Thank you Thom for this view of reality .

The truly crazed are everywhere.

The US version of the Taliban are alive and well. The careening attack on women in the form of planned denial of birth control is GOP/ Clarence

Thomas/ Catholic Church

level of crazy.

This attempt at total control over women’s rights is one more area that these Far Right lunatics have wandered into.

They play a favorite game of Far Right ideology.

Lets ‘ pretend’ and lets ‘control’.

Lets pretend racism isn’t happening. Lets not say ‘race was involved in the Tulsa massacre’. Lets pretend black and brown skinned people don’t have rights. No voting , incarcerate, ruin .

Lets pretend women are fine with being told what to do by men . Questions that men have no right to interfere with .

Lets pretend Donald Trump didn’t attempt to have the former well thought of president Barack Obama and his family attacked , killed

by his lunatic fringe gun toting crazies.

This by giving out the home address of this president and his family’s private home.

Trump should be prosecuted for this .

Let pretend that Trumps devoted fans are loving people not hateful extensions of their twisted leader, and they mean no harm.

Lets pretend that the far right six on the Supreme Court aren’t trying to mollify their financial benefactors with all the new rules they make up as they go along .

And the tragic ruination of our Constitution as they plow through the peoples rights.

Lets pretend that the SC hasn’t been “ politicized”.

Lets pretend the House of Representatives are grown ups who exist only to create legislation to help the majority of its citizens in this country.

Lets realize we cant pretend any more .

The fascists are here and destroying democracy and human rights .

They must be stopped.

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THE NEW Mantra for the GOP should be "THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT !!! "

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'Oh, Cabana Boy! Could you bring me another mojito and throw in a side of Nuke launch codes?' Thank you, darling!

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Trump and all his MAGA followers are destroying our country. Since he gave out the Obama’s address and one of his crazy followers attempted to assassinate him, Trump should be charged in this racial hate crime. He has always been a criminal, even before these serious crimes against our country were perpetrated. If there is REAL justice, he will not die a FREE man/traitor. LOCK HIM UP!!

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How crazy could that not-OK state superintendent of schools be when a SCOTUS "justice" claims that the 14th Amendment was intended to be "race-neutral"?

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I am holding my breath on Jack Smiths investigation of congress, because it is too late (on purpose)

the further, in time, we get toward such a crime as sedition, the harder it is to prosecute and then there is the statute of limitations. This is a PR ploy, nothing else. Smith is going to drag out the Trump prosecution,until it is too late, and we are in the actual general election.

Biden continuously disappoints. It is as he was basing his campaign (and there was no such in 2020 as a head of cabbage could have beat Trump) on not disturbing the status quo, like the SCOTUS 9.

I would like to assume good faith, and say that the job is to big for one man, and that is why they have cabinets. Cabinets who have staff that advises, the Department head, and then briefs the president.

A staff which he appoints and the Senate approves, except for the “advisors”, given the ideology of his staff, save a few, like Buttigeg and Fudge, appear to be middle of the road , marginal Democrats.

If true then he is being led by his staff, like a sheep with a ring through it’s nose. Which is not very difficult because his natural inclinations, is what his racist mentors, Eastland and Thurmond taught him was compromise, bipartisan ship, another word for being a corporate Republican, and Indeed in the Senate he was known as the Senator from Wall Street, given that Delaware is the charter home of over 600 corporations, because it has the weakest charter laws.

I do wish there was a full throated, unintimidated , candidate, in the wings, like Elizabeth Warren (not sold on Bernie though, not sure I can trust him) Unfortunately Warren has a flock of hawks hovering over her, followed by vultures (the media) waiting to pick her bones.

Just about every excuse Biden has for not doing anything like use Executive authority to raise the debt limit, or expand the court, comes down to he doesn’t want to upset the Republicans,

I think the only results he and the DNC care about, is being able to claim a win, no matter how ineffective and trivial the result is. Like his Inflation Reduction Act is bipartisan only because the GOP went along with the tax reduction for plutocrats, and the moneys to be used are going to the states, and the states can use the money as they see fit, which includes nepotism and corruption, and I haven’t seen any reporting on the money and how and who is spending it.

