Thank you Thom for this eye opening list of accomplishments by President Biden and our fellow Democrats. Even though I pay attention to current events and follow legislation progress, I really didn’t have a full appreciation until your article. I fully expect tonight’s Republican debate will be a Biden bashing fest with statements about something something “socialism”, wokism, blah blah blah. The right has no plan for this nation other than cruel and divisive policies. They are a regressive and repressive mess of old and dead ideas that drag down the poor and middle class. It’s sad and scary that the Republican cult can’t leave their destructive ideology.

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You just earned yourself a paid subscription! Hell must have frozen over. for the first time, I have read an article written by someone who is Not pro-Trump/MAGA who has not focused on Trump/MAGA!

Yes I want to keep tabs on the indictments, but I think it's important that Biden's accomplishments are seen by voters. Memes are awesome, hope you can post a few over time, a couple a month, until about Tuesday, November 5, 2024

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"He’s restored independence to the Department of Justice...."

I agree.

Given some of the most vicious continued attacks on many aspects of the rule of law, the enormous importance of garland / smiths work, and the near-complete failure of mainstream media to adequately inform about legal developments, the above is an understatement. In the background we must keep in mind that whatever political, governmental and foreign policy progress is being attempted or made, success or failure depends upon the rule of law as it always has in this country.

"(T) he due administration of Justice is the firmest pillar of good government...

Hence the selection of the fittest characters to expound the laws, and dispense Justice, has been an invariable object of my anxious concern...."

- George Washington letter to Edmund Randolph sept 28, 1789

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Thank you. This gives me a lot of information to share and talk about.

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"After centuries of police violence against Black people and other minorities, Biden signed a landmark executive order on safe, effective, and accountable policing that mandated federal reforms such as banning chokeholds, restricting no-knock entries, creating a national police accountability database, and restricting the transfer of military equipment to local police departments."

Sorry Mr. Hartmann, it just ain't so. In fact, police murders of Black People in the United States have increased during the Biden administration as have overall incidences of police misconduct.

President Joe Biden sat with family members of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in the White House and signed an executive order he called the “most significant police reform in decades.”One of the more notable promises in the order was setting up a “National Law Enforcement Accountability Database,” that would collect detailed information about officers who committed misconduct. The deadline to launch it was Jan. 20, the same day that five Memphis police officers were fired for the beating death of Tyre Nichols — a killing that has once more ignited national debate about policing. The Department of Justice has yet to announce the database, and refuses to respond to multiple requests for comment on its status. Deadlines for other initiatives in Biden’s order, like new standards for credentialing police departments, appear to have also come and gone without acknowledgement or public results.

The administration had a very low bar to clear Biden’s promise of “significant police reform” at the federal level, as congressional gridlock has stymied every legislative proposal in recent years. That’s largely why a number of prominent civil rights groups hailed Biden’s executive order as a positive first step, while also complaining that it didn’t go far enough. (Other groups, like the Movement for Black Lives, were more critical, arguing the order represented “minor reforms that tinker on the edges of a racist system.”)

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I Love you❤️Thom Hartman.

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Converting Trump supporters to rational thinkers has been a major problem. I have found using reverse psychology helps in some cases. The trumpsters hate the left because they have been brainwashed or hypnotized or both. If you talk to one, wish them well and tell them that they deserve a dictatorship. That takes their focus from getting back at the libs off and on to themselves. Quite frankly, anyone who supports a dictatorship deserves a dictatorship.

If only Biden would use his bully pulpit to explain to the GOP base, what a dictatorship is and can and will do about a thousand times like Trump does in order to get through and hypnotize them. I can't see why Biden is not doing that now, or why he never prosecuted with the help of Garland of course the GOP big shots two and a half years ago and let the GOP win the Congress and keep the supreme Court. I will vote for Biden, but he isn't fighting very hard for democracy. I expect Trump to pardon himself, if he is not incarcerated. How long will it take for a state like Georgia to lock him up? Or even the federal government starting at this late date?

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It's telling to see the sheer volume of legislation intended to help the everyday American citizen as compared to Trump's sole legislative accomplishment - a tax cut for the wealthy. The public sees this clearly, and it'll be reflected in the ballot box results. While I laud Biden's administration for lowering drug prices via the Inflation Reduction Act, I'm also seeing that big Pharma isn't happy that their profit levels have been reduced - now we'll all have to contend with their attempts to raise profit levels by restoring their artificial plandemic fearmongering; prepare for another long season of being controlled and told what to do and wear.

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Please don’t publish Trump’s mug shot! It’s really a PR piece and amounts to free publicity of the worst kind.

If you must show it, please add the caption “The old spoiled brat, pouting.”

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Thank you for the great positives of Biden, etc. all in one place! We all can use it to campaign for him next year.

Now, if he could just order the Interior department to STOP terrorizing, maiming and killing our wild

horses (I'm a horse person, geologist, organic farmer) I'd praise him big time. This horrible practice is done to replace them with double the numbers of livestock on public lands when there are just a few thousand horses and at the same time millions of livestock and energy installations doing exponentially more damage to our public lands.

