If Americans understood what socialism is, rather than too often having the knee jerk idea that's just some kind of Communism, they might actually demand change. Nobody likes higher taxes, but then nobody in their right mind likes hungry children or citizens who can't get decent jobs, housing, education or medical care. And at the same time if they understood who is profiting (including often members of Congress) from a far too unregulated capitalistic system that screws everyone else they might be furious. Obviously a balance is needed so people have the opportunity to get ahead and yet no one is abandoned. We've gotten so far out of whack here.

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I believe the people of Wisconsin (self included) do agree that America can and must do better than Ron Johnson. As for the “voters” of Wisconsin, we’ll have to wait and see who is privileged enough to cast a ballot this fall. The Koch/ Uihlein legislature & supreme court will continue fighting hard to establish voting as a privilege, not a right.

All kidding aside, couldn’t those bribing Ron Johnson also do better than Ron Johnson? I really don’t get it. This guy doesn’t have the interpersonal skills to be a clerk at Kwik Trip, much less take their dirty money and attempt to intelligently speak on behalf of libertarian warlords. He publicly buffoons himself every damn time his mouth is in an open position. And he is a senator.

...“It takes a village to raise a child but just a flag to raze the children until they’re nothing more than ballast for fulfilling a madman’s dream of a paradise where complexity is reduced to black and white. How do I protect her from this cult of death?”

”Dear Coach’s Corner”

Supporting Caste, 03/2009


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I hear the same whining from people at the diner: "why should my property taxes pay for public schools? I don't have kids/my kids are grown up" or "my kids go to private school"

I hear "why should we pay more so people on the south side (Chicago) can get it for free?" - this one boggles the mind. Who's getting anything for free in the poor neighborhoods with no food and no jobs on the south/west side? Rich people in the white suburbs think they're paying higher prices because "black people are getting it for free" - as if there are free gas stations, free COVID tests, free anything in black neighborhoods. This is asinine. There are predatory payday loan stores, liquor and tobacco stores and corporate owned fast food chains in abundance.

The root of this very Republican sentiment is that they don't want people of color to have children at all. That is the root of it. You've seen the "GOD GUNS BABIES" signs - Those are calls for all white protestants to have lots of children so they can be "tomorrow's Christian soldiers" or really, tomorrow's conservative white voters.

I don't have a lot of hope or faith in Wisconsin voters. The GOP has been at work with the business owners and donors to make sure they keep their power base there.

It's hard to tell if probes into Ron Johnson's ethics violations or possible criminal violations would help or hinder his re-election, for example:

"... Johnson appears to be using information provided or made publicly available by foreign individuals with known ties to Russia who have openly declared their intent to aid Trump’s reelection effort."


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Thank u for the link. I just read the 12 page letter to Sen Lankford requesting an investigation into RoJos ethics violations. I live outside of Madison, WI. RoJo is a poor excuse for a Senator for WI. Sadly, the 70 of 72 counties vote Repub, although Dane and Milwaulee counties are so highly populated that the Democratic votes out vote the others. We are heavily gerrymandered in the state. Democrats received 54% of votes and hold 36% of seats in state houses. Its sickening, A significant number of us are actively sounding the horns, but dark money pours in and taints headway we make. Its extremely discouraging, but we continue to fight the good fight.

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I grew-up on the Wisconsin/Illinois border. The youth in Madison fought hard for what was right. Now, it's all the generations working together. You are going to get there, Frances. Thank you.

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hummm... if you don't feed and care for them you don't have to educate them which works great for repugnicons as they are then easy fodder for Repugnicon lies and misdirection. It's worked great for them since Ronnie Ray-guns.

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Children did not ask to be born, nor have they had the chance to choose a country. Republicans say they have rights from the time they are an egg and sperm. But, Senator Johnson doesn't seem to think kids that are living, breathing Americans actually have the right to A life. You know, one that includes shelter, food, clothing, health care, and a decent education.

Ron Johnson and the Republicans have a message for the parents: You've got some nice kids there, it'd be a shame if something happened to them. It's a useful message these days when there seems to be a bit of a work rebellion going on. The workforce is sick of being abused, not being supported by management, and it's sick of the covid risks. We are trying to give them the solutions. However, the senator is so concerned parents are getting something he perceives they don't deserve, he's blind to anything logical, humane, or good for America.

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