"It’ll become impotent."...Maybe that's their problem and what's with grads from Georgetown Prep anyhow? Gorsuch, Kavanaugh... hmmm. Anyhow, on to substance. I worked on air regs pursuant to the Clean Air Act back in the '90's and that law was one of the broadest, best laws ever written until the recent erosion. Clean Water Act too. Refineries like Chevron were trying to get around stationary source regs. and would bang in 100's of mobil source air compressors to run the refinery - literally. Plant 'turn sounds' were supposed to last a month and ended up lasting several by running the plant on mobile sources. So, we wrote and enacted mobile source air emission regs for construction equipment. Great Stuff. Now, refineries do anything they want; biggest problem is no enforcement power because the EPA is so gutted.

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May 12, 2023·edited May 12, 2023

Scotus' drive to inflict "Liber-Terrorism" on America should scare the bejesus out of everyone but Deadbeat Billionaires, corporations, and their Republican lackeys. This will become another grisly horror episode of "Scotus Gone Wild".

The way out of this mess is daunting, and necessary. Congress must re-enact and broaden the laws that Scotus will "invalidate", by invoking Article 3.2.2 to prohibit any Scotus meddling and bullying.

Then, Scotus reform is needed to immediately begin Term Limits and Court Expansion. Immediate Term Limits would permit the removal of Thomas and Alito, the two longest serving justices, put them on a lower court, and put two new liberal justices on the bench. It would be possible to then begin reviewing and reversing egregious rulings like Citizens United, Dobbs, Heller, Shelby...

Given the burgeoning evidence of rampant and long-standing Scotus corruption, a future Scotus will have the Mandate to vacate and review any case adjudicated in the past 50 years - or since the "Lewis Powell Doctrine" called for an "Activist Supreme Court".

Judges' corrupt rulings can not stand.

Make No Mistake: We are already in the fascist abyss.

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Off topic, Thomas news letters have become a daily feature being republished on rawstory.com

As regards the Republicans and SCOTUS, if their wish list is fulfilled America will become overnight a third world nation, devolving,no longer evolving.

And all because the board of directors of corporations are fixated on the quarterly P&E. As Lenin said.

Announce that you are going to hang all of the capitalists and the capitalists will line up to sell you the rope.

It is the system.These people are like sharks. Sharks need to swim, to force water through their gills, or they suffocate. Capitalists (and developers) have to keep making profits, and each quarterlys profit has to be better than the last or they also die (figuratively),same with real estate developers. when they stop developing, they have no income to pay off the debts on the last development, and nothing to sustain their extravagant lifestyle.

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This history of Gorsuched (read 'Scorched') Earth policies attacking governmental agencies that protect our society, torched by mother and son, is weirdly refreshing to be reminded of...so rarely said by the media-in-charge. History is powerful and needs to be elaborated often.

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Fortunately since precedent is no longer a thing, if the vote is to gut, the decision could easily be over turned in a few simple steps.

Step 1 Re-elect Biden

Step 2 (concurrent with Step 1) elect a filibuster proof Democratic Senate

Step 3 (concurrent with Steps 1 and 2) elect a House with a large Democratic majority

Step 4 pass* term limits for SCOTUS effective immediately: 18 year terms staggered. Longest serving justice (Thomas) is out of there. Followed 2 years later by Alito. Guarantees 2 justices appointed by democratic President.

Step 5 send another case through that would over turn the gutting. And we could have our safety nets back in just a few years. Stinks for those that will die due to lack of oversight, but hey, that’s our democracy in action!

See? Easy peasy!

BTW this is sarcasm.

But a girl can dream…….

*and yeah I know it needs a constitutional amendment won’t happen blah blah blah, but like I said, a girl can dream

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The "good behavior" clause has been taken as denoting a life term; on "good behavior." But if your steps 1,2 & 3 take place, what's to stop a rational, patriotic Congress from defining "good behavior?" I think impeachment would not be invoked: merely a finding in Judiciary Cmte perhaps passed with regular vote (?) that Slimebag A is in violation of items (cited), and Slimebag B etc. Legislation defines any given Statute of Limitations. The general rule is that there is no Statute with re: fraud, anyhow. I'm looking at you, Kavanaugh. Arewehavingfunyet?

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Knowing Gosuck’s mothers”’s attempt to eviscerare the EPA, why didn’t any Democratic Senator pull out all the stops to prevent this puppet from being seated!

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It's been pretty clear the Republicans planned to gut the agencies and destroy the laws, but this Report gives us a better grasp of how they are working on doing it. Great one to pass-on.

