedom to love whom you love, freedom to worship or not worship as you please, freedom from oppression (male and female, especially female).

To a degree I can understand Islamic women, after all they were born into the religion and have been brainwashed all of their life, but I can't understand leftist females, who absolutely ignore the blatant misogyny of Islam,forcing them to have male escorts where ever they go, making them wear hijabs and bee keeping suits, not being able to file rape charges. If they are raped their testimony alone is not sufficient, they need four male witnesses, who would actually be accomplices to the rape as they sat there and didn't nothing, and the poor victim is subject to being stoned (if in Iran), or burned and hung if in Pakistan, Afghanistan or almost any other Muslim country

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All this is in accordance with what Trump has called "Project 2025", according to Isaac Arnsdorf's article in the Washington Post. Here's a short Youtube video confirming it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvs6jnRndqo

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If you use Chrome as your browser. Google bought you tube, and unless you allow ads and cookies, especially ads for you tube, you can't watch youtube video's. And the ads are not just single adds, they appear constantly, interrupting what you are watching.

However I also use Firefox, and watch the video's ad free since Mozilla is not part of Google.

I simply copy and paste you tube links into Firefox. works on Opera, and I am sure on all browsers except Google Chrome.

By the way I use an ad blocker and a cookie blocker. I am not keen on the idea of sites I visit tracking me on the internet, so they can tailor ads, or gather data for analytics purposes.

You might notice that if you order something from a site, you are then overwhelmed by ads with related or similar products.

The internet is a new way to become a millionaire, in your underwear without leaving the house.

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Very helpful, thanks.

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Thank u for the link. TERRIFYING!

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Send this to the Washington Post, New York Times, NPR, CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC, Politicol and to anyone who will listen. Heed these predictions before it is too late. Trump as president should terrify everyone with a brain.

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Thom. I'm writing in hopes that you are well. I've been able to evade the Civil Obedience Compliance Force with a little luck, and a whole lot of BS. It would be untruthful if I told you things were simply bad.

What I want to tell you is most of the people I've come across who were duped by Trump and Putin are deeply, tragically, regretful for their part in the rise of the MAGA cultastrophe. The remorse is never spoken of course, but it is obvious in their once wildly hypnotized eyes - now reduced to nothing more than craters of suffocating sorrow. It didn't take long for them to realize their usefulness had come to an end. We are united now, if only by despair.

With Mike Johnson having successfully installed Trump as indefinite Czar of RF - West (we knew it as The United States of America) and Mike Flynn's relentlessly grotesque enforcement of Trump's rule, there wasn't much need for the sheep anymore. When it dawned on them, despite many a bumper sticker's claim, that they were in fact not lions, but rather useful idiots - it was too late. In a marvel of irony, those oh-so precious guns they believed were the vanguard of their liberty, were actually confiscated last month - because "peace" had been achieved (although through very violent means), there was no longer a need for them it was explained.

And I suppose it is peaceful now - peaceful in the spirit of a morgue, or hospice care - save for the night raids into enclaves of suspected "non-patriots" where private security firms unleash their highly paid and highly violent squads. I won't recount the horrors of their visits - anyone familiar with war knows there exist no boundaries to the barbarism .

To be blunt, Thom, we're all sick - most are starving - those "lucky" enough to find work soon find their end, as their production withers rapidly under the sun of 16-hour shifts. I wish I had something positive to say, but all I feel is sorrow. We had our chance. We all should have done more. We all needed to embrace the inconvenient moments that came before this living death - perhaps if more of us had, we wouldn't be here now. After all, we were foretold.

My best to you, Thom - and your loved ones. I know I've mentioned it before, but we're still working hard on fundraising to purchase you a pardon. The fee has increased to 1,000,000,000,000 rubles. It might be a little while, but we'll get there.

Kindest Regards,

J Notabot

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Great article. I think the fascist robber barons who are globalist autocrats will get rid of the minimum wage and all of the useless eaters also. I don't think the immigrants will be shot at the river, I think they will turn around and head back. Biden and the GOP has let in millions since 1980, spread them all over the US to help the autocrats attain slave labor. Sex slaves, cancer, torture, organ harvesting and starvation dead ahead. Even the maggots won't fare well because they are poor and want a living wage. This is an unlimited greed capitalists Utopia.

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Good luck to you too. I am an American born British-Irish citizen presently living in Northern Ireland. The DUP currently stopping democratic governance from functioning here with British state support, are made up of christo fascist fundamentalists and MAGA followers. My main focus is on expiditing their political demise !

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I fear that this scenario is WAY too prophetic. You have just painted the world under the anti-christ. The evangelicals will bring about the very armageddon in the bible--they will make it their duty to fulfill prophecy, and they will be the agents of the anti-christ. For their doctrines, their dogma is the total antithesis of all that Jesus taught and stood for.

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