Excellent piece Mr Hartmann. It is good to remind Americans who is responsible for this, Bush and Chaney. They both made out like devils leaving the American, Iraq and Afghanistan people paying the tab. The Iraq and Afghanistan people paid a higher loss of life than America. But the cost was so high for the American people in the loss of what our leaders could have done with billions dollars spent. Imagine the infrastructure and the safety nets that could have been accomplished. The incredible cost of our soldiers, not only to death but to life changing injury. Bush and Chaney need to be held accountable for starting this mess.

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The only thing holding up the Afghan government is is a stack of US tax payer dollars

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Three hearts for this masterpiece.

Thom, your writing is always fantastic. Truly. But this one struck the harmonics of truth at so precise an angle, it could be felt - far surpassing the boundaries of cognition. Beautiful.

We must know a thing before we do a thing. And know it truthfully. The concept is simple, but the consequences of bypassing the knowing are conplex and typically catastrophic at some point further in time.

As Don Miguel Ruiz says "Be Impeccable with Your Word.".

Our word is our first step in sharing a knowing. It matters. Lives are lost on the absence of this truth.

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Vietnam is another imperial SNAFU

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6,000 bombs a year and a trillion dollars and 20 years The military contractors helped out the

Afghan people when they had to and killed them when they did not have to

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I love it when people use creative solutions to pressing problems:


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