I have a solution for the Covid vaccine numbers. Absolve insurance companies and Medicare from paying anything towards patients costs for Covid treatment, if they could have gotten the vaccine. In reality, the insurance companies should not have to pay for people that could have gotten the vaccine and chose not to.

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The Trump Administration purportedly only contracted to acquire 50 million vaccine doses. Why just 50 million? That is enough to vaccinate the Administration, the military, the police, the courts, and the top 7.5%.

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"According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the median pay for an overwhelming majority of the top 300 CEOs on Wall Street kept rising during the COVID-19 pandemic that saw millions lose their jobs as businesses shuttered and the economy reeled." -https://www.rawstory.com/wall-street-2652496053/

Sitting on a mountain of corpses counting their booty of bloodstained cash, and their blessings for buying Republican politicians, the greed-mongers running this horror show are squeezing every drop of blood they can from consumers, taxpayers, workers, families, babies, and old ladies. While they skate free from paying their fair share of taxes (if indeed they pay any at all), and only when it suits them and their financial bottom line, do the privileged few among us -- mostly stupid-fckng-white-man alpha males -- feign pity and empathy for the less fortunate and all the predictable suffering caused by their jungle-economy hellscape, a dystopian, greed-is-good, Ayn Rand/Orwellian/Dante's Seventh Circle of Hell fever dream -- Republicanism as flaming shit on a stick.

When the lion's share of a nation's wealth and power flows to the top by whatever means, it can be described in many terms, almost always negative. What America's backward system of political-economic governance cannot ever be called, however, is something akin to a healthy, functioning democracy that benefits the people as it should, as our founders intended and sincerely hoped. Most nonunion workers slipping out of the disappearing middle class (meaning most Americans) are fast becoming the working poor, slaving away paycheck to paycheck, trying to raise families, barely making ends meet, one cruel twist of fate from financial disaster, with ever-dwindling prospects for a good retirement, the American dream has turned into a frightening nightmare.

Young people looking at this ridiculous, self-destructive, rule-by-the-rich, fake democracy better figure out who best to vote for and who definitely to vote against -- which party is for true democracy and which one is sliding headlong toward the medieval fascism of kings and queens and concentrated wealth -- if they ever expect to salvage a future worth a damn from the total mess the GOP has made of practically everything.

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Donald Trump reported making more than $1.6 billion in outside revenue and income during his four years as President:


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Again on Fridays show Thom is giving wrong information on Medicare Advantage plans. Saying that it is difficult to change to a regular Medicare Plan. Every year there is an open enrollment period that you can change with no penalty. I belong to a not for profit Medicare Advantage Plan by Kaiser Permanente. An excellent program. Thom endorses for profit supplemental insurance plans. The same ones that rip you off on regular medical insurance. You pay for their insurance whether you use it or not. Approximately $2400 per year. I do not pay that. Thom's continuous intentional mis-information really lowers my opinion of his show. I have emailed the link for Kaiser Permanente to Thom, he must not care about reporting accurately. The link below is for Oregon where Thom lives. I use the Colorado plan. The only 5 star plan in the state.


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The figures are well established that Republicans are not getting vaccinated at the same numbers as Democrats. Also Red states are lower in vaccination rates.

Unionization at an Amazon Warehouse in Alabama failed. Very low vote for it. I worked at industrial plants all over the USA as a consultant. Worked with a lot of the craft. Americans have become very poorly educated on the labor movement and the protections that it offers. It is only taught at the college level if you sign up for it. Thus they are an easy mark for the right wing media (main stream) to brainwash.



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