Thank you for the contact info at the end of this text. It was the first time I’ve ever contacted a U.S. President.

Also, the guy who called in today who disagreed with Thom and was just shouting (why do they do this?) stuff like, “I’VE GOT VIDEO TAPE!!!” reminded me of the guy who kept screaming, “WHAT’S THE FREQUENCY KENNETH!!!” Holy crap, was that funny! (and kind of pathetic at the same time).

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My Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO, not my choice) writes an article for Fox so called News about Cancel Culture. The day before he votes to Cancel Liz Cheney.

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Off Subject: One of the most confusing aspects to the Covid virus has been the statistics on its spread and deaths. California is rated as worse by total cases. California is way down the list for cases per 100000 population. That is the real statistic that counts. Who is number 1 in cases per 100000? North Dakota. Who is 3rd? South Dakota. The state that had the Sturgis Rally in the middle of the Pandemic.

India is major headlines everyday with its current cases, deaths and variant outbreak. India is 4x the population of the USA. India has 2/3 the total cases compared to the USA. India has 1/2 the total deaths and its variants are all ready here. Including in my County.

My County has a population of 350000. Last 14 days we have averaged 100 cases per day. Starting Today the County Governing Board of Commissioners is removing all restrictions, including wearing masks in the County. This is against State and State Health Departments recommendations. Of course, the 3 seat Board of Commissioners is all Republican.


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