Isn’t the Delta variant sweeping through the US? How is anti-mask going to help that?

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There is no functioning libertarian society, but I still love to refer those would-be libertarians to Somalia.

Would-be Libertarians really need to consult the sections hidden at the end of the second chapter of the Libertarian Platform...

Congrats on this interface. I hope it is productive.

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Funding the movement is a biggest reason for it. Republicans have found many willing to contribute to anything anti-Biden. It is a money maker for them. To hell with the likelyhood of causing the spread of covid. Rand will make sure he is protected he don't care about the rest.

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Living in West Virginia I am surrounded by anti-mask and anti-vax. Where I work there are only 2 or 3 vaccinated and no one, self included, wears a mask. I am vaccinated and also got the booster shot. I have learned those who are anti- are not likely to change until they or someone close to them gets sick. This seems to be the norm for them. It seems most in WV will support anti-mask and vax agendas as most seem to believe Trump won the 2020 election.

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In the "Me Society vs. We Society" conflict, I find it hard to distinguish Neoliberal from Libertarian influences. - Maybe it doesn't matter.

Both seem to promote a ME, Me, Me Society and anti-government feelings seem to be the common denominator. - Neoliberal really means anti-liberal/anti-plurality and Libertarians would prevent government from protecting our liberties. - Unfortunately, some seem to believe they represent the sentiment(s) their names evoke, but fail to look into their real policies. - As our friend Robert Reich says: "…(their) favorite word is freedom, but it's not YOUR freedom they mean…". - It's their freedom to manipulate and dominate. - It's their freedom from the responsibilities a We Society demands. - Remember this the next time the chest pounders accuse others of avoiding 'personal responsibility'. - Their con is built upon deceitful projection and the lies begin with their names.

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Abbot and DeSatan's will only "get away with it" if we let them.

Their cynical, cowardly negligence have already led to pediatric infections. It's our job to make sure the hospitalizations, intubations and deaths which result are documented and hung around their necks.

Even before the great pandemic of 1918-19 masks were known scientifically to prevent coronavirus infections. That makes their anti-mask jihad purely malicious.

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To counter the Rand Paul insanity..

Offer vaccine rewards...we thank you for taking care of one another by wearing a mask and getting the vaccine...we want to thank you with Take Care Rewards Card

If you have your Vaxcard you get 1 year rent voucher if facing eviction.

If you wear a Mask in a store you get gift card of $5.00 up entry. You also get priority in line ;)

Vaxcard free coffee at Starbucks every Monday.

Vaxcard free Bus Pass for 6 months

Vaxcard food vouchers $40.00/month

Vaxcard Free city parking voucher 5 days / month

Take Care Rewards encouraging us to take care of one another .

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Canadian here. One brother is anti-mask and anti-vax. The wife of another brother is also anti-mask and anti-vax as is her entire family. Neither of them met a conspiracy theory they didn't like. Delta is moving through Canada too. I live in Ukraine and my wife and I have been vaccinated 6 weeks now but still wear masks in stores.

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Cause and effect, karma, what goes around comes around and bites you in the ass -- it's all the same; a "me" society leads to fascism because power-mongering predators exploit the selfish desires (and fears) of their lazy, gullible victims. It's hard to feel any sympathy when willing participants feel the inevitable pain at the end of their dead-end journey unless they finally come to their senses and realize their humanity, that we're all in this together and must find a better path to a better world before it's too late.

This really does feel like a major turning point in the evolution of our species. Everything is coming to a head on this "pale blue dot" all at once: overpopulation, dwindling resources, wars everywhere, horrific weapons, extreme politics and religion -- a powder keg looking for a match. And, of course, the big ones are the long-lasting destruction of the climate and the ultimate decline of civilization as a result.

...Nothing to worry about.

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Oh, the irony. The ones hollering the loudest about their rights and freedoms being violated are the very ones responsible for the circumstances resulting in that violation in the first place because of their own poor choices, which were clearly stupid and wrong.

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Maybe if we just wait long enough…

“How the Black Death Improved the Lives of Medieval Peasants”


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Plenty of encounters! I live not far from Westminister, CO, where the Libertarian Party was founded in the 1970s, and have run for office in a county with plenty of L-minded folks.

Malcolm Gladwell's 3 elements on tipping points (law of the few, stickiness, and context) are important to consider. Law of the few--yes, with plenty of funding. Stickiness--yes, but starting to fray with the toll of Covid and End of Empire problems.

Context is a bit more tricky. The aggregation algorithms of social media create an artificial context for many. The reality of knowing people who have Covid or seeing the consequences of Covid, however, creates cognitive dissonance.

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