Just a quick weekend note

This morning I sent our “Saturday Report” to our paid subscribers — including a rather freaky Geeky Science about a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) program that, without being told to do so by its programmers, has invented its own internal language with which it talks to itself!

And we just wrapped up a great Zoom meeting with some really fascinating questions and thoughts, including issues like “Star Voting,” whether Democrats should campaign on issues or values, how to build movements, and the future of progressivism in America.

During the meeting, Louise had run out to the paint store (it’s her summer home project to get the house painted; it’s waaaay overdue) so Kedi, our Bengal/mutt cat who’s incorrigible, kept distracting me by trying to eat the salad greens I grow in my office in the little hydroponic unit Louise got me for Christmas. I was able to grab him during a quick break when Zoom crashed on us. <g>

Also wanted to note about Peter Navarro (who was the top story in the Saturday Report) that increasingly I’m thinking of him like the guy on Star Trek who didn’t have a name. Remember that? There was always one guy who’d go along on the expedition to a new planet who nobody referred to by name, and he was always the guy who got killed. It appears that Navarro really has no constituency within the Republican Party and that Trump has abandoned him, all of which makes me think he’s probably going to be the scapegoat who goes to prison.

Your thoughts? (You can post them on the thread in response to this.)