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Thom, everything you said on this Court is right. Alexander Hamilton’s thinking is needed here and now. The time is now too Thom. Our democracy is at stake. I do understand this is of upmost importance to happen. Democracy never stops or sleeps my proven Revolutionary. We need to tackle the Supreme Court and bring back what Alexander Hamilton knew was the only fair and just thing in the first place as you so clearly point out Thom. We have it in our power to begin the world over again and the time is now for that change to happen. We need like minded people aboard for these possibilities to happen. All inclusiveness. Hamilton Paine Hartmann great mind’s for these increasingly complicated times. Love Peace Freedom Justice ask me again I’ll tell you the same. Justice Demo’s Absolutely No Nukes! I will always know that Batman lives and is working day and night mainly night along with Jack Smith to bring these open criminals to the jail cell waiting to accommodate them. Happy days will be here again with the good guys like Batman and Jack Smith are on the case for real Justice.

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