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The fallacy that people won't contribute in an economic environment if it is lacking in "sticks" (too many carrots) will be message 1 emitting from our national misinformation foghorns here on. I've been observing this false narrative picking up a head of steam recently, and of course this lie is attributed to that enormous pile of cash people are receiving each month ($300 = 1/2 hr of corporate counsel fee...) as opposed to the actual reason: Death is in the air. And for an already shit job, the prospect of death or long-term disability just happens to be enough disincentive. Who would have guessed. Nonetheless, this truth will not pass through the corroded and toxic sewer system that is our nation's network of mass communication. Those with a national platform who so comfortably feign an innocent ignorance of the easily-understood and in its place forward untruth - these people, well... They are what we call "fuckers".

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It's really hard to work when you're sick with Covid.

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Concerning work, the happiest I have ever been was when someone told me I was the best boss they ever had. You can tell a lot about someone when you see how they use their power. Crappy hours, stress, and horrible working conditions can be alleviated somewhat by camaraderie and a decent boss. This is an alien concept to some jerks who run the show in corporate settings or those who own small businesses.

Thom used an NPR article today, and this quote shows how clueless those who think they are in charge can be: "In Missouri, a group of businesses, still frustrated by labor shortages more than three months after the state cut off the $300-a-week federal jobless checks, paid for billboards in Springfield that said: “Get Off Your Butt!” and “Get. To. Work.”

They think they can yell at you, and you don't even work for them. How damn dumb and arrogant can they be!?

Millions are not going to go back to work till they have too, and I bet there are a million reasons why. They are using THEIR power......fantastic!

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