Often if the federal systems let people down when fighting a project that will be an environmental disaster, people can depend on their state agencies, local permit processes, and governor to stop it. However, you have to watch what the Republicans are now trying to do at state level as well. A good example is Oregon's pending HB3382 – The bill to allow ports to bypass the estuary management plan. It allows the port of Coos Bay to dredge pretty much anything without any public input.

And that says it all about the fascists that want corporations to run the government. They will work endlessly to carve out the voice of the people---people fighting for clean air & water for their children and generations to come.

We must choose planet before profits.

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This should scare the pants off of every one of us. I agree wholeheartedly with every facet of this analysis. Regulation by government agencies to solve problems, protect public interests, and accomplish objectives designated by Congress as the legislative and oversight arm is a core function which can only be carried out secondarily with efficiency and competency by those with the time, resources, expertise, and professional experience to evaluate specific courses of action and applications of authority. A prime example is the Department of Education which deals not with philosophy or political considerations, but with the nuts and bolts of protecting students and their rights, eliminating discrimination and abuses, and providing facilities, staff, budgets, and all manner of research and oversight.

In that one particular domain, however, a distinction must be clearly made to avoid confusion. It is my duty to point this out and keep beating this DEAD HORSE until it come back to life. There is NO mandate or basis for compelling attendance in schools as any part of the Department of Education’s mission. Mandatory attendance does not protect students’ rights; it violates their rights. Mandatory attendance does not serve to avoid or eliminate discrimination, abuse, neglect, or miseducation; it causes and exacerbates those things. Attendance requirements do not magically or materially contribute to or accomplish education, literacy, good moral character, or a population well-informed and adequately defended against authoritarianism, fascism, or other ism’s; it is inimical to those essential purposes.

There must be a Department of Education. The Department must be able to enhance educational opportunities and intellectual pursuits among the people. However, education is a personal attribute and not a measurable entity or something that can be pinned down by one set of experts and one set of standards with respect to one OFFICIAL definition.

There is a reason education is not specifically mentioned in or delineated by our constitution. Education is ineffable, an aspect of our individual personhood and is not subject to state control. Education is inherently controversial and political. We can agree for practical purposes what level of income or other economic indices determine poverty, for example. But education, especially when measured only by years of schooling or grades or diplomas is not a matter for quantitative measurement, negotiation, or compromise. Turning over power for the refinement, processing, condensation, cooking, prepackaging, and then shoving of education down the throats of children like so much sugar or bad-tasting medicine to a state or federal government is anathema to the concept of liberty and democracy. Regulation is a necessary function. Micromanagement and dictatorial power are not proper functions, at least when it comes to how people learn, think, and live.

No other agency that I can think of should have such a narrow range of operation. Yet, no agency is more crucial to protecting democracy. The best way to protect the agency is to get government out of the business of dictating methodology, curriculum, or philosophy of education and schools. DeSantis and the other Neanderthals only have power in this domain because of attendance laws.

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Your most interesting observation is (valid, far's I know) that education isn't constitutional.

So we revert to "originalism," under which females were not considered human enough to vote until 1920, and education of females was considered counterproductive to fulfillment of their God-ordained highest and best fate: motherhood and subservience and no rights to ownership or even custody of their own children. And, by the way, it was a crime to educate slaves. Education was assumed to be "ineffable, an aspect of (the) individual personhood" of the white male aristocracy who were assumed to be the only legitimate vessels of rational government. Why, it was a part of the system of natural Order! What positive function could be imagined for imposing upon those intended by God for other levels of civic participation, an oppressive sentence to the stifling classroom to acquire knowledge that might even make them less contented in their place? Not only tyranny, but seditious tyranny!

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I have been unable to follow what you are saying. I do not quite see that what has happened with regard to education is "originalism", if that is your contention. I was saying in effect that education is an ineffable attribute and that the way it has been seen by those who have foolishly imagined that it can be mass-produced in schools and forced on students in small doses of abstract information have had no clue about what the word signifies. Education was properly recognized as dangerous for the "white male aristocracy", true. Their solution to the problem was to neutralize and distract the curious and anxious public with a meaningless and toothless substitute and a process for pacification and mollification that would preserve their hegemony in perpetuity. Not only have their rubber-stamped schools minimized and shrunk education among the people, but they have been extremely proficient at brainwashing everyone into believing that they are sacrosanct and that their brand of obedience training and conditioning is harmless and even beneficial. I give them a "D-", not a "AAA".

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I guess we're back to previous enquiry: is there a good school that you can point to? Or your own framework for schooling that transcends your objections?

