A classic case of voter fraud. A Colorado man is arrested for the murder of his wife. After it was found that he used her mailed ballot to vote for Trump after she was reported missing. The illegally used ballot was part of what led to his arrest. https://crooksandliars.com/2021/05/morphew-murder-voter-fraud

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The United States has from its inception been governed by and for racists. Twelve presidents were slave owners and Washington made his fortune by killing native men, women, and children, and then selling off their land. The Revolutionary War was fought to protect slavery in the Americas as Great Britain was moving to abolish it, and to continue the massacres of Native Americans after King George III issued a proclamation in 1763 that would ban any settlement west of the Appalachian Divide - lands that Washington, Jefferson, and Thomas Paine, were already busy surveying.

Divide and conquer has been used to great effect by pitting dumb white workers against indians and blacks and Mexicans. In recent times it has been used effectively by Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and most recently Trump.

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Your rants got me thinking.... is immigration a bipartisan issue. All the things you mention..might make a person think twice about that slice of american pie. The truth is cheaper than a wall and paying to hide American History!

Some American's really don't want you to come to America while others are too polite and unaware to tell the truth about how you'll be treated.

America has a problem with it's history.

Some Americans would agree America has a lot of work to do to serve it's own human rights to people they still consider to be 3/5 humans. I say this because slavery is written to remain in the 13th amendment. You're free unless you committ a crime and proverty makes you a criminal automatically. Not to mention slavery and lynching is still legal.

They have done everything to evade the truth by spending millions to NOT telling the true history. Funding campaigns are happening right now not to teach critical race theory .Billionaires are draining money out of their accounts as quick as an integrated pool in the south. The book "The Sum of Us" explains how America values, it"s racism. They would rather close parks and drain the pool, rather then integrate it. They also don't want immigrants in the country especially if you come from Haiti, that don't want that exploitation trauma coming back to the country like roosters.

Child sex trafficking, sweat shops and corruption while

adding black bodies to America pool of population. Futhermore, is not a safe move or travel or drive or walk or play in the park since most black bodies can't enjoy life in America with out getting arrested or killed at the arrest or shot in bed from no knock warrants.

Please Understand

America has private prison beds to fill, that's the only factor job they did not ship overseas! Which will be simular to your first encounter in a military style concentration camp. If they let you in, remember do not come to America if your from Cuba, Haiti or Africa, blacks are not welcome. The blacks who were stolen from Africa as free labor, have built the country on free labor that has created American wealth.Dr. Claude Anderson's book title is the truth.

If your of lighter black latino skin your first stop is a concentration camp where your child, will encounter sexual abuse, drink water from a toilet and be crowded in a military setting. That way the public can not advocate for your human rights. Which American is s till trying to get passed as a law , the ability to enforce punishment for persons who violate the human rights of others. H.R1220 and HR 5. Good luck with getting anything passed with the filibuster hanging around and a unblind justice system that is paided for by Corporations Billionaires. The only jobs available to you will resemble plantations, no air conditioning , no health care, no bathroom breaks and heart attacks on the job. Then they will blame you for taking the jobs nobody wants. That back breaking work hard labor...Yard work, cleaning hotels, houses and picking watermelons or killing chickens. If you 're injured please do not go into a private Doctor who gets paid by big Pharma to get you hooked on pain pills to get you back to work part-time.The CEO's don't want to pay you for health care, vacations social security, paid vacation or pregnancy leave.

If you come to America with money to start your own business beware. Having your own business makes you a target for mass shooters. Same thing if you want to have your own church or cultural communities, it has taken 100 years to finally tell the truth of why they bombed Tulsa Oklahoma .

Migrating is such a difficult task and most people don't want to leave their home but.....

the climate crisis America has created from its constant use of fossil fuel has created islands to sink, floods, deforestation , drought, famine and the lack of ability to farm on your own homeland.

I'd rather see the money going back into your country to restore what has been destroyed, but billionaires rather spend money to build a wall and others are just to

polite or u aware to resend a law called title 42, instead of telling you the truth.

I think that's bipartisan, everybody wants the same thing for different reasons. Life , Liberty ,Justice and Economic Equality...we still seeking that for all

Not just for Sum of us.

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