A depressing litany of information that should be talking points for every Democratic candidate running for an office!

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Whether they directly benefit the morbidly rich through incompetent/corrupt regulations or are used to manipulate the GOP grifters’ base of poorly educated racists, every bullet point that Thom has laid out was either caused by, exploited by, or exacerbated by the powers of corporate personhood. We need a super majority of competent elected officials that will satisfy their Constitutional purpose by first nullifying those powers (money is speech/corporations are people) or the kleptocrats will continue to tear our democracy down.

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So this could be a list of reasons that every Democrat memorizes, so when the GOP opens their lying mouths about who they claim to be. Their words could be challenged on the spot.

Thanks again Thom , for a very coherent and true description of why their “ Poster Child Anti Abortion banner “ is not believable on any level.

These women are set up to give birth to children that may or may not survive the pregnancy or even their early years of life.

Because the ‘miserly to the poor Republicans ‘are more than willing to give extreme tax cuts to the wealthiest but nothing to the poorest , neediest citizens , this lie about their role as the “ Party of Life” is as obvious as their ‘Be punitive to the poor ‘ faces .

Everyone of them by being part of this ‘Cruelty is the Point ‘ party shouts indifference to Democracy.It screams their progressing plans to destroy Democracy and the Constitution on which it is based.

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Thanks for the dictionary of horrors. I cannot believe my neighbors support this shit.

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Somehow I’m more depressed than ever after reading this(or acknowledging the hopelessness of things ever changing). Thom has succinctly listed everything Americans should fear regarding the Republican ideology up to this point. Years of gaslighting and propaganda pushed down the conservative viewers’ throats has resulted in an electorate incapable of seeing the self destruction of voting for anyone with an “R” next to their name. Hate, misinformation and racism dominate their world view and is reinforced daily by so-called news sources who unfortunately have an anti- democracy bias. The Republican base clings to their false vision of returning to the “good ole days” of white male dominance and corrupted Christian values so they vote for like minded anti- democracy candidates. As long as these gullible Americans don’t see the reality of the lies they are fed daily not much is going to change. They honestly can’t see the reality that it’s the Republicans in legislative bodies across the country who vote against decent wages, healthcare benefits, and all the other issues Thom already listed. I’m wondering if and when any indictments start coming down for the tRump cabal if the reality of seeing him on trial and lying under oath (as he inevitably will) may help to peel off some supporters or at least open their eyes that their god-king is really a lifelong mob Russian money- laundering criminal.

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This is a sad commentary on the state of the GQPTP. This shows just the tip of the GQPTP’s huge iceberg of hypocrisy. More sadly, is that so many people have bought into this pile of propagandized excrement. I see all of the same GQPTP BS here, in Tennessee.

These folks continue to vote against their own best interests simply because they’ve allowed themselves to be drain-bramaged by the GQPTP propaganda machine to the point that it matters not to them what the person running for office proposes, as much as which letter, “R,” “I,” or “D,” is next to the candidate. I work our elections and it saddens me to hear them say, “I’d vote for so-and-so, but they have that “D” by their name, so I won’t.” The sheer willful stupidity of these folks never ceases to amaze me.

Sadly, I’m not allowed to offer my political opinion when I’m helping people with their voting. I’d get in a lot of trouble if I did.

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Even pre-covid, the drop in life expectancy in usa was noted as an alarming trend and something unprecedented in developed world.


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I read this morning that the State of Texas has taken over Houston's public school system, which has over 200,000 students. Why else but to get it out of the hands of those danged libruls, right?

Just another example of conservatives' "small guvmint."

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Pointing out that the GOP is a party of hypocrites and a death party makes no headway among the true believers. They know they are hypocrites, but could care less, pro life is another of those Frank Luntz, Orwellian words, it doesn't mean what people think it means. They do not care about human life after it leaves the womb, they don't care how many people die because of their policies. All they care about is power and control, and they wield words like weapons, and shame on us and the corporate media for buying into the b.s..

There are two tiers here. The so called libertarian, millionaire/Billionaire like Elon Musk, Pete Petersen, Peter Thiel, the owners and CEO's of most corporations and funds, and their minions who do the dirty work, who slavishly go to their beloved organs of propaganda for their daily homily and vote. or trek to the state or federal capitol to overthrow the government. Fired with self righteousness, indignation, anger and angst, they threaten and perform violence on those that they consider their enemy.

Both tiers share a quality, moralizing religiosity, there are two Texas billionaires, both of whom are Domionists who basically control Texas politics Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/24/politics/texas-far-right-politics-invs/index.html.

There is the town of Ave Maria in Flordia founded by Tim Monaghan of Domino's. Barre Seid, an orthodox Jew left his entire estate to the Federalist Society.

Peter Thiel, who was the main instigator of the run on Silicon Valley Bank, is a major Donor to the GOP I do not know his religious affilation, but his donations and sponsorship patterns indicate an intense culture war involvement, Blake Masters and JD Vance both worked for Thiel and were supported by him.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Thiel

And on it goes, scratch a billionaire and you find someone deeply invested in a religious based ideology.

Religions is for sociopaths, because people with principles and empathy can not become that wealthy.

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9.6 million Texans did not vote in the 2022 election and we hold 40 electoral college votes. We live in a non-voting state and are currently living through most of the things on this list.

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Why do so many ‘poor’ people vote Republican?

Seems like populations that would benefit from democratic policies, like those in West Virginia, and many southern states, tend to vote for horrible people, like Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ron DeSantis, Lauren Boebert and Joe Manchin?

These politicians and most other Republicans do little favor to their constituents!

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I agree with Louis that the democrats should be using the Republican's anti the wellbeing of the citizens as their talking points. Is this failure because the top leadership of the Democratic Party are beholden to the same donors?

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Sullivan is proof that just because you can speak, write and get a job writing for a junk tabloid, that one is not really intelligent, as he lacks critical thinking skills. The fool has a reactionary defense of Catholicism, a religion that considers him evil, and a purveyor of societal destroying ideas and behavior. He is an out and out gay. And we know what the Catholic Church thinks of gays, . As a former Catholic I surmise that his out is that he can confess on Saturday, get communion on Sunday and he is good for a week until the next confession.

Indeed Sullivan is a pathetic POS. Thanks for educating me about Thiel. It seems that the very worst of the right wing culture warriors are right wing Catholics, Evangelicals and Dominionists. We, the people, make them rich by buying their tawdry wares.

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Good read to go along with this article:

“After Matthew Desmond won the Pulitzer for Evicted, about families struggling to stay housed, the Princeton sociologist realized he still didn't understand why the U.S. has more poverty than any other advanced democracy.

His new book Poverty, By America, provides a provocative and compelling answer: It's because the rest of us benefit from it, and act to keep it that way.”


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Rep Randy Fine (R) Florida posted this May/05/22

Elementary school Children is a small sacrifice

that I'm willing to make for the Second Amendment

Public schools aren't in the Constitution

in 2022

Gun Owner, Gun Lover, Gun Connoisseur, and an A+ Grade by the NRA,

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Again I ask, why isn't this information being shouted from the rooftops in rural America where the people are decent but believe and support these dangerous idiots! I have relatives that are decent, hardworking people, but think Trump is the greatest thing to happen to this country since sliced bread.

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