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There are "free schools" in most states where autonomy and agency for students are the rule. Find John Holt's books or The Lives of Children by Dennison. More "experimental" or model schools will not help millions of students, however. Their policies and philosophy are incompatible with top-down authoritarian systems required as a consequence of bad laws. Find AERO (Alternative Education Resource Org) or SDE (Self-Directed Education). I agree with their ideas and approach. But they are dreaming about the spreading of their beliefs. The school cult has a death grip on American citizens. Regardless of how good schools are, they cannot save us. Individuals pursuing truth through real experience and education freely must discover a better way. Getting rid of arbitrary authority in schools by eliminating attendance laws is just a baby step. If even Thom Hartmann cannot see that, what hope is there for ordinary people?

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Thanks for the references! I will follow-up. Having been a very "crushed" child myself, I got comfort along the way from Alice Miller "Drama of the Gifted Child." Don't remember whether Dr. Miller had anything to say about schooling oppression. I can't help but reflect on an anodyne nix to eliminating attendance requirements, though: two working parents just scraping along, and political dogma on one side that government/tax dollars helping with child care is Commie! Obviously there is a current drive with Repub. State gov'ts to impose "top-down" restricted content on schools and libraries and even teacher free speech. Yet the main takeaway I have from my High School "Civics" is: Communism Bad! (1970) A Ferenghi on Star Trek might call it "The Great Propaganda Continuum." As ADHD only beginning to be explained too late for burned bridges, it is hard for me to ascribe obtuseness to Hartmann when it comes to needs of children.

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You lost me there. I’m not sure what you are saying. You are much more cerebral and cosmopolitan than I am, I think.

“Gifted” children are harmed and inhibited in their scope of learning opportunities because schools are necessarily geared to the lowest common denominator and perpetually distracted by the requirement to force compliance with rules, discipline, structure, order, etc. However, I suspect that a lot of parents of children with Down’s Syndrome would say, and sincerely believe that their child is gifted. Indeed, every child is gifted. The prejudice of the academic priesthood toward students who are more accomplished with language, academics, and intellectual processes creates the illusion that some children are preferrable or superior or more manageable, leading to unhealthy competition, favoritism, elitism, obsession with measurement (of the immeasurable) and chronic discouragement for about half of all students more than half the time.

You may have missed my quote recently from Cody Jones. He said, “Hyperactivity is an iatrogenic disease created by schools”. I will eventually read Thom’s books on ADHD, and I’m confident he has much to offer on the topic. There are those people who are wound up because of various factors having to do with genetics, diet, body chemistry, mental or brain conditions and the like. However, far too often, doctors misdiagnose and use categories such as this as a catch-all to justify forcing children to suppress their normal and healthy impulses to move, explore, learn, filter, and apply high energy to deal with information overload. I have personal family experience with this.

I do not accept the frame in which attending school is learning much of anything useful or real. If you start from there, you end up with those Republicans having the ability to determine what will happen there and a constant struggle for sanity, common sense, and freedom. Attendance laws are a conscious negation of liberty and democratic principles. Choose one or the other. Three hundred million people can be wrong.

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This corrupt and stolen Supreme Court will help the extremely right wing fascist Republican Party take down America. They are owned by the oligarchs who are trying to devour the light.

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Like mother (bad enough), like son (even worse). Is Little Neil screwing the same people now as Big Momma Anne did 40 years ago the kinkiest, sickest political incest of all time?

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“ Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Americas CEO’s , the Supreme Court Justices, the Republican ‘ s pushing this issue are absolutely corrupt in their efforts to make things work for the very wealthy

and the renegade Justices , existing only to further the cause of the wealthiest Americans and themselves. The majority in this country , which gets poorer every year , will also suffer the worst effects of this climate catastrophe.

As the poor already do.

This nation founded on the principle of equality , regardless of race , creed or color.

Now these wealthy people focus on the remainder of society as moot.

The poorest people suffer the most , presently , from the effects of global warming and it will only get worse .

The truth is the wealthiest Americans are interested only in continuing to amass money and power. And the Supreme Court Far Right Justices support only the interest of corporations .

The Court must be extended to even the playing field .

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I keep coming back to "Tomonthebeach"'s trenchant phrase: "government vandals." To me, there is a context of patriotism. You in power: how do you demonstrate that you actually love America? The current S.C. majority could easily be portrayed in a cartoon reacting in parody of Dracula faced with a mirror, hissing and swooping capes when forced to behold the phrase : "...of, by, and for the People." This article under the category "for" the People. Edwards Court: against.

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Jeesh. Don't know where "Edwards" popped out: Roberts court, of course!

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