It looks like they are going after low information voters conditioned to watching sound bite advertisements and getting their news from Facebook...perhaps also people who are mad and want to stick to "one of those crooks in office". Cynical and dirty politics worthy of the worst 19th century excesses but entirely within keeping of the modern Republican Party, an organization without shame. Hopefully Biden will take the high road and not waste his time trying to explain that his son is not a criminal as that will just whip all this up and keep it in the news. Then those who don’t know better will be certain that there must be fire under all this smoke. And that's all this is, smoke and mirrors by morally bankrupt people.

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My question , why is the Justice Department playing the Republicans game?

Its a rotten con job so they can ‘ even up’ their investigations between the two parties.

So Donald with his 91 charges

Hunter Biden with ‘what real charges?’

He’s paid back his taxes.

Does the government go after everyone that has paid their back taxes , or just Hunter Biden?

And the application for a gun, as a recovering addict, was never completed or sent or processed?

Am I missing something.?

What justification is there ?

These people , these asses.

They have no standards , no morals .

Of course in Republican land, their leader Donald is without any moral values . They. Are on the same train .

And the Justice Department , the Attorney General , is a very big Wimp.

Democrats better start swinging.

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So heartbreaking! I remember going through kerry thing. Kept waiting for a response. If there’s no response people assume it’s true! most Americans are totally ignorant. It’s especially a democrat thing and they are clearly the victims in another vile gop plot but there is a little bit of elite arrogance as if “ that’s ridiculous im not going to lower myself to address this. I think they also keep waiting for republicans to come to their senses, yeah right! Biden is fully invested in not saying anything. God help us

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we've seen these dirty tricks before:

"And let’s not forget that Karl Rove’s candidates have a history of benefiting from conveniently timed federal investigations. Last year Molly Ivins reminded her readers of a curious pattern during Mr. Rove’s time in Texas: “In election years, there always seemed to be an F.B.I. investigation of some sitting Democrat either announced or leaked to the press. After the election was over, the allegations often vanished.”" https://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/09/opinion/09krugman.html




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Unlike Trump, the Bidens have put all their finances out there. I listened to someone explain their income sources. Forbes has also done an article on that. Long story short they had 8 million dollars in book deals, speaking fees, and they both taught. On a more amusing note, they are also collecting their well earned Social Security. It all adds up.

What the hell Hunter and other Bidens have done, who knows. I guess we are about to find out, even if the Republican swift-boaters have to make it all up. How does the GOP disgust me? Let me count the ways.

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The Democrats are operating on what can be called the Principle Of The Inadmissible Social Definition. It works like this:

Some things are so bizarre, obvious and horrible that it is neither necessary nor desirable to say "no" to it. For instance; When my son was a little boy I told him to not take the neighbor girl, Mary, out behind the garage and remove her clothes. This admonition to not do something presented him with the possibility that he could do it. So, not surprisingly, he did it. Removal of a girl's clothes was an Admissible Social Definition; even though it was proscribed. Or should I say: BECAUSE I told him to not do it; the subject was Admissible. He could choose to do it.

I did not tell him that he must never take Mary out behind the garage and cut her up and eat her. Cannibalism is so horrible that I felt assured my son knew enough to not do it. It is an Inadmissible Social Definition. I do not mean to say that nobody engages in cannibalism. Read the book ALIVE by Piers Paul Read; a true account of cannibalism under extreme conditions in the Cordillera of South America.

Some things are, with time transformed from Inadmissible to Admissible. Homosexuality was Inadmissible when I was young (I am 81 yrs.). I am thankful it is no longer. Queer people have "come out of the closet." We are all better off for this transformation; both Queer and Heterosexual people.

If the Democrats say Joe and Hunter are not criminals; they present us with the possibility that they could be, or are in fact, criminals. they make it an Admissible Social definition.

All successful politicians have an intuitive sense for this principle.

I do not say this is the Democrats' best course of action in this case. It is simply what they are doing. I remember a political meeting to publicly discus, and deny those swift Boat bastards that the Demos. conducted in my hometown. Not surprisingly some Swift Boat Accusers showed up and claimed John Kerry was lying about his Swift Boat experiences in Vietnam. They did this even though the U.S. Government had awarded Kerry honors for his selfless Courage saving his men while he was himself wounded and under withering fire in mortal combat. This is something the military does only after thorough investigation. Kerry is a rare human being: a true hero. Not one of those dishonest Swift Boaters in the meeting had served with Kerry. Not one! And finally, Kerry lost the election to a man who went AWOL during the Vietnam War.

I do not claim to know what would have been the best course of action for the Democrats all those years ago. Neither do I claim to know what is the best course of action today in the face of Unhinged accusations by the slimy Kevin McCarthy. I hope, in the end, he will destroy himself and bring the Republican party down with him. But I am not holding my breath.

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Makes complete sense , which as you say is no sense. Bidens desire to believe bipartisanship is best is not working, hasn’t worked and wont work . The cult republicans are not a party.

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Every House Republican that votes for impeachment, or is involved in its initiation, should be immediately investigated for his/her own crimes and misdemeanors. I’m certain few of them can stand the scrutiny of any investigation.

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You can add to what the Republicans have to offer: a Russian victory in the USA, and all that implies.

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One expects Maggots to jump into the hang Hunter boat. But thanks for reminding me of the Swiftboat lies and how even Independents jumped into that boat.

All this proves is that too many Americans suffer from brain rot, the Maggots are a given, we expect that, but independents and even some Democrats. That's a different story.

If the consequences didn't affect me and mine, and fellow travelers I would say America gets what it deserves. I, you, and other Hartmannites, POC, LGBT, and secularists certainly do not.

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Hunter comes out way ahead in a comparative. However, even though his fishiness stinks less that the Trump children's, why didn't his father stop him from the reprehensible ways he profited from being Joe's son?

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Not until I read this line -- "Now Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz are in a pissing match . . ." -- did I realize that Greene, Bobo, and Gaetz are a Bizarro World love triangle. Eieeuww.

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...and isn't it "curious" that the Special Prosecutor indicting Hunter is a TFG appointee and this is unconstitutional per the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. See this Today's Edition article for details: https://roberthubbell.substack.com/p/selective-prosecution

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I have read all the post and comments, and still want to second the phrase: "outrage and ferocity." A victim myself of extreme "people-pleasing" conditioning, oh boy do I know that it is the kindest and (idealistically) best who are most sternly trained to be conciliating. (weak) This bifurcation in human psychology seems to be perpetual and ineradicable. The bad guys win. Sorry.

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