It is hard to imagine any more specific and secure

example of license for corruption than the corrupt decision allowing Citizens United to become law.

Upon this nod to corporations to ratchet up their already corrupt practices to completely destroy democracy the gates opened to see who would cause the most damage.

The NRA is at the top of this list , sharing the berth with Gas and Oil Corporations . It seems even Hospitals who form corporations are getting in on the act and as a result ‘Medicine, as we knew it , has ceased to exist. ‘

About 30 years ago , a very astute group of MDs that I knew , predicted that “Medicine as we know it will cease to exist.”

These corporations who claim to exist to help people have adopted the standards of , say , NRA and Petroleum Corporations. All of whom are willing to take chances with the possible demise of people of all ages, as long as they retain the power and money, that their status can claim .

If you look at the stats on outcomes in Medicine in this country they are dismal compared to the outcomes twenty and thirty years ago .

Maternal/ Child death Stats in this country are abysmal .

They seem willing to accept this in lieu of their change in policies that benefit the people at the top . And kill the poorest.

The Petroleum people accept that we may soon have a calamity in weather around the world resulting in deaths , concentrated in the poorest parts of our societies.

And of course we know the NRA will continue to accept loss of kids and adults in mass shootings ,

In return for their money spoils for manufacturing the weapons of war that they produce that are capable of killing multitudes in a very efficient execution.

The politicians are benefitting enormously, at least most of them .

A study in “ dirty money”.

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The biggest 'gun' of all:

The first atomic bomb was exploded in the United States at the Trinity test site on 16 July 1945, near Alamogordo, New Mexico. The Catholic anti-war movement has built on the coincidence between this date and the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. In 1990 the Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy, a priest of the Eastern Rite (Byzantine-Melkite) of the Catholic Church, initiated the "16 July Twenty-Four Hours Day of Prayer," for forgiveness and protection from Our Lady of Mount Carmel, at Trinity Site in the New Mexico desert. Each year on 16 July, a prayer vigil is conducted at the Trinity site to pray for peace and the elimination of nuclear weapons. From Wikipedia

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We are spending much time on the cancer, but when a body or society has a cancer, doesn't the focus naturally proceed to what can be done about it?

Note the visceral and dismissive attitude of the right wing and maga-funded (which in this case also likely to be Paul singer-funded) reacition against anyone going ESG investing. The say it's woke and they attack it like it threatens their profits and their bulkshit machine, which is does, or easily could.

It's not directly covered by any of the SEC releases that I reviewed, but the standards in the sec's proposed E.S.G. rules for investments could easily state that any political donations Contrary to an E.S.G. policy or rating has to be disclosed (or, as to shareholder voting rights exercised by fiduciaries, voted against) so that people could see who the political donations are going to and hold these investors or companies feet to the fire, in terms of whether the relevant ESG policy (or rating) is being pursued or violated.

Even for Bloomberg's index of companies in one esg index they say that in compiling and maintaining the index they take account of any "misaligned" political donations made by the companies in the index.

It's true that to date, our financial companies have greenwashed things because there aren't good rules. But with a democratic administration and the current sec, better rules can be pushed for.

But on the left, we don't talk about the most direct and powerful way to attack corporate hegemony and the rule of citizens United.

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So, the question remains, is the only plan to get rid of this corrupt court to just hope that Biden expands the court? There should be something in place that can take them to court such as the Justice Department. Also, isn't the senate supposed to have some oversight? How does that work? What about hearing that the NRA is losing money? The way that you write about it makes it sound like they have plenty of money still to be bribing these people? Is it coming from a few wealthy donors, or smaller ones, or both?

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Thom this is a great must read for all Americans interested i what is wrong in this country! Thank you

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Well, they can all be bought off Thom. The NRA owns these people. Thom, Clark was a guy who knew who can’t be bribed for a cool grand. Thom this is what we are seeing today only so much worse. The blood flows all over the country and the corrupt people in the Party are happy to keep taking the money. Thank you Captain my Captain for the deep dive into all the corporations that are not people and the sell outs that think that is true. We know better. When does the greed stop, never for the greedy.

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We may soon be seeing a calamity in weather is corrected . We are seeing daily calamity in weather and related deaths.

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