I rarely agreed with John McCain, but his take on Rand Paul is correct. I believe Mr. Paul is a traitor; along with many of his party.

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The Rand Paul you describe sounds traitorous.

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Libertarianism always ends up in Plutocracy. In practice it's about the freedom for the wealthy to rule in a way that benefits themselves. Putin would be a perfect example. The Republican candidates running for POTUS in 2024 are all owned by either the Koch Networks (DeSantis & Rubio) or the Robert Mercer Stable (Trump, Cruz, & Hawley). Paul seems to lean toward the Putin camp. All are capable of crossover, depending on where the funds are coming from. Cruz, when he ran for Mercer in 2016, advocated for a return to the gold standard and a 10% flat tax. Those policies would have ended in an irreparable depression and debt crisis.

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From today’s blog: [libertarians believe that] representative democracy is “mob rule” and therefore should be subordinated to the “magic of the marketplace.”

But rule by the marketplace IS mob rule — a mob of heartless rich bastards!

It’s highly doubtful that the average bubbas in the wild, instinctually voting “R” like eating, sex, and guns, give a damn about the finer points of Ayn Rand, objectivism, and libertarianism. They instantly recognize ultimate selfishness with no further prompting.

And in the heat of the hunt (think Elon Musk), they relish the challenge, only caring about satisfying their own needs and wants, no matter how craven. Anything or anyone even hinting at the slightest curtailment of their every whim and desire triggers primal fear and undying hate. Altruistic intervention for the survival of humanity and the planet escapes their retarded comprehension, lost in fits of blind ambition and rage.

So, true to form, they instinctually lash out without thinking or worrying about consequences. Lizard-brains are cold-hearted predators, deceptive by nature, who instantly recognize both allies in spirit, lying through forked tongues as easily as breathing, and natural enemies: DemocRATS! (both big-D and little-d).

So they nest together in the pits of Republicanism, wallowing in mutual hatred of liberals, hissing at anything smelling progressive that might shine light onto their squirming masses, finding solace in darkness. They only emerge in their true form every two years to strike at the heart of democracy, softening up their prey (us) with numbing venom for the eventual kill.

Some say… the collective consciousness of their reptilian subspecies is on a path of backward evolution, reverting to a more primitive shell of their original selves in the lower echelons of the animal kingdom, after having pissed off the great and powerful Overlord of the Universe for being total assholes. Makes sense.

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The fraternal connection goes beyond politics; people gravitate toward their "tribe".  I don't know if Senator Paul lacks a conscience, but I do know he is relentless and ruthless, as is Putin. When someone gets in their way, that person is going to SUFFER. We have all witnessed how Rand Paul and other Republican senators have persecuted Dr. Fauci for just doing his job. They know damn well this puts Dr. Fauci and his family in danger.

Rand Paul, Putin, and many Republicans have a real need to have a punching bag, and they are always "punching down". Sometimes they misjudge just how that will go, and they get punched back.

These are broken people who think nothing of their duty to the people of their country or of breaking their oath of office.

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Isn't anyone seeing the Paradox? "Every (man!) for himself" is the same thing as "Every (man, woman and child) subservient to their feudal lord." Thom makes a fundamental error. The people are NOT practical. Here in CA they have voted forever for monopolization of utilities, for instance. This Fall, who doesn't expect them to VOTE FOR Trump's tax breaks to beggar the rest of us? (Just a tip of the iceberg symbol.) Trump is sadly right about the nature of most of us go-along, get-along suckers. The losers will vote against themselves. Same-O, same-O.

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We have a morality issue in US politicians. With few exceptions, we are born with the ability to know right from wrong. For example, I don't need a law against chopping puppies in half to know it isn't acceptable behavior.

A major issue today is that our politicians APPARENTLY cannot tell right from wrong. I don't know what laws the traitors broke in the terrorist attack on our capitol on Jan 6th 2021, but I know with 100% certainty that what they did was HORRIBLY wrong.

Yet, politicians don't seem to notice - for long.

I don't believe that ANY citizen thinks the attempted coup last Jan 6th is "OK". NaziRepublican Part worshippers are willingly fooled, but I can't remember any of them saying it was OK on Jan 7th.

Yet, we have two political parties both attempting to use the attack on our democracy FOR POLITICAL ADVANTAGE.

How can we respect them? Neither party realizes that creating a civilized society requires that we be absolutely intolerant of any behavior that reduces the level of civilization. Both parties CLEARLY understood the attempted coup was wrong, yet both parties dropped their initial "we have to act now" attitude within DAYS, and hooked up the milking machine instead.

The only hope for America is creating a political party dedicated to advancing civilization.

Fortunately, we are really close to replacing 50% of the D party lying corrupt thieves with patriots. We should make it this Congressional Election.

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