Merrick Garland’s timidity could not come at a worse time.

The corruption leading to January 6 and the participants attempts at cover up , begs the serious investigation that needs to happen.

There are so many politically corrupt individuals supporting ‘no investigation’ .

Conveying that now is the time .

I understand the DOJ may have its hands full with these GOP nightmares but its still their job to go after them .

Investigation of Ginny Thomas’ should be a priority.

Merrick Garland should be less concerned with how it might be considered ( look) politically .

And more concerned that the Ginny Thomases of this country want to destroy democracy and are doing so under his watch.

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I’ve been saying Ginni is the key to Clarence vacating the SCOTUS. I read your letter about Abe Fortas, his wife, and a completely fabricated case out of thin air. It seems a precedent has been set, Republicans are infamous in their lust for power. Their back stabbing is first class as is their stunning disregard for laws. We’ve allowed them to commit treason over and over with no consequences. It’s time for the DOJ to allow the scales to fall from it’s eyes. To do it’s duty protecting the American citizens.

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The circumstances surrounding Clarence an d Ginni Thomas are just screaming to be investigated. I do not understand Garland's timidity when it comes to investigating people who hold political office. Just because he is a sitting justice on the Supreme Court does not mean his actions don't warrant investigation. As time goes on, it becomes more apparent that Harry Truman was right when he said the only good Republicans are pushing up raising.

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Adding to the list of tremendous flaws in the Constitution's abysmal court system framework:

It takes as few as 51 votes to put someone on the bench, but it takes 67 votes to fire them.

This doesn't make sense.

Term Limits and Court Expansion can't come fast enough.

Begin the Biennial Term-Limiting of 2 Scotus justices to lower courts ASAP (as soon as 2025).

The longest serving are the first to go: Thomas and Roberts need to step down.

Now, I plead guilty to "saying the quiet part out loud" here:

When a Liberal majority is on the court, they must review and vacate any or all egregious decisions of this deeply corrupted and illegitimate Scotus, going as far back as needed, and at least to the appointment of Thomas. This means at least Citizens United and related corporate personhood an money = speech rulings, Dobbs, Heller, Breun, Shelby & voting rights rulings, and ... It should be a long list!

Until that is done, Scotus is still "The Fraud Squad".

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Ginni Thomas and Crow should be investigated and prosecuted for any criminal or seditious activity that can be proven. But do not expect Clarence to ever resign voluntarily as Abe Fortas did to spare his wife harassment and embarrassment. It is unlikely that John Roberts will ever pressure him to resign either. None of them is capable of remorse, shame, or taking any personal responsibility for their corruption, abuses, malfeasance, or lawbreaking. Their sanctimony and irrationality know no bounds.

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Time to get the skinny on Ginny!

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That time arrived years ago.

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