It's like President Grant had a window to the 21st Century. There is Trump with "a bible" in front of St. John's and the fact that 7 of the Supremes are Catholic. He further nailed it by talking about ignorant racists, superstition, and ambition being the foes of our democracy. That is proof that no one ever needed FOX "News' to bring out this side of humans. We'll always be animals in need of overcoming our nature. The majority of us want to, so It's time we take charge and own the responsibility of doing the right thing for the sake of our country.

On a footnote, a great place to visit is Galena, IL; it's a trip back in time. One of Grant's homes is there as well as the De Soto House where Lincoln stayed and gave a speech. Also, Grant's struggle with cancer and his fight to stay alive to finish his autobiography is very touching. He did it all so his beloved family could have the money they needed to live with dignity. He was one of those heroes with no illusions.

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