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Republicans are all about money and power, so is the NRA. People, especially children, should not die to line the pockets of R’s and the NRA.

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I want to vomit every time I hear an elected official or community leader say "This has to STOP!" after a mass shooting, drive-by, road-rage incident, or home accident. It's a stupid declaration.They know what the problems are. They also know some of the solutions Thom has outlined, but these "leaders" don't have the courage to use their few minutes of prime time to talk about THAT.

Confiscation rhetoric just makes gun-nuts nuttier. Selling them on tech to secure their firearms is absolutely where we can come together with some of them.

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Excellent point Thom! TY!

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There is a simple reason NaziRepublican Party cult members slaughter children for relaxation.

Adults run too fast and aren't hiding under desks. See, simple.

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Thom, you got it wrong. The NaziRepublican Party does care about gun violence against children but only if you shoot a pregnant woman in the belly. Once the kid is out, to the NaziRepublican Party it's no longer a kid, it's a target.

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Guns don't kill children, people do. That is, people with guns. To me the solution is simple, don't allow gun ownership by anyone who wants a gun. Nothing else works.

In 1986, I lived in Naples, FL when $10,000 of my wife's jewelry was stolen. We discovered it had been fenced at a Miami pawn shop for $200. We drove to the pawn shop and of course they denied it, and since they immediately trade stolen jewelry with another pawn shop, you will never find it. However, they also had guns. I blew off the jewelry and asked about handguns for "self defense", as if a gun could actually be used for defense, as we all know, guns shoot, not deflect, bullets, so they are entirely offensive.

The pawn shop owner showed me his guns, and I picked out two beautiful slaughter devices, high dollar chromed semi automatics, over $2,000 of guns. I pulled out my wallet and said "I'll take both, plus ammo, a storage box, some targets, and a cleaning kit. The owner was positively drooling at the sale. He marked the guns "sold" and put them away. I said "Wait, you misunderstood me, I want to take them with me TODAY". He told me Florida had a 3 day waiting period, so he'd have to hold them while the paperwork cleared. I told him we were from Naples and weren't going to drive to Miami again in 3 days, but thanks for helping me pick what I wanted, it would save me time buying in Naples. The owner grabbed me and looked around, then whispered "I can backdate the forms but it will take me 10 minutes to get some friends in to swear you were here three days ago". Right, exactly what I expected. I declined, then called the cops. I explained everything, including illegal gun sales. The cop looked distressed, and said "That's where we all buy our guns". Yeah, no surprise there.

Bottom line, if we don't want vicious NaziRepublican Party worshippers exploding our children for personal enjoyment, WE MUST MAKE GUNS ILLEGAL.

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