Thank you thank you thank you for this. Now get the message to Nancy Pelosi who never should have seated the 127 (?) GOP house members who participated in this sedition as was done during the civil war times.

Mostly, get it in the editorials in all major media.

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Sep 8, 2022·edited Sep 8, 2022

Has the federal judiciary always been so blatantly political? I've almost totally lost my faith that we will ever again have rational, common-sense rulings that seemed to be the norm growing up in the 60's and 70's. While I never studied law, the latest decisions that I've read from the Supreme Court on abortion, guns and vaccine mandates made no sense to me at all. I could not follow the reasoning at all. The clarity of RBG's arguments before the Supreme Court and her opinions as a member at least made sense. How does this get fixed? It is absolutely terrifying that these unaccountable judges have so much control over our lives. At least Judge Mathew helped restore my belief in the courts somewhat!

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Don't these judicial rulings where the judge disallowed evidence also indite the Judges in giving aid and supporting the attempted Coup? Can't they also be removed from government permanently?

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Couy Griffin and Judge Mathew both look like they are out of central casting. Moreover, the judge is a grad of Notre Dame, a good Catholic, and well regarded by his colleagues. Mathew seems to be the only one of the judges that took the Constitution and the insurrection seriously.

And there we have it, the real problem being that some have looked at what happened January 6th as some kind of rinky-dink, political stunt they saw on TV. The far right's attempt to gaslight the nation on this subject worked only too well on those that believe in Trump. They are still all-in on him.

We do have to take heart that the 1/6 Committee is going to do their level best to show the rest of the evidence they are gathering daily. They have and will continue to prove how a serious coup was planned and how it turned deadly. The drama was all too real and the "part" Griffin and the insurrectionists "played" damaged a lot of American lives. The founders knew such people have no business representing any of us.

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Firstly, all members of the House #SeditionCaucus who voted against the Electoral College declaring Joe Biden the designated 46th President of the United States should be removed from all their House committee seats by reason of the 14th Amendment. Even if their presence in Congress is determined by state courts as noted above, each one can be reduced to a feckless voice with no power whatsoever to vote on or craft future legislation in committee. That anvil around their political necks should be a cornerstone of their challengers’ campaigns.

Of course, the preferred solution is to extract them NOW from Congress as Thom’s headline urges. Perhaps he could ask Mark Pocan if a House committee could investigate those who have demonstrable actions violating the 14th Amendment like MTG and Boebert and start the expulsion process from that evidentiary line.

Secondly, we need to use hashtags and phraseology to harpoon the GOP brand at both national and state levels. Here are a few examples:

Judging by their obsession with voter disenfranchisement and #ElectionTheft tactics,

The most important freedom right now for Republicans is

Freedom FROM democracy!

Today’s GOP isn’t conservative, they are #CORPservative; in servitude only to corporations and billionaires.

They’re only out for CEOs not average Joes.

To whom they say, “Let them eat BOOTSTRAPS!”

And lastly, to boost the Dem brand:

Vote blue for your children’s children

Vote blue for your boss’s boss

Vote blue to end the threat

Of medical and educational debt

Only Democrats legislate based on


If they seem worthy, please pass these ideas along. Thank you from a fellow progressive who has been a listener since 2004.

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If Democrats organized to pass policy's that the majority of both Dem and GOP voters support then they would not be about to lose the congress and clinging to the Senate with their fingernails.

Instead they have chosen to ignore issues that voters in both parties support like medicare for all, National $15 min wage, higher taxes on the rich, breaking up the "too big to fail" banks.

I think it is better for democracy to get Republicans out office because they don't support policy that improves Americans lives rather than get them our of office using the Seditions act. What goes around comes around. If we an lose the house we can lose the Presidency again. Time to get smart .

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