If Garland and Biden would have prosecuted the insurrectionist ringleaders immediately instead of waiting several years, they could have been stopped. But since most Americans are pretty much ignorant to world events, they can be easily manipulated by the rich owned media. We the majority, need our government to defend democracy, which they are not doing enough of. Heck they didn't even defend the White House on January 6th. Only a media blitz designed to educate the Cult to reality could possibly work, and the commercials should end with, if you can't vote for a Democrat just don't vote Republican!

If we don't work towards a heaven on Earth, we will inherit a hell on Earth!

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"On the Supreme Court, six Republicans have their hands out to the morbidly rich and then reward that largesse by legalizing voter purges, political bribery, and gutting worker protections."

And they are so absolutely blatant about it.

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I would argue that the ideology of the founding fathers as laid out in the Constitution is one of white supremacy, patriarchy and human bondage. That extended to genocide when it came to Native Americans. Ideals shared by Republicans and Democrats alike. So the founding fathers' intellectualization of all that is fodder for scholars and historians but the practical application is still being exercised by the Republican and Democratic parties alike. Keep the wealthy white males in power while pretending you are working for the common man (or woman etc).

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Ten years ago this Report would have annoyed me. Comparisons to WWII felt inappropriate then because of a need to respect what they endured and sacrificed for our nation. In 2023, I see the truth and value in the comparison. So thanks, Thom, for the glimpse into the past and explanation of what is currently happening.

The "Sucker" reel is so good! It perfectly explains that those promoting prejudice are after some things. And, YOU did a stellar job explaining what "things" they want these days.

This is from a recent Facebook post by Beto O'Rouke, and it shows they are getting what they want:


It’s a tough week in Texas... On September 1, new laws passed by Republican extremists in the last legislative session will officially go into effect. Here’s what that means:

→ Texas Republicans will be able to overturn democratically-decided elections if they don’t like the outcome.

→ Labor protections like local minimum wages and rest and water breaks for workers will be eliminated.

→ The most extreme anti-LGBTQ laws that Texas has passed in decades will put a fresh target on the backs of transgender children and their families.

→ Republicans will have more power to ban books in schools across Texas.

→ Licensed school counselors will be replaced with untrained, unsupervised, and unregulated religious chaplains in Texas schools.

(End Quote)

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I doubt that anyone has read Camp of the Saints. I did, back in the 1980''s. It's fiction, that is becoming fact. The plot is that Africans , west Asians and people from the Levant and Mid east, are migrating en masse to Europe, arriving in the likes of cargo ships.Europe is over whelmed, and loses it's identity to become Muslim. For those that are concerned about radical Christianity, take a long look at Saudi Arabia, Irfan, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan and even Malyasia. You do not want to be a citizen of those countries, much less visit.

As I see it, the book was prophetic, and accounts for the rise of the right, the fascists are taking control of Europe. Orban of Hungary was the first, the neo NAZI party in Germany just won second place in the Reichstag. France is under seige.. There is the rise of the right in England, Belgium, Scandinavia, and all because of the apparently unstoppable surge of immigrants arriving by boat.

I consider myself a progressive, but I also am not stupid or so ideological, that I want to live under and oppressive religious regime, be it Dominionist, Christian Nationalist or Muslim.

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Reading all the comments below, all I can say, is that if we fail to re-elect Biden/Harris, all Democratic incumbents. and replace republicans with incoming democrats to enhance the House and Senate with a super majority, all the hard work under the January 6th Committee, the work of AG is different states, the DOJ and Jack Smith, and all other law enforcements involved will be all for naught. Any republican that sits in the OVAL, will pardon them all and the criminals will be back on the streets of main town USA. That is my fear. What is yours?

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Thanks for a fascinating dive into the history of American Fascism. I like that there was stuff there I have not run across before.

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Why don't you lead an uprising?

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We’ve seen it locally and heard it nationally. On board a ship going down, trying to bail water with my Starbucks cup.

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The US was founded on an idea. There have always been contrary ideas and people who felt strongly about those opposing ideas and who worked to promote and propagate them. How does one idea prevail over opposite or competing ideas within a society and a nation? There is one stock answer to that question and we all know what it is. It all boils down to education. So, why is it seen as changing the subject or splitting hairs to ask why education has not resulted in this country in maintaining that original core idea and proving to the vast majority that the opposing ideas promoting xenophobia, greed, paranoia, superstition, ignorance, and bad religion are unworthy of us and unworkable in a democracy? If the failure is there, why do we shirk from dealing with that issue and allow ourselves to be forever distracted by other less fundamental issues? Just asking for a friend.

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