When people in 2050 look back, they will acknowledge this was a year of note, an ending and a beginning. Congressional Dems said no more. The case was closed on climate crisis denial. You can't fix it if you don't admit it.

Ending the fossil fuel industry denial took all this valuable time. Now we need to hold them accountable for what they knew about the damage and failed to stop. We can begin to deny permits for new fossil fuel projects by using their own words. Maybe they do care about what happens to their great-grandchildren. During the Congressional hearings, Representative Katie Porter did a brilliant job of showing how greedy they are with the land leases. It was a big F-you.

Just how "bought-off" is Congress? I don't feel that way about my representatives. Yet, we know the money in politics is evil just for making us doubt our political system. Corporations are not people. Money is not speech. And so we fight on....

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Another great perspective on the root cause of all the really bad things in the world. No one has said it better, and your solution is the most succinct answer that describes exactly what needs to be done- “There is only one force that can make this happen now: citizen outrage.”

The good news is, there is plenty of citizen outrage to go around and it can be used as a force for goodness (for e.g., to work with our public sector decision-makers to promote our general welfare and protect us from those who would do things adverse to our rights and our communities’ interests.)

There is an abundance of citizen outrage just waiting to be inspired and networked by the right set of progressive leaders. These leaders need to collaborate with a uniform message to attract 3.5% of our citizens by promoting the right purpose with, of course, great framing/branding/messaging and technology (which makes it pretty easy to laser focus citizen outrage using persistent nonviolent resistance and most of our First Amendment rights). The purpose is to elect candidates that will pledge to work with our citizens to promote our general welfare using best practice-based solutions, and protect us from the bad guys. In addition, to get my vote a candidate must pledge to Move To Amend if elected, support 100% public campaign financing, and work to build a role model public education system as well as a role model public healthcare system.

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As a dear friend, who trekked from east Prussia as Russian invasion moved west during WW2 with a horse cart, said to me about voting, "you may not care about politics but politics cares about you".

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For Daphne and all.

Here's one part of my battle plan: I tell every young person I know that politics, no matter how much you hate it or it bores you, affects your life in every way and every day. Then you tell them again and give them examples. Time will end the stranglehold of the 40%. The youth and the diverse people of this nation will reclaim our democracy from their cold, dead hands.

Representative Katie Porter is 47-ish, she will make a great president some time around 2040.

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