This pandemic has shifted the workforce equation. I live in a tourist area and they are going to have a hell of time filling the jobs available here. There is a sign up at Taco Bell for $14/HR. At last, my red county will not be able to argue about job killing wages. An argument we should not have to have because the proof was out there for a very long time in other locations. Here's the fact though: Until it happens on the Republicans' doorstep (literally), they will not believe or learn.

This is how their brains function. It has nothing to do with intelligence or education. We need to understand they are who they are. I have quit focusing my effort on debating them or trying to educate them. I will give them suggestions on where they can find information. Thom is so great about this, but even he doesn't get too far with them. Bless him for trying.

The push of the owner/employers against the workers will never end. President Biden really really gets it, and thankfully we also have his friends Senators Warren and Sanders. People Joe has surrounded himself with says it all. As for Wall Street, they helped elect him, but apparently getting Joe to the "party" doesn't mean he's going to dance with you or for you. That's not just my opinion, it's Barron's: Mar 5, 2021 — "For the first time in decades, a presidential administration has no big names from Wall Street. Markets will feel the absence."

A word for Dimon and his gang: SUFFER!

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One problem is that many people seem to have confused how governments work with how economic systems function. I doubt if democratic Communism truly works, but democratic Socialism does. And so does Fascist capitalism. While Pinochet murdered people for many reasons--he was, after all, well backed by Nixon and the CIA--his coup was against a system that had freely (if by a small vote) elected a Socialist leader. His point was to violently root out anyone who supported that government.

What we have are ranges of governments and economies some of which mesh for the support of the people, others for the support of those who hold the power. Most are somewhere between but unfortunately the tendency is for the latter to become dominant as power centralizes in fewer and richer hands which then control the governments. As Thom says both major political parties play into this, though the Republicans have gone down the rabbit hole of a psychopath who hates the world, while the Democrats at least try and do some positive things for the majority.

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How can you have any respect for a Party or the people that vote for a Party that lies about everything? I live in a Republican stronghold. They ignore what their Party is doing. I would have been outrage if Obama has told 30000+ lies. I would be outraged if Biden lied. But Republicans accept a Party that is based on lies and punishes members that tell the truth.

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