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As the MAJORITY of this nation has become a bit more enlightened, the minority was ripe for the picking by the cult of Trump. The GOP lost the culture war they had been waging with the religious far-right, the first parasite they invited in, so they gladly supported getting another. It does beg the question, is there anything left of this conservative party or their decency.

They had their chance to cleanse their future of Trump during that second impeachment and indeed a small portion of them tried. Major fail! Now it's time for the MAGA movement to finish their feast.

Good Report, Thom. Curious how so much of what is said in the comments eventually devolves into blaming the Democrats for the ACTIONS of the Republicans. That's bullshit!

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When President Obama put Joe Biden on the ticket, it was apparent that he thought about what would be best for the USA if he did not make it through all 8 years. The crazies are always out there, and there were likely twice as many threats for the first successful black President. 

That happened again when the other candidates stepped aside and essentially anointed Biden as the candidate. It was about having someone to simply heal the nation in all the broken places after Trump and to get us past the pandemic. Experience. Wisdom. EMPATHY! He had it all, and he used every bit of it the last two and a half years.

You mentioned restoration, and the first thing President Biden restored was the cabinet and the advisors. He allied himself with Bernie and other progressives. That is exactly how he got all that you mentioned done while trying to undo the mess he was left. He gave us good people doing good things.

The Republican assholes can try to lie and hate their way into the Oval Office, but not one of them will EVER be able to fill Biden's shoes. Worst of all, if elected, any Republican or Trump will bring along their crummy ideological cronies who also don't know or care about the American people and our future. Let's go Dark Brandon!!!

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Too bad the gubmint can't self-promote and shit-talk.

Not really, but it would be sane of us all to acknowledge the stark disparity between individuals/ corporations mouthing off all day everyday everywhere all the time - and our government (we) which is bound by rules and norms to sit with sewn lips.

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As if you didn’t know, that the antonym of woke is brain dead –zombie

There was a TV series with Mary Elizabeth Winstead, called Braindead.

Some alien antlike creatures invaded the ear, and the first victim was a very Lindsey Graham Senator.

It invaded more and the senators invaded became very much like Trump Humpers.

The first showing was in 2016, meaning it was in production before Trump was elected.

But it seems to be more than science fiction, because it accurately depicts the Trump humping world.

As regards Biden’s support for Ukraine, all I cansay it has been tepid, He demurred and drug his heels on providing F-16’s, until embarrassed by NATO and though he approved training of F-16 pilots he conditioned training on Ukraine having F-16’s, a Catch 22. Until Denmark said it will give Ukraine F-16’s, and in a glorious end run, Greece will be training the pilots.

Biden seems to be weak kneed when it comes to Putin, all his to do is wave his nuclear phallus in the face of the west, or at least, America and America drops a load in it’s pants. And now Kim Jong Un has learned from Putin, he is now threatening nuclear war.

A country no longer has to equip and transport an army to take over democracies, all they have to do is wave the nuclear phallus, and democracies fall to their knees and fellate.

But not all, it seems that some NATO countries have the stones that America and Biden do not have.

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The Republicans really have nothing to debate about if evidenced-based achievements are taken into account, which won't happen because the real issues we face as a nation won't even be on the agenda. We don't need another phony debate; it would better to just stick a needle in your eye and scream. What we need at this perilous watershed moment in history is an eco-socialist revolution and a new government to replace the corrupt duopoly that now inhabits the Swamp. Biden is responsible for many progressive changes, but in light of the looming climate crisis, being progressive isn't strong enough medicine. It's too late for the old liberal consensus idea of incremental change when we have fascist terrorists running the House of Representatives and dominating the Supreme Court. A Las Barricadas!

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Indeed this debate will have criticism of Biden, some of it true, some of it exaggerated, and none of it authentically directed towards fixing the problems at hand. That being said, at least the Republicans are having a debate and a primary. At least they are embracing the illusion of democracy and choice, while Democrats appoint a judgment-addled right-center Republican to a second term with no discussion or critical thinking allowed. Truthtellers like Dr Cornel West are not welcome because they expose Biden for who he really is and prove all the accomplishments you listed to largely be campaign fodder. I look for accountability for not only Trump, but for all the war criminals and liars (Biden and Obama included) for I refuse to make excuses for them. I do not need to adopt the shame and guilt of their treachery by covering up for them just because I am afraid of Trump. Those who reject accountability always look for scapegoats to blame as that is the simplest answer. On the right-center liberal side these days that's Putin and Trump. For the right-wingers it's the "Biden crime syndicate" and "wokeism." Both sides are wrong and neither has the courage to fix it lest they risk losing an election. I will watch tonight even though I know what I'm going to hear, but it will be better than the crickets coming from those right-center liberals on their crusade to save democracy all the while suppressing it.

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