"No Labels" is a Republican front organization designed to split Democratic votes. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Biden does not dictate to the Department of Justice . But Merrick Garland’s timidity re prosecuting all of the people, including sitting republican congressmen and congress women. Those involved in the attempted overthrow of our election in 2020.

These people haven’t stopped doing damage to our nation, they continue to disparage their office and wont stop their rants and provocations.

To name a few; Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert. Senator Comer , Chuck Grassley Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and so many others. They know who they are .

Not one of these far right crazies has done a positive thing for our government , clearly they are authoritarian aides.

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Yes, on all accounts but their motives aren't all that 'sexy.' Read 'Empire of Pain' about the Sacklers. By the way, the Sacklers did Valium too and destroyed a whole generation of women in the late '50's/ 60's, to today. 'Feeling anxious? Take as many as you want!' Anyhow, the Sacklers didn't care about ANYTHING except getting their names on buildings, museums; just being the King of the ball. Really! They were all narcissistic sociopaths, nothing more. Sound familiar?

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It seems that this cruel injustice system is being developed by the same thought process that elected the Oligarch’s king Mr Trump.

We say we’ve got to get involved, but what Master Plan do we follow?

Is there no Democrat

who can initiate a plan to counter this massive hateful plan by these Fascist Republicans.

I don’t think we can count on these twisted up individuals to achieve a reasonable thought process of altruism.

Not going to happen . In fact they threaten violence to Democrats regularly.

“Democrats do not know how to use power”

I think that is an accurate statement.

We need a plan and we need some planners.

A planner grounded in reality.

Someone very bright who really grasps the magnitude of corruption

by Maga and their financial backers. Of course Republicans had a head start on corruption.

We should have fought harder when Bush was chosen so as to cut off the numbers coming in for Gore.

But should have doesn’t cut it .

Democrats need to stop pretending the Republicans will come around to ‘reasonable ‘,

Some day .

They wont .

So some centralized plan for Democrats has to happen . And has to be made to happen . In spite of the Avalanche of Corruption-from the GOP regarding money and voter discrimination tactics that are illegal at the Federal level.

Oh and we need to dump Sinema and Manchin.

Theyre not Democrats and never were . They are destructive .

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I keep saying that we can not simply start over Patricia. We have to start by electing blue candidates and then managing them thru our words and actions at their levels. It is fragile for sure but not hopeless! Fight is the real word that will secure the change agents that we must elect and manage. The Dems are not the heroes that we need but they are a tool to the means that we need at this point. Run for office, be brave and strong.

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Sometimes I feel as though our entire petty little lives are owed to the mere scraps the rich might happen to toss in our direction if and when the mood strikes them.

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That is exactly what they want us to feel and also they want us to feel helpless and powerless which we certainly are not!!!!

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unfortunately, what you say is true, but it is even true of the Demicratic party; however, both parties are coporate, the Democrts just as much, for they drag their hands and feet when we ask for help for people, look Biden sat on his hands and could have used the 14th amendment but instead got us the debt ceiling bill which was a give away to coporations, big oil, and will make the deficit worse. The Democrats are good at whining that the '"Republicans made me do it" ; the Democrats and Republicans BOTH try to destroy any progressives trying to run for office.....The GOP is just better at being blatant about it.

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Here's some food for thought on getting around Citizens United until Congress or a New Scotus obliterates it:

This can be done at the State level, though it could be more effective at the Federal level. Congress could at least employ Court Stripping as prescribed in Article 3.2.2 to keep Scotus from denying individual and “states’ rights” on speech. I’d recommend doing this for all Forums for Free Speech. For the moment, consider the “easier lift” to implement at the state level.

1.. Via a state’s appropriate entities - Legislature, agencies, or ballot initiatives, establish an upper limit, or maximum price for the Cost of AirTime for political ads. Because high prices restrict the type and volume of ideas. And no media has a right to windfall profits from elections, nor to price gouge people out of their Free Speech rights.

Do this across all tv and radio media.

Do this with internet publishers, and force internet companies who use algorithms for content to abide by these rules.

Then, Define a time window, perhaps 3 months before an election, where those price limits are effective, through the election and inauguration.

The benefit is that the less funded entities and the ordinary voter will less likely have their freedom of speech be bullied and suffocated by well funded entities and people. Media and internet entities should not have their current ability to price fix political ads beyond the reach of ordinary voters and less funded entities.

2.. Establish the queuing process for entities that wish to display their ads, where after one entity buys an ad, that same entity goes to the back of the line. There, they await their turn while other entities exercise their right to buy airtime for their ads.

This is basically the same process for our "super sacrosanct” Free Speech Forum of Televised Debates: A candidate who has met the minimum standard of polling 1% nationally gets a podium on the stage. They get to speak when it’s their turn. They wait to speak until it’s their turn again. All candidates get equal time to be heard on the stage, regardless of how well funded they are.

Note that if one large state successfully implements this, other states, like it or not, may do so - or certainly experience it too. Because it can be similar to the impact of California's auto emission laws, where car manufacturers abide by this one state's regulation, as this state is the largest auto market. Thus all states have cars with this standard.

