This is wonderful! Thank you for the best summary of early government history ever! Every day, I read a Native American quote, as part of my daily 12-step readings so, here goes:

"Our fathers gave us many laws which they had learned from their fathers. These laws were good."

--Chief Joseph, NEZ PERCE

The Creator gives us many laws to live by. These are different than the laws of man. The laws of the Creator are designed for us to live in harmony and balance with ourselves and each other. These laws are about having freedom and happiness. Our Elders teach us these laws. Laws about how to treat each other, laws about how to treat and respect our Mother Earth, laws about the environment.

Oh Great Spirit, teach me the laws of the unseen world. Today I pray You open my eyes so I can better see the Red Road.

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just sent it over the wires to 10 people – – most amazing enthralling comprehensive compact yet swirling like a helix of history near to my ears close to my heart uplifting my brain thank you so much

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Thank you for writing this book (The Hidden History of Democracy). Even reading the two excerpts above has given me a new understanding of the origins of our constitution and our democracy.


Bob Hirschbuehler

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Wow! Shows just how little we Americans know of the thoughts behind the founding of our country and where they actually came from. Most know only the fables we tell ourselfs.

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not fables, rather "LIES MY TEACHER TAUGHT ME " (?still in print?)

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I have and have read most of your books. Have ordered this one. Thanks for the preview. Your writing just makes such good sense. Always appreciate the history lessons. Ruthie B

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I do not seek to embarrass or contradict, But AFIK, Robespierre had no influence or bearing on the American revolution, but vice versa. For example The Committee for Public Safety, also used by the Bolsheviks, to monitor and punish recalcitrants. The American constitution was signed in 1789 the same year as the French stormed the Bastille.

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Some people, especially the ones with Puritan, or think they are of Puritan ancestry, established the idea of democracy with the Mayflower compact,especially the Brownist, the called themselves Saints, but Bradford wrote in his dairy that they were pilgrims, they were only 32 of 102 Puritans on the Mayflower, an extremist version that was actually ousted from the Puritan community, of which there were four versions, they were all Anglicans, but wished to separate from the Papist rituals that Henry VIII kept when he created the Church of England.

Others look to Jamestown, and the third charter of the London Company of Virginia in 1619, which established self governance,. The Virginia company was a for profit joint stock company, given a charter by James I, it’s originally purpose was to exploit the gold and silver in America, but there was none, but John Rolfe arrived with a pocket of Turkish tobacco seeds, and that kick started the plantations and Tidewater aristocracy.

The third charter was, among other things, a recognition of independent governance with a House of Burgess and a crown appointed governor, other wise the Crown did not meddle in the affairs of Virginia.

But after the Powhatan Surprise attack of 1622, and the failure to produce enough profit to reward the investors, The royal charter was revoked, and the Crown took took total control of the colony, sending troops to help keep the population under control, and it eventually grew into a society ruled by British overlords.

When Boston Merchants rebelled against the monopoly of the East India company, first by smuggling then the Stamp Act which was used to enforce the monopoly, all of which forced the Merchants into Smuggling, an act which would get you hanged, and John Hancock was the richest merchant and smuggler and high on the Crown’s hit list, which is why he signed the Declaration of Independence in large cursive (He was walking dead anyway).

The Tidewater aristocracy had no motive to rebel, the money from tobacco exports made them so wealthy that they did not worry about the costs of good from England. Colonists were forbid to make china, silverware, fine clothes, furniture, it all had to be imported and the George Washington recordsrs revea; that he was purchasing these imported goods from Richard Farrar and Co., out of London.

Not an ancestor, but perhaps a distant relative.

The Tidewater aristocracy, were the descendants of mostly Royalists who fled England in the wake of Cromwells victory in the English Civil War, this “new money” displaced the old money, the adventurers of the Virginia Company, that had settled and expanded the James River Community and created the House of Burgess, without “noble” connections in London, the royalists, all of whom had those connections started to displace the old money. They called themselves The First Families of Virginia, and produced 12 of the first presidents.

The Tidewater aristocracy joined the revolution because they resented being treated like country bumpkins when they made their mandatory (by custom, not law) trip to London. By the mid 1700’s, the Tidewater aristocracy was comprised of the descendants of the Royalist that fled to Virginia in the wake of Cromwell’s victory, in the English civil war.

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