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From, everything that you laid out Thom, this sounds like it can and really should happen Nationalize for the sake of saving us all from the destruction that is happening to our planet because of Fossil Fuels and the people who continue to ignore the problem that is Ice On Fire every second of the day. Thom they will be affected by this as well but are completely blind to what’s going on second after second. We know as you laid out from the past how Nationalizing would be a good thing to do. Thom, time and time again things that work don’t ever seem to get done. For the sake of us and the world we have to hope something is done, like right now.Democracy never stops or sleeps my Revolutionary the planet screams every second for all of us to save her.We have it in our power to begin the world again Batman, and we don’t have a lot of time to waste doing so. We need to know peace and love can belong to the world so we have to begin it again and we can. Imagine the possibilities.

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