Your article took me down memory lane recalling the grifts of the 60's and forward. Many of us sensed that something was not right but couldn't quite wrap our young minds around the notion that the flag to which we pledged allegiance was held high by those trying to bring us down. I appreciate your blunt truths in naming scams and the scammers.

Everyone needs to read this.

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Indigenous living, and in our own childhood, we started in innocent blissful connection to nature/Life. An archetypal

call comes for adventure, and we are drawn away from our fullness, to the painful dramas of temptations, challenges, failures, and a persistently deep and haunting inner lack. What is thought to be the replacement for all this is aggrandizement and power, in order to feel full once again.

What eventually looms, however, is the abyss. We clear our eyes and ears from the outer distractions and increasing turmoil, and more and more loudly proclaim our inner humaneness, the heart knowledge that what we do outwardly, we do to our own children and planet, remembering and calling out that we are all interconnected, bringing transformation and steps back from the brink, we not just blissful now about connection, but informed, knowledgeable: reclaimed.

The renowned Hero's Journey, made evident eloquently by Joseph Campbell, and all transformational writings long before and since. Lead on, Thom.

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Wow, Thom. . . . Just . . . WOW !!!


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Thanks Thom. Two additional points. And this is not a both sides ism. But the grift,the take is a Democratic party one as well, though not as bad as the Republican.

Sen Menendez D-NJ is the most egregious, his nick name in the beltway is the Senator from PhRMA.

But there are others as well like Manchin.

The reason we don't have Medicare for all is because of the money and influence of the Association of Health Insurance Providers (AHIP), when the Obama administration first floated the idea of health care for al. AHIP pounced in, both the Congress and White House.

Obama had many closed door meetings with insurance company representatives, but not with Bernie Sanders and single payer sponsors. They were locked out of the White House. This was Rahm "privatization" Immanuel's doing, but Obama selected him as Chief of Staff, so Obama's doing.

AHIP lobbyists wrote the bill passed by the Pelosi led house, they were motivated by the incentive (a tax penalty) for those uninsured, as they would be forced to buy insurance. The Supreme Court, in it's wisdom, declared the tax unconstitutional,and this is one time I agree. AHIP lost its ability to force people to buy insurance yet the part forbidding them to use pre existing conditions has remained.

Bravo, a victory for the little guy

If Obama and Pelosi had been honest brokers, they could have dispensed with the months long wrangling and a 600 page bill, by simply amending the Medicare and Medicaid act of 1965, by a change to one sentence where you become eligible at birth , in fact that law has already been amended as it use to read eligible at age 65 and now reads eligible at age 67. It can still be amended, even with a McCarthy House.

As regards the movement of manufacturing off shore. Yes the move started with Bush, but it was signed sealed and delivered by Bill Clinton, under the auspices of that treasonous bastard Rahm Emanuel, the handmaid of the oligarchs who are buying up America and have bought most of our politicians under the rubric of free trade and free speech.

Both parties are enthralled to the oligarchs (the Democratic party under the umbrella of the New Democrats, Democratic Leadership Council, Third Way (corporate way).

The battle ground is the culture war of racism, homo and transphobia, sexism, ableism, ageism and theocracy. Regardless of the party the oligarchs win, and we the people, including the right wing cultural warriors, lose.

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Who needs a time machine to go back to the 20th Century, when all you have to do is hang out with a bunch of Republicans. And while you are with them you can get a glimpse of the century before that.

What they are really stealing is our future for the generations to come. They are also stealing my peace of mind and yours.

Serious activists do not get to retire in this country, but I hope all of you (especially Thom and his crew) take some equally serious time off this year. Gird your loins for 2024, we are going to need you more than ever.

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How do we get this message into the hands of Trumps base? The Republican base? Most of them are "just plain folks" who are being driven by fear instead of realizing what is really their best interest. Theye are genuine and loving and don't deserve being stampeded with cattle prods to their and our destruction.

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Actually, the vast majority of them are willfully ignorant and/or racist, and the rest are grifters just like their leaders, especially the vast majority of the Faux-vengelicals.

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Ouch! I hope that's not true. I know the Trump followers are pretty vicious but I think it's because they're so afraid of what they hear they think they're defending themselves. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be in their path!

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Is there a footnote for the Erlichman quote? I would like to know where it came from. Thank you.

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It almost makes you laugh, if it wasn't so tragic. Notice how Jared Kushner looks like Damien in The Omen series? Especially 'The Final Conflict'.... And, he has a building in NY, 666 5th Ave. And, that building is bailed out by those 'anti-Christ' Muslims.... Can't make this up;). I don't think there's anything wrong with Islam; in fact, I've read the Qur'an and find it so much more similar to the Bible and Torah, than different. I visited the Mosque in Christchurch, NZ that was shot up by the one shooter who brought the assault weapons ban to NZ. The nicest Iman led us around and educated us on his faith. The story of the Nativity of Jesus is in the Qur'an and is actually just as complete as it is in Luke. Muslims think Jesus was Devine, too. A prophet like Abraham, Moses, who they also explore extensively in the Qur'an. We are all so much more similar than different.

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Excellent article well written 👏 👍 each specific point emphasize how America 🇺🇸 has been fleeced and gerrymandered almost to death by the GOP and their never ending greed. It's even more disgusting that they use the banner 😒 of white Christian ✝️ nationalism to promote their agenda. I'm sure there's a special place in Gehanna for taking our good Lord's name for this mockery of everything 🙏 a real Christian believes. Pope Francis said everyone is always welcome at God's table 🙏, no exceptions regardless just a couple weeks ago. Today the doctrine of Discovery, the 500+ year old justification for the subjectation of the new world 🌎 after Columbus in 1492 was effectively repealed immediately as being totally against what Christianity means. Also any actions or words that don't respect the inherent dignity of each and every person is totally against how Christians should live, according to the Vatican press release today.

Makes me wonder how 🤔 the evangelicalism of these so called white Christian ✝️ nationalism fanatics can justify their bigotry?

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Ok, Tom, so what’s your point?

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