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According to Wikipedia America had 168 million registered voters in 2020 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voter_turnout_in_United_States_presidential_elections)

"Approximately 240 million people were eligible to vote in the 2020 presidential election and roughly 66.1% of them submitted ballots, totaling about 158 million. Biden received about 81 million votes, Trump about 74 million votes, and other candidates (including Jo Jorgensen and Howie Hawkins) a combined approximately 3 million votes."

Somehow all these voters have failed to control the people that have been elected, because they have continued to re-elect local, state and federal politicians at a remarkably high rate approaching 90% (https://www.opensecrets.org/elections-overview/reelection-rates). This suggests that BOTH Democratic voters and Republican voters have been, perhaps, incredibly gullible. It's almost impossible for any human being to live in a power position without becoming corrupted, and enamored by the glamor of the power their office cloaks them with. We have failed to have term limits at almost any levels, and YET, wouldn't we have term limits if the majority of us never voted for an incumbent politician, be s/he a Democrat or a Republican?

NoLabels and its Problem Solver Caucus indeed appear to have been started by former Democratic Party Big Wigs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problem_Solvers_Caucus) and Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman from the Democratic state of Massachusetts (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Lieberman), and a lot of independent voters are wondering if America finally will have a functioning 3rd party that can take the increasingly ultra left or ultra right choices off the the ballot. No doubt its funding may be as dubious as the funding of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, but it's an overdue mechanism for a significant percentage of die-hard Democratic voters and a growing percent of troubled GOP voters (https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/14/politics/fewer-republicans-more-independents-no-parties/index.html).

It is sad how we have been bundling our values to become either-or choices; most human beings are not that deranged. However, both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have increasingly adopted complex platforms that have been full of 'poison' pills that have troubled an increasing percent of average voters. No marriage or country can survive with partners or delegates injecting poison pills into daily or annual relationship routines. It's neither respectful, nor does it look, walk and talk like 'I love and care for you.'

Many, many voters are going to keep looking at the NoLabels organization, led by former Democratic Party influential people. Perhaps their presence will be sufficient for the Democratic Party to find a younger presidential candidate than Mr. Biden- one who may be closer to understanding the next generation; and perhaps it will force the GOP to look for alternatives to Trump or DeSantis. Perhaps the GOP will see the female voters and a more traditional GOP with former Senator Liz Cheney, who risked her entire career to fight for her country by calling out former president Trump https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liz_Cheney).

It seems as if there is a lot of Angst and lack of action with many of the voters following the Baby Boomer Generation. Some might even suggest there is more 'whining' than actually 'walking their talk.

And there are so many things that need good hearts doing something: 1. Go help teachers in their classrooms with children who have no books at home. 2. Set up a small local newspaper in a small rural town or a neighborhood. 3. Donate to www.Kiva.org to help people where they are, 4. Call up a congressman or a senator and tell him or her you will not vote for their re-election and 5. Found a Breaking Bread group of people to really talk about our country and our values.

Mr. Hartman Citations:

The influence purchasers already made it so difficult to do simple things like raising income taxes to a reasonable level, or putting forward the needed measures to mitigate climate change here and abroad, that it would be truthful to say that America’s politicians are terrified of them.

No Labels, Wilson says in a lengthy Twitter thread, was largely created by former Clinton consultants Mark Penn and Nancy Jacobsen. Wilson argues they were exiled from Clinton- and Obama-world and have been out for revenge ever since.

In his twitter thread, Wilson notes:

“They formed No Labels as a long con, a way to break the Democrats, get rich doing it (and again, they are VERY rich), and punish their imagined enemies.”

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The autocrats and oligarchs want total control and power. It seems they have a pack between them that they will all get along when they achieve their goals, but of course that will not happen. How much is enough? They obviously do not like a middle class, because the middle class can tell them to jump in a lake. They want to rule everyone and the best looking women are in the middle class and they want many wives and male concubines in my opinion. They want the power of life and death because they will have all the money and they will find useless idiots who will serve them for peanuts. Their policies will create more crime, mental illness, sexual deviance, poverty, pollution, starvation, torture, dishonesty, ungratefulness, sadism, and much more. Jesus would not approve of those I'm sure. The 10 billion on the planet deserve better. The rich want the cheap labor, but don't want to pay a living wage. Only when the right and the left unite, can we rid ourselves of these parasites. By the time the right wing voters wake up. The environment of the earth will be totally destroyed. In my humble opinion, the right wingers are already mentally destroyed and will never be able to think properly. The sane and the rational need to prepare for total anarchy worldwide. They need to learn to grow food, store food, produced their own electricity probably with solar, and shoot guns. Preferably in groups larger than 20. It is also my opinion that no supernatural force is going to come back and save us. So we must vote for anyone but a fascist or a third party candidate even though I suspect Biden is a fascist. If Biden and Garland would have prosecuted Trump and the GOP traitors immediately, he would have been my number one president of all time.

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Loved this piece and totally agree with your analysis. I have been saying for the past three years that we must deliver a super majority to the next blue President in order to exactly accomplish all of your ideals as submitted here in this report. I am ready willing and able to carry the fight straight to the GQP.

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