There is a lot of champagne being spilled by the Democrats and corporate media, after a bill is signed, but no follow up, like signing the bill was all that was necessary. There is follow up, and the follow up should be who is benefiting, who gets the contracts, where is the money going and how is it being spent. If that info was made public, by an independent source, not one tied financially or ideologically to it, we would not be so celebratory. (Corporate media sucks, and like a broken clock Trump was right on this one, and the FBI, they are indeed the enemy of the people, one elected him, the other protected him (and still does, with it’s Trump humping staff, and Attorney General)

If Garland was appointed to the Supreme Court, liberals and Democrats would think the same about him as the do John Roberts, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett, Thomas.

It is his nature to be conservative, even ultra conservative, which he has proved since appointed, yet their Biden sits like a stone wall, doing nothing, while Garland is doing his best to defer prosecution and not prosecute the traitors in Trump’s administration or in Congress.

Once again I will be forced to vote for Biden, cause the alternative is worse. I don’t have a choice because the DNC is itself corrupt, complicit and cowardly being enthralled to the megadonors like Chamber of Commerce, PhRMA and AHIP, but it is not outright fascist, theocratic and Autnhoritarian driven.

The DNC just doesn’t have a youthful, experienced, charismatic horse to put in the starting gate, all they have are old tired race horses, like Terry McAuliffe and Joe Biden, that have stood in line, paid their dues, accumulated the creds like Hillary did as Sec of State. And then they lose, because the voting public, even the anti Trumpers, just aren’t motivated by the candidate.

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I have a hard time believing there will be much success outlawing birth control. My mother was born in 1913 and used birth control very effectively in the 30's. I am an only child--by my mother's choice.

At a visit to my primary care in April there was a brochure on long-term birth control right in the patient room in plain sight.

It seems that, with all the hysterics about women's reproductive freedom being denied, MEN should be getting vasectomies in droves. Also MEN should be held accountable for ALL children they reproduce and also for forced pregnancies. This would change the reproductive responsibility landscape quickly.

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Of course that psychopath wants President and Mrs. Obama to be tortured with the thought of the next cult member coming after them. It must really burn his ass when he sees them out there living their best life after two full terms. They don't have to worry about prison. They are younger, better looking, and smarter. Trump cannot buy what they have, not even with the money he's already siphoning from his campaign. What a goddamn, lowlife, criminal LOSER. Trump has seen Putin do this kind of killing, so why wouldn't he give it a try?

Someone calling into "Washington Journal" said he wants to see some business people refuse to provide service to Catholics on religious grounds. That sounds like a good test case to me. And, I would add to that case it is because the church is known for pedophiles. REAL PEDOPHILES!

These religious fanatics on the Supreme Court should not be called Justice.

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President Biden is being exceptionally dense on the issue of Supreme Court Reform. He keeps saying that expanding the Court would politicize it. What?! The Court is and always has been politicized, no more so than under Chief Justice Roberts' leadership. If Democrats can regain control of Congress in the 2024 election, their first order of business needs to be major reform of the Supreme Court including term limits, a code of ethics, limiting their ability to rule on issues, and expanding the number of justices. If Congress can get their act together on this issue, whatever Democrat is in the White House will ultimately sign it into law.

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Democrats, Independents, and True Republicans need to band together - NOW! 2024 is almost certainly our last opportunity to peacefully, via the ballot box, keep MAGA Extremists from taking over total control of the United States government and economy. We must step up to this frightening challenge as other generations of Americans have before us.

November 19, 1863, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln said, in his post Civil War Gettysburg Address, “that these dead shall not have died in vain – that this nation, *under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”.

* Note he did not say "My God", or even "The God"; he said simply under God, whichever God you choose, or don't choose, to believe in.

"If we take the mystery and wonder out of religious belief, we end up with extremism". (Author Unknown)

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I, really wish we could just judge people for the human being that they are just that human beings. The hate has to stop. Tulsa Oklahoma had no skin color thing to it at all. Please we need to have the truth this is history, real history that happened to Black people. Trying to kill the former president because Trump gave out their address should be put him in jail offense. I need the hate to stop. How about just be you and I just be me. Life is to short for the hate they give. Thank you Thom for always getting the big picture.

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